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Lucille Redmayne

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Lucille RedmayneIcon.png Lucille Redmayne
Age Early 20s
Sex Female
Race Human
Affiliation Order of Priests
The Inquisition
Lemidia Capella
Occupation Inquisitor
Leader of the Third-Degree Inquisition
Alias Chief / Grand Inquisitor (대심문관)
The Flames of Passion (광(狂)휘의 불꽃)

Foreign Names:
루실 레드메인
Romanized Name:
Rusil Redeumein
Rushīl Reddomein

Location Dame, West Coast Alliance Camp, Lemidia Basilica, North Myre, Chantri, Chest Town

Lucille Redmayne is one of the many tertiary characters of Dungeon Fighter Online and the Grand Inquisitor of the Inquisition from Lemidia Capella of the De Los Empire port city, Dame.

After the events of the Apostolic Crusade, Lucille is sent by Bishop Antonio Marcel of Lemidia Capella to deliver a letter of grievance to Archbishop Magar Rosenbach as well as investigate the disappearances of individuals in North Myre, which is presumed to be the handiwork of the Black Order.


Character Biography:

"I'll show the sinners Hell on earth."

Female/Age Early 20s.
The Chief Inquisitor of the Inquisition at Lemidia Capella, a Second Degree parish of the Priest Order in the Empire.

Relatively younger than other members of her parish, she quickly rose to the rank of Chief Inquisitor because of her excellent skills.
All the bishops who evaluated her for the position were impressed by her innate ability and agreed that it was fueled by her deep-seated hated toward heresy.
She believes everyone's a heretic if he doesn't believe in the same god as she or wields a power that's evil in her opinion. Because of this, she constantly clashes with the members of the First Degree parish, Lemidia Basilica.
Usually cold and poised, she rarely reveals her emotions except when she fights heretics. Then, she reveals a completely different side of her that burns as hotly as the flames she wields.
While most Priests and Priestesses are having a hard time adjusting to this duality, the Inquisition encourages it, even calling it the true quality of the Inquisitor.




Request Chat

West Coast Alliance Camp

Relationship Image Operation Dialogue
Normal Lucille-Face1.png Chat



Lemidia Basilica

Relationship Image Operation Dialogue
Normal Lucille-Face1.png Chat






North Myre

Relationship Image Operation Dialogue
Normal Lucille-Face1.png Chat







Relationship Image Operation Dialogue
Normal Lucille-Face1.png Chat

I am Lucille Redmayne, a Priestess of Lemidia Capella and the Chief Inquisitor of the Inquisition in the Empire.

(If the player is either Male or Female Priest, this dialogue is extended)

We're on the same path of light, so let me introduce myself. I am Lucille Redmayne, a Priestess of Lemidia Capella and the Chief Inquisitor of the Inquisition in the Empire.

As a Small Flame of Lemidios, our God of Light, I was very disappointed that I couldn't partake in the Apostle Crusade, but now I know it was His will that I came to this barren land instead. I can feel it soon, the Purifying Flames will burst forth.

(Avenger Only)

I've heard about you. You're fighting the Apostles by using that unholy body that defies God's will. I don't care if you're fighting the Apostles; your source of power is not the right kind. Just remember: the moment you succumb to your inner demon, my axe and Holy Fire will be directed at you.

(Mistress Only)

Poor scapegoat of the Original Sins, I've been following your movements. Even the Order itself can't decide if your power of sins is a Blessing of God or a curse. Just remember: the moment you let yourself be crushed under the weight of the Original Sins, my axe will be there to cut you down.

(Inquisitor Only)

I remember meeting you at the Inquisition. Even though our encounter was brief, I could never forget the look in your eyes that said you were determined to burn away all evil and impurities in the world. Answer me: with what does God rule us?

  • Player: With the love for his followers and with benevolence for the enlightened!
  • Lucille: Then, what are you holding in your hand? Are they the tools to carry out his benevolence and love?
  • Player: The Bible in chains!
  • Lucille: Answer me again: with what does God rule us?
  • Player: With fairness, with the Commandments!
  • Lucille: Then, what are you holding in your hands? Are they the tools to carry out his Commandments?
  • Player: An axe and a torch!
  • Lucille: Answer me again: with what does God rule us?
  • Player: Fear is also His tool! He rules over sinners with fear!
  • Lucille: Answer me: what do you protect?
  • Player: We protect faith with our hearts. We protect the Commandments with our spirits. We protect his cradle with the axe and the torch!
  • Lucille: Answer me: who are you?
  • Player: We're the followers and executors of the Commandments. We're His disciples trained to punish evil. We'll die and go to Hell, so we can punish evil there. We live to follow His will.



Voice Lines

Situation Dialogue Translation

jaakuna kiun ga fukiareru arashi ga, koko kara miemasu ne.

That swirling storm of wicked energy can be seen even from here.

watashi-tachi wa kami no chīsana hibana. min'na o mamoru manto matoi, ou no te ni kami no ishi o jitsugen suru nodesu.

We are the small flames of God. Clad in the cloak that protects everyone, as the Lord's hand, we enforce God's will.

shin no sūhai wa, osore kara umareru to iu koto o o wasurenaku.

Never forget, the worship of God is born from fear.

Conversation Start

itanshinmon-sho no dai shinmon-kan, rushīru・reddomein desu.

I am Lucille Redmayne, Grand Inquisitor of the Inquisition.

yōkoso. omachi shite imashita.

Welcome. I've been expecting you.

remidia・kapera ni, nanika dengon demo?

Is there a message you want to give Lemidia Capella?

Conversation End

anata no ayumi o, itsumo mimamotte imashou.

Make sure to always watch your step.

mōsugu, hajimarimasu ne.

Soon, it will begin.

tsumibuka kemono-tachi ni, gensei no jigoku o misete yaru tsumoridesu.

I will show those sinful heathens hell on earth.



Lucille Redmayne Full Body Portrait.jpg


Default Halloween


  • Lucille's name is of French origin meaning light.
  • Her surname, Redmayne is a variant of Redman which itself is a corruption of the name Redmond and the name simply means son of Raymond; Raymond being a version of the old French given name Raimund, meaning leader of mankind.
  • She made her first appearance in the Mistress' Character Intro Cinematic.


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