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Category:Pandemonium Junction Dungeons

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Pandemonium Junction
Pandemonium Junction.png
Location Pandemonium
Min. Level 90
Level 90
Monster Level 100
End Boss No Icon.png Earthquake Sini
Map of Pandemonium Junction
Loading Screen for Echon
Loading Screen for Tayberrs

Pandemonium Junction is an area to the south of Central Park.

It is the entrance to the Echon Dungeons


Portrait Name Occupation Location
Snowflake Joshua Snowflake Joshua Quest giver, Merchant Pandemonium Junction



Dungeon Name Level
Echon - Ruined Sanctuary.png Echon - Ruined Sanctuary 90
Echon - The Strong.png Echon - The Strong 90


Dungeon Name Level
Tayberrs - Fallen Paradise.png Tayberrs - Fallen Paradise 95
Tayberrs - Golden Star.png Tayberrs - Golden Star
(Scenario Only)

Valor Equipment

Valor Equipment can be randomly found from enemies within Echon dungeons or bought directly from Snowflake Joshua. They are special Level 90 Legendary Equipment that can be further augmented with resources that are also found and purchased within Echon. Valor Equipment exists as armor, accessories, and Special Equipment.

Valor Equipment can be further augmented by speaking to the Valor Equipment Options Modifier. Furthermore, Valor Equipment do not give Legendary Soul.png Legendary Souls when disassembled. Instead, they grant Loyalty Crest Stone.png Loyalty Crest Stones, Tenacity Crest Stone.png Tenacity Crest Stones, and Valor Crest Stone.png Valor Crest Stones, which are used to augment their effects.

Equipment Options

When obtained, Valor Equipment will have two random additional effects applied onto them. These effects are split into three different categories:

Stat/Speed Group Attack/Critical Chance Group Elemental Damage Group
  • Strength
  • Vitality
  • Intelligence
  • Spirit
  • Attack Speed
  • Movement Speed
  • Casting Speed
  • Physical Attack
  • Magical Attack
  • Independent Attack
  • Physical Critical Chance
  • Magical Critical Chance
  • Fire Elemental Damage
  • Water Elemental Damage
  • Light Elemental Damage
  • Shadow Elemental Damage
  • All Elemental Damage

The effects on a piece of Valor Equipment can be changed at any time by speaking to the Valor Equipment Option Modifier. Changing to an effect within the same group of the original stat will cost a varying amount of either Loyalty Crest Stone.png Loyalty Crest Stones, Tenacity Crest Stone.png Tenacity Crest Stones, or Valor Crest Stone.png Valor Crest Stones, while changing an effect in a different group will require the use of a Valor Wave Converter.png Valor Wave Converter.

The amount of Crest Stones needed increase as the equipment's rank increases.

Equipment Rank

When obtained, Valor Equipment will also have a random rank associated with it. In increasing rarity and power, the ranks are Combat, Valor, Insanity, and Destruction. The higher the rank, the better its additional effects and set effects will be. Furthermore, Valor Equipment can be forcefully ranked up by spending Sigil Stone.png Sigil Stones.

Set Option

Set options can be applied to 3 to 6 selected Valor Equipment with the use of Pure Condensate of Valor.png Pure Condensate of Valor. Similar to its random additional effect, the Set's effects are split into different groups, and only one option can be selected per group, up to four options. The groups are as follows:

Bonus Damage Group Bonus Attack Percent Group Percent Bonus Stat Group Flat Bonus Stat Group Elemental Damage Group Bonus Critical Chance Group Bonus Skill Level Group
  • Attack Damage +%
  • Critical Damage +%
  • Bonus Damage +%
  • Physical/Independent Attack +%
  • Magical/Independent Attack +%
  • Strength +%
  • Intelligence +%
  • Strength +
  • Intelligence +
  • Vitality +
  • Spirit +
  • Fire Damage +
  • Water Damage +
  • Light Damage +
  • Shadow Damage +
  • All Elemental Damages +
  • Physical Critical Chance +%
  • Magical Critical Chance +%
  • Lv. 1-30 skill levels +1

An important caveat is that a character can only have one set effect active. This means that if the player decides to apply a different set effect to another piece of gear, then the initial set's effects will be reset. Another caveat is that a set can only utilize one type of armor weight.

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