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  • Revise the Item Rarity page to reflect the current level cap and archive/remove references to outdated content


Extracting Images 101

Many files in DFO, such as sound effects or images, are packed away in files known as .npks which require a third-party program to unpack everything inside. Certain programs, like DNF Extractor or DFO Toolbox can be used to browse .npk files and allows you to save them as a .png file, among other things. Here's a few pointers (at least, for finding icons for equipment):

  • You can find images in Neople\DFO\ImagePacks2 within whatever drive you have DFO installed. There should be some thousand files, but of course there's only a few that you'll probably end up using.
  • A lot of specific things can just be found by searching inside ImagePacks2 with the built in file searcher.
  • If all else fails, just search for the keyword equipment, which will bring up all of the armor and weapon .npks that hold the sprites.
  • DNF Extractor has a larger variety of features than DFO Toolbox, such as the ability to unpack files as .gifs. This is helpful for certain images, such as Title animations, NPCs, or monsters.



Other Equipment