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The player characters (referred to in-game as Adventurers or Dungeon Fighters) of Dungeon Fighter Online along with Seria Kirmin.

Within the game, the player can play a variety of characters and classes. Each class bears its own unique set of fighting skills necessary to face off against the dangerous monsters and creatures that dwell in the dungeons of Arad. As adventurers rise in level, each class can specialize further into subclasses, opening up even more skills.

There is a total of seventeen playable classes in total, fifteen of them consists of the primary classes that exist within Dungeon Fighter Online. They are:

Two of the seventeen classes, however, are more unique compared to the fourteen basic classes in terms of gameplay, growth and design. The only stipulation is that unlike the regular classes, they are only accessible if one regular character of any class is level 70 or above. These two classes are:

  • Dark Knight, a combo-based Male Slayer variant.
  • Creator, a Female Mage variant that can unleash destructive elemental barrages with only a mouse instead of hotkeys.

Each primary class listed has a number of specialized sub-classes that the player can create after choosing their base class. These subclasses offer a varied and unique style of gameplay as well as a cosmetic change to their characters as the class advances further down the storyline. (e.g. Berserker - glowing red eyes). If the player is in doubt of what class to play, the character creation menu provides a interactive demonstration for every sub class, in addition with the option to change advancements before reaching level 70.


At level 50, the character can complete the First Awakening quest chain, gaining a few powerful abilities exclusive to their subclass and upgrades relative to their previous skills. Each First Awakening generally grants a total of four skills (or in some cases, more): one level 50 "Ultimate" skill (which is distinguished with an orange-red gradient instead of a solid color), a level 48 passive skill and two new skills either active or passive type.

At level 75, the character is eligible for a Second Awakening, which provides far more stronger enhancements to the class and a new cosmetic change to the character akin to choosing a subclass. Every 5 levels after unlocks a new skill and each 2nd Awakening averages a total of four, rarely five skills, including another powerful "Ultimate" skill.

At level 100, the character can advance further via Ability Intensification and Neo: Awakening after a small series of prerequisite quests. Before the Neo: Awakening can proceed, the character must first undergo Ability Intensification, which adjusts the character's previous 2nd awakening skills (I.E. Level 85 Second Awakening attacks will follow the same growth logic as Level 50 Awakening attacks as well as a reduction in SP.). After which, the character can advance into it's Neo: Awakening. Unlike the previous awakenings, Neo: Awakening have a smaller skillset which are all available for use upon advancement as well as making slight adjustments to lower level skills.

The Dark Knight and Creator are special variants of existing classes that do not possess any class advancements and undergoes a different process to obtain their First and Second Awakening.

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Class List

Anything denoted by an asterisk (*) is based on overseas content. Names are subject to change at any time.

Base Class Sub Class 1st Awakening Title 2nd Awakening Title Neo Awakening Title
Male Slayer Blade Master Grand Master Omniblade Neo: Blade Master
Soul Bender Soul Reaper Dark Lord Neo: Soul Bender
Berserker Hell Bringer Blood Evil Neo: Berserker
Asura Silent Eye Indra Neo: Asura
Ghostblade Yaksha Rakshasa Neo: Ghostblade
Female Slayer Sword Master Noblesse Majesty Neo: Sword Master
Demon Slayer Demonbane Deicide Neo: Demon Slayer
Vagabond Dualist Sword Dancer Neo: Vagabond
Dark Templar Dark Empress Nemesis Neo: Dark Templar
Spectre Rebellion Vendetta Neo: Spectre
Male Fighter Nen Master Radiant Lion Nen Emperor Neo: Nen Master
Striker Dragon Fist Tyrant Neo: Striker
Brawler Rampager Hades Neo: Brawler
Grappler Juggernaut Titan Neo: Grappler
Female Fighter Nen Master Blazing Flower Nen Empress Neo: Nen Master
Striker Champion Kaiser Neo: Striker
Brawler Hellcat Black Widow Neo: Brawler
Grappler Dervish Ultimate Diva Neo: Grappler
Male Gunner Ranger Desperado Raven Neo: Ranger
Launcher Wrecking Ball Destroyer Neo: Launcher
Mechanic Machinist Prime Neo: Mechanic
Spitfire General Marshal Neo: Spitfire
Blitz Infiltrator Armada Neo: Blitz
Female Gunner Ranger Bloodia Crimson Rose Neo: Ranger
Launcher Demolitionist Storm Bringer Neo: Launcher
Mechanic Metalheart Optimus Neo: Mechanic
Spitfire Valkyrie Freyja Neo: Spitfire
Male Mage Elemental Bomber Warlock Oblivion Neo: Spitfire
Glacial Master Hell Freezer Eternal Neo: Glacial Master
Blood Mage Bloodseeker Vampire Lord Neo: Blood Mage
Swift Master Tempest Aiolos Neo: Swift Master
Dimension Walker Divergent Ascendant Neo: Dimension Walker
Female Mage Elementalist Archmage Overmind Neo: Elementalist
Summoner Lunar Princess Eclipse Neo: Summoner
Battle Mage Bellatrix Astarte Neo: Battle Mage
Witch Trickster Geniewiz Neo: Witch
Enchantress Black Maiden Hekate Neo: Enchantress
Male Priest Crusader Paladin Saint Neo: Crusader
Monk Templar Justice Neo: Monk
Exorcist Hyperion Draconid Neo: Exorcist
Avenger Doom Guardian Immortal Neo: Avenger
Female Priest Crusader Evangelist Seraph Neo: Crusader
Inquisitor Hellkite Inferno Neo: Inquisitor
Shaman Oracle Divineress Neo: Shaman
Mistress Sin Sayer Redeemer Neo: Mistress
Thief Rogue Silver Moon Alcyone Neo: Rogue
Necromancer Defiler Thanatos Neo: Necromancer
Kunoichi Izunabi Shiranui Neo: Kunoichi
Shadow Dancer Nightmare Grim Reaper Neo: Shadow Dancer
Knight Elven Knight Peacemaker Gaia Neo: Elven Knight
Chaos Demon Queen Demon God Neo: Chaos
Lightbringer Archangel Savior Neo: Lightbringer
Dragon Knight Braveheart Dreadnought Neo: Dragon Knight
Demonic Lancer Vanguard Revenant Warlord Neo: Vanguard
Skirmisher Highlander Durandal Neo: Skirmisher
Impaler Abbadon Erebus Neo: Impaler
Dragoon Leviathan Deimos Neo: Dragoon
Agent Secret Agent Enforcer Executioner Neo: Secret Agent
Troubleshooter Wild Card Renegade Neo: Troubleshooter
Hitman Big Boss Godfather Neo: Hitman
Specialist Core Master Pathfinder Neo: Specialist
Archer Muse Idol Icon Neo: Muse
Traveler Dreamer Stargazer Neo: Traveler
Supplementary Classes Neo Awakening Title
Dark Knight Neo: Dark Knight
Creator Neo: Creator

For help deciding on a class, try the Class Comparison tables.

The limit to the amount of characters per account is 21. The amount of characters per account can be expanded through character slot coupons that are sold in the Cera shop or given out during events.