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Female Mage

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A little magician girl from Pandemonium.
Job NPC Sharan
Specialized Weapon Pole, Rod, Spear, Staff
Alternate Names Mage
Korean: 마법사
Japanese: メイジ (Meiji, lit. Mage)
Simplified Chinese: 魔法师
Traditional Chinese: 魔法師
Tiny elements that make up this universe, come to my hands and find your new purpose in life!

Pandemonium was once the most flourishing city in the planet of Terra. However, when Terra was destroyed, it had separated from the planet and floated into space. During this time, many different creatures entered the Pandemonium and the city slowly began to hurl into chaos. In order to survive this hazardous environment, Pandemonians studied magic and learned to use it in combat. The first one to discover magic was none other than the 2nd Apostle, Hilder.

Although Pandemonian mages existed since the early days of Arad, their existence only came to light recently after the metastasis. For the past few thousand years, magic has evolved into many different forms. Firstly, there are the 'Elementalists' who are able to manipulate four basic elements. They believe that using the four elements is the most pure form of magic and devote their time into mastering the elements. Hilder is known to be the very first 'Elementalist.'

Secondly, when Pandemonium became a part of Arad, mages of the Pandemonium began to experiment with spirits of Arad. As they learned how to use the power of the spirits, a group of mages specializing in controlling these spirits called 'Circle Mages' were created. Since then, many mages who were interested in controlling spirits and monsters began to appear in history and people called these mages, 'Summoners.' The most famous summoner is Kate. She was known to be the first one to summon a monster.

Also, in the recent years, a group of mages became interested in Terra, the most scientifically advanced civilization in ancient history. These mages were able to use these ancient scientific advancements and created their own style of magic. They are known as the 'Witch.'

Lastly, when 'Kashipa' attacked a group of mages called 'Guardians,' Niu, the leader of the Guardians created a news style of magic using the 'Chasers.' Unlike other mages, these 'Battle Mages' use Spears and Poles in melee style combat.

The Mage comes to Arad from the dying magical world of Pandemonium, hoping to find a way to revive her land. However, she finds that in order to do that, she must first save Arad itself. With the appearance of a petite young girl, the Mage is the smallest class in terms of physical stature. But she wields considerable magical power, casting spells that attack, confound and destroy the enemy.


  • Close combat related stats--HP, Strength, Moving Speed, etc--are the lowest out of all characters.
    • Due to low physical defense and low stats, careless play will often result in instant death.
    • However, possesses skills to successfully escape or maneuver in close-ranged combat.
    • Certain attacks can be evaded easier than the other characters due to having a small hit box from being short.
    • Normal melee combo goes up to 3. The combo itself changes if the user decides to become a Battle Mage.
  • Magic related stats, however, is significantly superior to all other characters.
    • Various magical AoE skills can be mastered.
  • Heavily relies on use of skills in battle. It is recommended that you either carry a decent number of MP potions and equip gears with MP regeneration.

Subclass Advancement

The Female Mage has the option of choosing the following subclasses upon creation:


The Elementalist starts on early quite weak, having skills with long cooldowns and/or limited range and AoE but in her later and Awakening stages, her damaging and AoE power shines greatly as she will gain access to powerful spells such as Arctic Burst.png Arctic Burst and Halloween Buster.png Halloween Buster, while her previous spells are increased in size and power, allowing her to easily clear waves of enemies in short time.


The Summoner brings her personal army to the fight. Capable of crowding the whole screen with her summons, she can overwhelm monsters through the sheer size of her mob. The Summoner possesses many skills that allow her to micromanage her summons. She can direct her minions to focus their attention on a particular target through Mark the Target!.png Mark the Target! as well as teleporting them to her location through Mass Teleport.png Mass Teleport. Because of her many minions, the Summoner rarely has to place herself in the line of danger, which allows her to safely direct her summons while staying in the backline.


The Witch can be described as somewhat of a luck-based character, unique to her is the chance for her skills to fail (which are weaker, and sometimes detrimental, versions of her skills), succeed (normal variations of her skills), have a "Sleeper" success (improved variations), and (with her 2nd awakening) have a "JACKPOT" Success!(The best variant of her skills possible). As is expected of Witches, she is capable of flight with Broomstick Control.png Broomstick Control when equipped with a Broom, giving her great aerial mobility. Through Bloom Powder.png Bloom Powder, the Witch can enhance her melee attacks. She can summon monsters to aid her after killing enemies with Devolution Flyswatter.png Devolution Flyswatter and Giant Flyswatter.png Giant Flyswatter. And she possesses powerful AoE Damage over Time skills with Lava Potion No. 9.png Lava Potion No. 9 capable of inflicting Burn (Status).png Burn (Status) and Slow Down (Status).png Slow (Status) while Acid Rain.png Acid Rain can weaken the enemies' defenses and attack strength. The Witch can operate various machines such as Raging Flame Furnace.png Raging Flame Furnace or Florae Collider.png Florae Collider for massive AoE range and damage around her. All in all, the Witch is a versatile class with various debuffs and holds.

Battle Mage

The Battle Mage is a fast-paced, combo-based class who possesses a unique combat mechanic centered around Chasers. Chasers are magical orbs exclusive to the Battle Mage which are generated through the use of certain skills, or as she racks up combos while Chaser Generator.png Chaser Generator is active. The Battle Mage can repeatedly fire off Chasers at enemies with Chaser Launcher.png Chaser Launcher as she continuously strikes them with her melee attacks, giving a strong mix of physical and magical attacks.


The Enchantress is the supportive class of the Mage, providing buffing and healing support on par with the Crusaders of the Priest classes. Unlike the Crusaders, the Enchantress has the unique gimmick of granting a very augmented buff to one specific player. In combat, she fights alongside a living bear doll and can build up stacks to increase her buff effects. The Enchantress uses the Broom as her weapon and her skills are Shadow Damage Boost.png Shadow Element attribute. She also uses Plate Armor which gives her sturdy defenses.

Class Comparison

For help deciding on your character, the Class Comparison tables have side-by-side class and subclass comparisons.


Female Mage Skills

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Passive Skills

Female Mage TP Skills

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General Togglable Skills


  • A Female Mages' first X.png attack can deal 8 to 10 times its regular damage at a very low chance. Likely an intended feature, it is speculated to be an homage to the Wizard from D&D.
  • Ixia Jun, a character based on the Female Mage, is featured in the Vagrants in Arad web comic, and later the anime adaptation Arad Senki: Slap Up Party.
  • The Female Mage is the only class to receive completely new redesigns towards their second awakening illustrations.



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