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Talismans are items that drop exclusively from Pandemonium War & The Exile Mountains content and function similarly to 2nd and 3rd Chronicle equipment in which they add special effects to certain skills. But unlike Chronicle equipment, they do not take up Armor, Accessory, or Special Equipment slots, and instead have specialized slots in the equipment interface. Additionally, Talismans gain additional effects if equipped with Runes, providing extra strength, cooldown, or utility. However, due to the similar function between Chronicle equipment and Talismans, they cannot be used simultaneously.


  • Talismans from Pandemonium War have a level requirement of 95 and ones from Exile Mountains are required to be level 100, both are untradable.
  • There are three types of Talismans: Common, Rare and Unique.
  • Talismans provide special effects for 7 Advanced skills between Levels 35-80; more specifically for the 35, 40, 45, 60, 70, 75 and 80 skills.
  • Only 3 Talismans can be equipped at a time, and only 1 Talisman of the same skill can be equipped at a time.
  • Talismans can equip up to 3 runes at a time, but Rares and Uniques have a random assortment of 3 specific rune types ("rune slot colors") required to activate their bonus effects.
  • Talismans have basic and additional effects.
    • Basic Effects: Applied as soon as it's equipped. (Rare Talismans don't have basic effects.)
    • Additional Effects: Applied if all the Runes randomly assigned to the Talisman are added.
      • Common Talismans (Cracked Talisman.png Cracked Talisman) do not grant effects, but can equip Runes.
  • Talismans cannot be equipped or replaced inside dungeons.
  • Talismans cannot be used in conjunction with Chronicle equipment, nor in the Buff Enhancement window.

Talisman Crafting

  • For either 95 or 100 talismans, talk to Monica of the Library inside Elting Memorial or talking to Lucille Redmayne/Adjutant Helga in Chantri, and select the Talisman Crafting menu which lets you select up to a total of 3 Talismans Rare or Unique each to create a new one with randomized Rune colors by spending a certain amount of Goldicon.png Gold depending on the rarity.
    • Normal Crafting can use all Talismans, while the Advanced Crafting is only specific for whichever class you're playing.

Talisman Upgrading

Talisman Readjusting

List of Talisman Effects

MSlayerIcon.png Male Slayer Blade Master Soul Bender Berserker Asura Ghostblade
FSlayerIcon.png Female Slayer Sword Master Dark Templar Demon Slayer Vagabond Spectre
FighterIcon.png Female Fighter Nen Master Striker Brawler Grappler
MFighterIcon.png Male Fighter Nen Master Striker Brawler Grappler
MGunnerIcon.png Male Gunner Ranger Mechanic Spitfire Launcher Blitz
FGunnerIcon.png Female Gunner Ranger Mechanic Spitfire Launcher
FMageIcon.png Female Mage Elementalist Summoner Battle Mage Witch Enchantress
MMageIcon.png Male Mage Elemental Bomber Glacial Master Blood Mage Swift Master Dimension Walker
M.PriestIcon.png Male Priest Crusader Monk Exorcist Avenger
F.PriestIcon.png Female Priest Crusader Inquisitor Shaman Mistress
ThiefIcon.png Thief Rogue Necromancer Kunoichi Shadow Dancer
KnightIcon.png Knight Elven Knight Chaos Dragon Knight Lightbringer
DemonicLancerIcon.png Demonic Lancer Skirmisher Vanguard Impaler Dragoon
GunbladerIcon.png Agent Secret Agent Troubleshooter Hitman Specialist
ArcherIcon.png Archer Muse Traveler
CreatorIcon.png Creator Creator
DarkKnightIcon.png Dark Knight Dark Knight

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