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Missing info.png Seria says: "Nothing should be as mysterious as I am!"

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The Exile Mountains
The Wilderness Loading Screen.png
Location Arad
Min. Level 100
Level 100
Monster Level 135
End Boss No Icon.png Pureblood Devastar
Map of the Exile Mountains

The Exile Mountains is the dungeon area of Chantri and the dungeon area that follows the events of the Abysmal Sky Tower. Players must be Level 100 and complete the necessary Act Quest to access the area.

After the Apostolic Crusade, rumors of strange activity were reported near the Stru Mountains along with mysterious disappearances in North Myre. An envoy from a parish of the Empire was sent to investigate the matter, suspecting it may be the workings of the cult called the Black Order.


A Letter from Lemidia Capella:

Your Excellency,

Thank you for sending us your reply through the Chief Inquisitor.
It seems that much more is going on than we first thought.
The story that the Chief Inquisitor told us, along with your message,
has helped us understand the seriousness of the situation.

Your Excellency, as you know,
Chantri is a shameful part of the Empire's history as well as a painful memory for us in the Priest Order.
The Empire may want to hide it,
but the sea of blood that once swallowed the Stru Mountains still has its marks left on the land.
We can't even fathom what those people are trying to do in that dead land where not even weeds can grow.

What matters, however, is that they're on the move and using Chantri as their base.
As Lemidios's Cape, Capella will not overlook this situation.
We still have some things that we'd like to address with Lemidia Basilica in regard to the decisions it made during the Apostle Crusade, but that can wait.

I hereby accept Lemidia Basilica's support request on behalf of Lemidia Capella.
Capella's faithful members and hardworking Inquisitors
will follow the Chief Inquisitor to help you carry out His justice.
I hope hope their axes and flames will not be used to repeat that past tragedy.

P.S. I've also sent word to Lemidia Chrysos, but I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you.
Since it guards the capital city of the Empire, I doubt it'd even contact us until things become more apparent.

- Antonio Marcel, Lemidios's faithful Cape and Lemidia Capella Bishop [1]

Entry Requirements & Rules

  • Upon the completion of Act Quest Icon.png Back to Where We Belong, you'll gain access to the Exile Mountains channel and speak with Teida to create a group. Once all party preparations are finalized, speak to Oberith on the left side to begin your mission.
  • Reach Level 100.
  • Party of 4 Players.
  • 7,996 (Guide) 10,815 (Normal) Adventurer Fame or higher.
    • (Formerly) 5,938 Exorcism.
  • No entrance materials required.
  • 30 Fatigue Points are consumed.
  • Available every day of the week.
    • Daily entry limit is two. It can be only entered once a day and twice a week.
    • Daily entry is reset at 9:00 a.m UTC, Weekly entry reset is on Tuesdays.


  • Resurrection-related skills from Male Mage, Female Crusader & Knight cannot be used.
  • Life Token.png Life Token is limited to 4 per dungeon and shared among your party.
  • The following consumables are forbidden from being used:
    • Puppets from Animators.
    • Sacred Blessings, Heavenly HP Potions, Heavenly Potions, Divine Revival Formulas, and Immortality Formulas.
    • Leaving the party entirely will result in losing an entry count.

Time Limit

  • There is a 1-hour time limit to complete The Exile Mountains.
  • Each subdungeon is given a limit of 10 minutes.
  • Retrying or retreating from a dungeon has no penalty attached to it as long as you remain in your party.
  • Your entry count will be automatically replenished upon failure if the 1 hour limit exceeds.


  • The Blessing of Light (Exiles) and Radiant Shape (Non-Neo: Awakening) buffs are added.
  • Radiant Shape is available to classes that do not have their Neo: Awakenings implemented.
    • Normal Classes: Damage Increase Rate (%) +15
    • Buffer Classes: Lv. 50 Active skill STR/INT increase rate +15%
  • There is also a Green and Blue crucifix located on two Territory dungeons that enables Lemidia Basilica's help:
    • Clearing a dungeon with a Green Crucifix icon will enable Light Benediction (Continuous Damage Intensification) 25% permanent buff.
    • Clearing a dungeon with a Blue Crucifix icon will enable Light Judge which is a Short-term Damage Intensification buff that only party leaders can activate twice by pressing the TAB key button as this calls forth Oberith to temporarily increase the party's damage by 35%. Only two are given out during a character's run and these will not be restored once depleted so use them wisely.


Normal Mode

Released in February 2021 as part of the Season 6 Act 10. Patch, The Exile Mountains functions very similarly to Pandemonium War in which 4 players can party up to infiltrate the Stru Mountains to take down Devastar with a total of 5 subdungeons involved. Being identical to that of Spire Throne, both Fortress of Nemesis & Extinction's Haven are blocked out by a fog and cannot be accessed from the very start unless the Ward dungeon with a key-shaped icon below is cleared first, granting availability to those areas. Clearing the Fortress grants access to both Extinction's Haven and the final boss encounter.


  • Upon defeating Devastar, he'll drop:
    • 16 Uncommon - Unique Runes
    • 5 Dark Night's Rune Ores
  • With VIP Preminum:
    • 1 or 2 extra Dark Night's Remains

Talismans & Runes

  • Level 100 Stigmatic (Rare) & Capella's Stigma (Unique) Talismans are now implemented alongside ones for each Subclass' Level 75 & 80 skills.
  • Ornate (Unique) Runes for each color added.
  • Players can now equip up to three Talismans of their own choosing.

Lemidia Capella: Holy Fire of Light

  • With this upgrade system, players are now currently eligble to further strengthen their existing Level 95 Unique Talismans or Vivid Runes into their Level 100 versions known as Capella's Stigma and Ornate Runes respectively. This can be done by speaking to either Lucille Redmayne or Adjutant Helga in Chantri and selecting Talisman/Rune Upgrade that requires the following materials:

Guide Mode

In May 2021 of the Season 6 Act 13. Patch, a Guide Mode for The Exile Mountains was released alongside The Night of Revelation. The entrance requirements, including buffs, time limit and restrictions remain the same.

Guide Mode Differences

  • Shares the same entry and rewards count as Normal Mode.
  • Monsters will have their stats and difficulty adjusted.
  • In-dungeon time limit raised to 12 Minutes.
  • Rewards are reduced.

Monster Changes

Guide Mode Rewards

  • Upon defeating Devastar, he'll drop:
    • 9-10 Uncommon - Unique Runes
    • 5 Dark Night's Rune Ores
  • With VIP Preminum:
    • 1 or 2 extra Dark Night's Remains

The Night of Revelation

Also released in May 2021, The Night of Revelation is released as a Squad Mode post-Exile Mountains content and story continuation following the defeat of Devastar by Adventurers. Entry requirements, buffs and rules are nearly the same as Normal/Guide Exiles, though upon clearing the [Unliftable Curse] quest, players can gain access to the Channel or speak with Mia in Chantri to enter. The player alongside three of their chosen Elite Members are required to traverse through all five of Stru Mountains' subdungeons each albeit structured a little differently compared to it's Normal Mode.

With the exception of Deschamps & Devastar, bosses such as Mia, Night Watcher K and Midnight's Darkness reappear in their respective subdungeons while Calling Jade makes her first appearance inside Abandoned Haven. Defeat her and you'll clear Night of Revelation.


The Night of Revelation Excerpt:

Poor Deva. How are you?

Can you hear me? I'm whispering in your ear right now. Well, I'll just pretend you that can. I told you I'd be back, remember? And now I am, and I've brought good news, too. It's—mm, wait. I can't believe that thing's still moving. Deva, there's this worm that's still alive. Give me a minute.


Hah hah! Did you hear that? These worms even die so loudly. Well, I found them messing with your body. I couldn't let them defile your Pure Blood, now could I? So, I killed them right on the spot. Maybe I shouldn't have killed them all, but... oh, well. Oh yes, I said I had good news for you, didn't I? Finally, I've got a new message of the Pure Blood, about this Imposter who will be your mighty successor. The one who'll follow the gods until the end of Hell. He'll follow the gods until the end of Hell. Doesn't that sound awesome? People like him are what we need, to continue to survive in this hell filled with light. He'll finish what you couldn't here. My job tonight is to invite this successor of yours.

We'll lure him with bait that he can never resist.

Rules & Restrictions

  • Adventurer Fame amount is the same as Guide Mode.
  • Can be played either as solo or with three Elite APC Members via Dark Dimension.
  • No Fatigue Points will be consumed.
  • Equipment Durability does not decrease.
  • No Materials required.
  • Daily Entry Count is twice a day per Character.
  • Weekly Entry Count is six times in total.
    • Both reset on Tuesdays 09:00 UTC.
  • Can receive a Retry if you die and get sent back into town, leaving the channel will result in forfeiting.


Night of Revelation Rewards


Dungeon Name Level Lore
The Wilderness.png The Wilderness 100

Chantri, the city of the De Los Empire, is also known as The Wilderness. It's far away from the capital city and close to the Ashen Desert and Stru Mountains that make up the national borders. This place has sand and rock and the remnants of a war fought between the Bantus and the Empire long ago, and not a trace of a living soul. But even such a bleak, lifeless vestige of a city is a welcome sight to those who have braced a long, perilous journey across the country borders, much like a little bit of rain after a long drought.

The Exile Mountains (Dungeon).png The Exile Mountains 100

The massive Stru Mountains capped with snow year-round are also known as the place of exile for the hero of the Pelos Empire, Kazan, who was sent there after being tortured and losing the tendons in his arms. That is why they are also called the Exile Mountains. They stand tall and majestic, splitting the Empire from the north side of the Principality. Because of their steep formation, even the Bantus, the natives of Mount Thunderime, don't stay here very long. However, rumor has it that people clad in black clothes are often seen moving in groups through these mountains.

Night of Chaos.png Night of Chaos 100

The red moon rises, and the land is engulfed by dark flames. When the massive pentacle is lit, its light will reveal nothing but destruction, despair, and chaos. Bearers of the red hand, swing your weapon if you want to live. The black sheep are too hungry to distinguish between friend and foe.

Fortress of Nemesis.png Fortress of Nemesis 100

After Usir's faithful follower King Borodin was felled by the traitorous Vello, the Usir Order all but seemed to have disappeared from history. However, it was revealed after Vello's reign that the followers of the Order didn't stop worshiping Death. They just decided to do it in secret in the depths of the Stru Mountains to avoid persecution. There, they built this temple of Usir to continue with their worship and keep themselves safe against outside threats. Now, it's now called the Fortress of Nemesis, a home for those who have been wronged by the rest of the world, guarded by a secret order of knights called the Dark Templar.

Extinction's Haven.png Extinction's Haven 100

One of the duties of the Usir Order is to protect Extinction's Haven in the depths of the Fortress of Nemesis, along with Kazan's body stored in there. But eventually, it collapses under the relentless onslaught of the Cult's powerful legion of Imposters, and relinquishes the Coffin of Extinction over to Pureblood Devastar. Now, the master of the Imposters who caused the Black Crusade is about to return.

Abandoned Haven.png Abandoned Haven 100


Scenario Only

Dungeon Name Level
The Wilderness 2.png The Wilderness 100
Abandoned Haven 2.png Abandoned Haven 100


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