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Worm Deschamps

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Worm Deschamps
Age Unknown
Sex Male
Race Human
Affiliation Cyphers
Occupation Cypher
Alias N/A
Location Grozny
Foreign Name(s) N/A
Likeability N/A

Worm Deschamps is one of the many secondary characters of Dungeon Fighter Online and one of the three Cyphers who safeguard the Cypher sanctuary, Grozny, the Green City.

Adventurers first encounter him while traversing through Grozny to investigate the Epidemic in North Myre. When Michelle investigates the Dimensional Storm, he led the other Cyphers in her stead. Later, during the events of the Black Order Resurgence, Worm goes missing only to be captured by the Order.



As an Enemy


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Worm Deschamps

Worm Deschamps.png

Type TypeHuman.png
Class Male Slayer
Level 56
Dungeons Prophetic Dream
Frost Cave
Drops unknown
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Deschamps is a Slayer that spawns as a boss or champion monster. He carries no weapon, wears random avatars, and uses many insect-related skills.

Move List

  • Homing Worm - Summons a worm from his arm that has slight homing abilities. This attack is usually done up to 2 times, is weak, and does shadow damage.
  • Worm Dart - This move does slight damage, and is shot out of Deschamps himself occasionally.
  • Ground Worm - This move causes worms to appear in the ground, indicated by moving green masses on the ground. They appear in groups of 2-3, and do only a slight amount of damage.


  • When you enter this room, Deschamps will use Homing Worm to attempt to attack you. It is okay to be hit by this attack, as it is very weak, although you may want to avoid it as it can interrupt an attack.
  • Deschamps spawns with a multitude of other monsters, and he is mainly only support. It is best to defeat the other monsters in the room before killing Deschamps.

The Exile Mountains

No icon available
Worm Deschamps
Worm Deschamps Exiles.gif
TypeDemon.png TypeInsect.png TypeHuman.png

Deschamps makes his reappearance as the end boss of The Exile Mountains (Dungeon).

Move Set

  • Light Aura: When entering the boss room, there is a yellow magic circle next to Deschamps and whoever picks up the circle, it'll be bound to to them and functions like a protective shield from the various bugs that constantly spawn across the map. If the player dies, they'll lose the aura.
  • Ice Butterflies: These will frequently fly around that inflicts damage and instantly freezes anyone upon contact, they can be easily killed by the player wielding the Light Aura.
  • Bug Wave: Deschamps can launch out a wave of blue orbs that spawn into Ice Locusts and attack party members. Just like the Ice Butterflies, they can also be killed by the Light Aura.
  • Shockwave: Deschamps lifts up one of his back legs to slam the floor launching out a shockwave going forward. There is a red-zone indicator telling where he'll attack.
  • Berserk:
    • Encroach: All party members will get pushed back as the screen darkens as they'll be placed in the middle section surrounded by a light circle. Outside of it, there are yellow bugs that'll randomly appear in various directions attempting to converge with that middle circle that'll shrink upon contact.
In order to clear this pattern, the player who still wields a Light Aura is able to go outside the middle circle and intercept those bugs. Meanwhile, there is dark pentacles that spawn on the floor which can be purified by standing on them. If two of those pentacles are successfully purified, this initiates Deschamps' groggy state. If the pattern fails to succeed, Deschamps knocks down the party to launch out a room wide attack that can be easily avoided with Quick Rebound.png Quick Rebound.


  • Deschamps is perhaps one of the easier Exile Mountains bosses to defeat.
  • It's generally reccommended that Buffers (Crusaders & Enchantresses) take ahold of the Light Aura and those Damage dealers stay inside of it while they attack.
  • A very strong party can quickly dispatch of Deschamps while ignoring his attack patterns so have the Crusader/Enchantress to deploy their Apocalypse (Male Crusader).png Apocalypse/Final Judgment.png Final Judgment, Crux of Victoria.png Crux of Victoria/Laus di Angelus.png Laus di Angelus, Marionette (Enchantress).png Marionette/Curtain Call.png Curtain Call and use your strongest skills.
  • During Encroach:
    • Players without a Light Aura can jumping over the yellow bugs to avoid being hit by them.
    • They can also instantly fail the pattern by stepping outside of the middle circle which can be used as a tactic to speed up the fight.



  • (くっ... ころす...)
"Ugh... Kill..."
  • (だ・・・駄目だめだ!)


  • "Grrgh!"
  • "GAAAAGH!"
  • "Losing his light..."
  • (たのむから...)


  • (くぅ... いまからでも...)
  • "Gyakh! RAAAGH!"
  • (... くろよるる...)
"... The Black Night will come..."
  • (げろ!)
  • (駄目だめだ!)
  • "AUUUUGH!"
  • "Urgh..." (Pattern success)
  • (たのむから... げろ!)
Please... run! (Pattern fail)


  • (やっと...)


Worm Deschamps Full Body.jpeg


  • He also has a Cyphers counterpart known as Camille Deschamps who is vastly different from his DFO version who also has a insect motif.
  • His last name Deschamps is of French origins meaning from the fields.
  • His boss BGM in Exile Mountains is actually a remake of Camille's theme.