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A shard of the Great Will.
Job NPC Annis
Specialized Weapon Great Sword, Short Sword, Bludgeon, Katana
Specialized Armor Shields
N/A, formerly Heavy Armor
Alternate Names

I am from another dimension to find the Lord.

Carloso, the creator of all universes, sealed himself to confine his divided wills in various places.

With losing him, the world met the era of raging chaos and scorching evils.

And there was Nemyr the enlightened, who pitied all tears being shed from pain and agony.

So she shaped a figure out of herself, giving life to it and said --

"You are my reflections, and you shall follow my will.

You are the one thus the whole. Share the wisdoms that I spread.

Now go, unite all powers for one. Find the Great Lord. Let the world shine once again."

Those who were named "Knight" in the shape of light, scattered to many ends of the universe.

Some reached the sacred land filled full of light.

Some reached the battleground filled with hatred and malice.

Their forms were diverse, but had a common origin. It led them to the way of finding Carloso.

If there is any tiny sign, the Knights will jump into the mission right away without any hesitation.


  • A class with somewhat more of an emphasis on defense, although her shield has many offensive uses.
  • Chaos and Elven Knights can use various shields with different effects.
  • Can guard while moving, Lightbringers and Elven Knights can also become immune to many status effects while guarding.
  • Has innate, albeit minor, resistance to all Elements

Subclass Advancement

Elven Knight

A hardy warrior of nature who can chain her moves together with Chain Rush.png Chain Rush allowing for high damage potential if skills are timed well. Her skill set also contains some supportive and defensive skills.


A demonic summoner who can call upon minions for support while also leading into the charge herself. Many of her skills have her minions following up on her attacks.


A defensive fighter who can protect her allies and taunt enemies by creating large shockwaves. She can charge a resource called "Seraphic Feathers" by blocking attacks or using Sweeping Wave, which she can then expend to buff herself or heal her allies.

Dragon Knight

A combatant who fights alongside her dragon, Astra. The effects of many of her skills change when used in the air and she can send Astra out on her own or have her perform skills alongside her.

How to Advance into a Subclass

The Knight must first reach level 15.

  1. Talk to Blacksmith Linus in Elvenguard.
  2. Clear Full Moon Thunderland to advance as your desired subclass.

Class Comparison

For help deciding on your character, the Class Comparison tables have side-by-side class and subclass comparisons.


Knight Skills



Active Skills

Passive Skills

Knight TP Skills

Knight Togglable Skills

General Skills



Active Skills

Passive Skills

General TP Skills

General Neo: Awakening Skills

General Togglable Skills


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  • Whereas other classes simply devote themselves to one field when choosing a subclass, the Knight actually synchronizes with alternate versions of herself to obtain their powers.

Playable Classes

Male Slayer

Female Slayer

Female Fighter

Male Fighter

Male Gunner

Female Gunner

Demonic Lancer


Female Mage

Male Mage

Male Priest

Female Priest



Dark Knight