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Female Grappler

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Role Dealer.png
Alternate Names Grappler
Korean: 여그래플러
Japanese: グラップラー (Gurappurā, lit. Grappler)
Chinese: 柔道家
Base Job Female Fighter
Job NPC Pungjin
Specialized Weapon Gauntlets, Tonfa
Class Information Skill Type: Physical
Damage Type: Fixed
Subclass Difficulty: Difficulty Star.PNG Difficulty Star.PNG Difficulty Star.PNG
Inflict Element? None
Inflict Status Effect? Negative: None
Positive: None
Alternate Names Tornado
Korean: 토네이도
Japanese: トルネード(Torunēdo, lit. Tornado)
Chinese: 暴风眼 (lit. Eye of Tornado)
Second Awakening
Ultimate Diva
Alternate Names Korean: 얼티밋 디바
Chinese: 風暴女皇 (lit. Storm Empress)
UltimateDiva Ani.gif
Neo: Awakening
Neo: Grappler
Alternate Names Korean: 진 (眞) 그래플러 (Jin Geulaepeulleo)
Neo- Female Grappler Skill Cut-In Uncens.gif

The moment we start to tango, you'll wish you had never asked me to dance.

Masters of grabbing techniques, these Fighters are invincible when it comes to close-quarters combat. They use their strong backs and feminine flexibility to grab and lift their enemies, tossing them as if they weigh nothing. Their Spiral skill that enables them to slam their enemies into the ground from midair looks as magnificent as it is deadly. They strive to maintain their feminine beauty while walking the masculine path of the Fighter.

The Grappler is a Fighter who takes advantage of leverage and weight. The Grappler is adept at grabbing and throwing her opponents, oftentimes into other opponents. Rarely does she ever get hit, darting and jumping around erratically.

  • At level 50, the Grappler awakens as a Dervish. At level 75, the Dervish awakens as the Ultimate Diva.
  • Her subclass cosmetic effect is a white bandana.
  • Her 2nd Awakening cosmetic effect is a group of gravel levitating as streaks of light is ascending from below her.
  • Her Neo Awakening cosmetic effect is the Grappler raising a wrestling championship belt up in the air with light flashes around her.

Becoming a Grappler

The Fighter must first reach level 15.

Awakening as a Dervish

Can you hear it?

The sound of desperate breaths pushing through the air. To me, it is the sweetest music there is...

It starts when you think you have a hold of me, when you think you sense an opening for an attack, a weakness in my guard. I wait patiently for this moment... wait for you to strike. Like the fly led to the secret scent of the hungry flower, you are trapped and don't even know it.

It might seem that I have merely overpowered you in a single grab, but I have actually already won our fight by exploiting your weakness... a lack of patience.

You will float but for a moment in the air, only to twist and land in a sharp and punctuated end to your life. Oh, how magnificent that crescendo-as your bones break and your body is shattered!

My dear, I sound the most sonorous symphony, and you are merely one of the instruments I play.

The Grappler must first reach level 50.

Alternatively, if the player skips Epic Quest Icon.png Unending Foreboding:
The Grappler must first reach level 50.

  1. Talk to Pungjin in Hendon Myre.
  2. Collect 1000 White Cube Fragment.png White Cube Fragments, 1000 Red Cube Fragment.png Red Cube Fragments, 100 Superior Hardener.png Superior Hardeners, and 100 Superior Iron.png Superior Irons.
  3. Defeat Agram the Witch in the Abandoned Mine on Master or harder mode.
  4. Collect 1 Formidable Essence.png Formidable Essence from the Abandoned Mine on Master or harder mode.
  5. Collect 60 Chaos Stone Debris.png Chaos Stone Debris and 120 Seal of Emperor Helm.png Seals of Emperor Helm.

Awakening as a Ultimate Diva

I don't know what you are talking about.

Did you just say fighting is just fighting?

A fighting dog like me should just stay tucked in the corner?

How about you shut your mouth that speaks of such non-sense?

My skills are different.

You cannot compare it to the fists thrown by a mere brawler on the street.

It's strong, fast and fancy. Once the enemy has been grabbed, I do not let go.

Ha! If you were going to withdraw so easily, you should have never spoken in the first place.

I suppress the enemies with the energy that flows out of my body,

and with precise control of my power, I destroy enemies in the most effective way.

People say this. That it is an art.

An art expressed through the body.

The ultimate form of combat that seeks beauty and pleasure at the same time.

And that person is me, the Ultimate Diva.

I do not like just fighting. A real fight should be pleasing to the eye.

  1. Talk to Siran in the City of Shonan.
  2. Collect 25 Seal of Empress Skardi.png Seal of Empress Skardi.
  3. Clear EX: Gold Dragon Tournament.
  4. Collect 40 Seal of Emperor Helm.png Seal of Emperor Helm.
  5. Clear EX: Silver Dragon Tournament.
  6. Clear Tainted Time Gate.

Awakening as a Neo: Grappler

The Hendon Myre backstreet, where several fights happen and stories are born in just a day.
And in the deepest place of the underground of the backstreet an unprecedented number of people had gathered, filling it with shouts and heat.

“You look so happy, Craig.”
“Well of course, Lexy. The tournament that I’ve always dreamed of is about to have its grand conclusion.”

At his dreamy face both Lexy and Lucy nodded.
After he had disappeared saying he’s going with the adventurer’s guild Craig suddenly returned with the storm at the West Coast.
He said he was moved by a tournament he saw at this ‘Fight Club’ at the Pandemonium, and he began working on it like a madman.

That’s how the ‘UFE’ the Ultimate Fighting Elimination came to be.
The organizer, Craig, made no rules to gender, weight nor method.
The only rule was that the last survivor on the square ring would be the victor.

The word traveled fast with the gossipers,
And because of the joint submit at the West Coast many skilled people gathered at the capital of the Principality.
Thanks to that the list that normally would’ve been full of outlaws was full of great names that one would only see at a tournament of Suju.

And the one standing tall on the ring now had defeated all of them.

Renowned as the genius grappler twin Lexy and Lucy also participated with the confidence that they could win,
But they were both helpless against that grappler on the ring.
Lexy stared at the woman holding up the champion belt, as if she was being pulled in by something.

“Guess we have a crazy first champion with that.”

Disappointed that the tournament like never again is ending, Lucy spoke like letting out a sigh.

“Champion? Lexy, come on… not something so boring like what the strikers use…
Umm… Craig, don’t you have something good?”

Craig scratched his chin out of habit, then answered with a satisfied expression.

“‘Queen of the ring’. The Queen for short.”
“The Queen of the ring…”

Even as Craig spoke Lexy’s eyes could not move away from the shining ‘Queen’ on the ring.

“Lucy, let’s follow the ‘Queen’!”

Lucy seemed surprised at what Lexy said so suddenly, but her heart was pounding just like Lexy’s.

“For real? And then what?”
“I’ll ask to be her friend… no, to be her student!”
“Hey! Lexy, wait up! Just…!”

They were already running to the ‘Queen’ who was coming down from the ring.
Looking at the two Craig smiled, perhaps anticipating a start of a new legend.

The Ultimate Diva must first reach level 100.

  • Complete the True Awakening 1 Quest line and obtain Ability Intensification.


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Subclass Inspiration

  • The Female Grappler's theme is based on Pro-Wrestling that specializes in a Grappling fighting style which is often used during wrestling, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, or Mixed Martial Arts.
    • To befit her core wrestling motif, each of the Female Grappler's Awakening costumes are designed after ring attire. Though, the late "Macho Man" Randy Savage would heavily influence the Ultimate Diva's costume design.
  • On the Dervish's artwork, she is carrying a Lucha-libre Mask.
  • Lexy & Lucy, who appear in the Neo: Female Grappler's skills, function similarly to Street Fighter V's R.Mika with Yamato Nadeshiko.
  • Her Awakened Ones the Second Weapon Avatar is called Cadenza, a musical performance.
  • Eva Diaz, a character from Cyphers, (Another game made by Neople) is loosely based on the subclass.


  • Her First Global Awakening Dervish is named after a sacred dance.
  • Both of her overseas Tornado & Storm Empress titles look to take on a wind naming scheme.
  • The word Diva is Latin for Goddess, it can also refer to a very talented female performer in the entertainment industry, as it befits the Female Grappler's Ultimate Diva title seen in her Second Awakening lore.





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