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Hendon Myre

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Hendon Myre
Hendon Myre Screen.png
Location Arad
Level Requirement Level 17
NPCs Albert Bernstein, Bucken, Cinda, Canna, Grandis, Grubeck Goblinde, G.S.D., Karakas, Kiri the Lady, Leno, Michelle Monohan, Minet, Pungjin, Robato, Empress Skardi, Siusha, Zanbato Aganzo
Areas North Myre
West Coast, Aphelia Post, Northern Shelter

Hendon Myre is the town to the south of Elvenguard and is the capital of the Bel Myre Principality. Hendon Myre is the home of the North Myre dungeon for players level 46-49 and above. Hendon Myre is a traveler's town where several merchants live and is also where all of the class trainers, except for Sharan the Mage trainer and Annis the Knight trainer can be found.


Bel Myre Principality-South.png


Portrait Name Occupation Location
Albert Bernstein Albert Bernstein Duelist Back Alley
Bucken Bucken Covert Agent Main Street
Cinda Cinda Weaponsmith Back Alley
Grandis Grandis Priest Trainer Main Street
G.S.D. G.S.D. Male Slayer Trainer Back Alley
Canna Canna Merchant Main Street
Karakas Karakas Leader of the Adventuerer's Guild, Halidom Recipe and Fragment Merchant Moonlight Tavern
Kiri the Lady Kiri the Lady Gunner Trainer Main Street
Leno Leno Demonic Lancer Trainer Back Alley
Michelle Monohan Michelle Monohan Telekinetic Cypher Back Alley
Minet Minet Thief Trainer Back Alley
Pungjin Pungjin Fighter Trainer Downtown
Knight Robato Knight Robato Female Slayer Trainer City Hall
Empress Skardi Empress Skardi Empress of Bel Myre Principality City Hall
Siusha Siusha Tavern Owner Moonlight Tavern
Grubeck Goblinde Grubeck Goblinde Merchant Back Alley
Zanbato Aganzo Zanbato Aganzo World Renowned Zanbato Master Moonlight Tavern