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GrandisIcon.png Grandis
Age 23
Sex Female
Race Human
Occupation Priest Trainer
Location Hendon Myre

Grandis Gracia is a Priestess and a Priest trainer in Hendon Myre. She is among many instructors dispatched by Archbishops who sensed the attempt by Ozma to enter the realm of Arad amidst the chaos of war. While she lacks in putting theory into practice, she is more than qualified to guide novice Priests. A descendant of the heroic paladin Shapiro Gracia, she is currently in search of her brother, Nilvas Gracia, who became an Avenger after the fatal attack by Astaros that demonized him. Because she is in no position to leave Hendon Myre, she is hoping for someone to help find Nilvas.


  • Sells Epic Pots/Weapons/Armor/Accessories in return for Epic Soul.png Epic Souls.
  • Exchanges Demon Challenge.png Demon Challenges for Demon Invitation.png Demon Invitations.
  • Converts Demon Eye.png Demon Eyes into Epic Soul.png Epic Souls.
  • Transcends equipment, allowing untradable equipment to be transferred between the player's account once.
  • Seals equipment, allowing unsealed equipment to become saeled and, therefore, tradable again.
  • Quest Giver.



A player transcending a Lord of Ranger.
  • Equipment Transcendence allows untradable equipment to be moved to another character within the same account of the current character.
  • Transcended equipment will be sent to the target player thorugh the mail, and must be claimed within the next 60 days.
  • Any equipment, including Epic equipment, with some exceptions, may be transcended.
    • The following equipment cannot be transcended:
      • Anton Raid Equipment, such as Savior Weapons, Eternal Glory Magic Stones, Infinite Avarice accessories, etc.
      • Growing Event equipment.
  • High Grade Elemental Crystal.png High Grade Elemental Crystals and Souls of the target item's rarity are necessary for Transcendence.
  • Equipment can be transcended infinitely.



Request Chat

  • May God bless you. Hello, I'm Grandis Gracia.
I'm here to train new Priests and help them spread the teachings of God. We at the Order of Priests welcome anyone who wants to fight evil in the name of God.
  • Some Priests are called Avengers. They draw on righteous rage to transform into avenging demons and fight the Imposters.
A majority of the members of the Order find them unorthodox, but I personally respect their choice, extreme as it may be. I pray that their lonely souls will never forget His grace.
  • I have a brother who disappeared a long time ago. I don't even know if he's alive.
I'm not the only one in Arad who lost their family to the conflict between good and evil. As Priests, it's also our duty to help them find peace.
  • (Before Origin)Our headquarters is the Cathedral Lemidia Basilica in Bel Myre. On that nightmarish day, thousands of Priests died along with an equal number of followers.
Our Order was all but obliterated that day, and we've been sparing no effort to rebuild it since then.


  • *Church bell*
  • I wonder where Nilvas is.
  • The evils of this world are right under your nose.

Conversation start

  • My name is Grandis Gracia.
  • I've been waiting for someone brave like you.
  • God is always watching over you.

Conversation end

  • The Imposters must be met with both mercy and repudiation.
  • Tibi gratia. May God's blessings be with you.
  • If you ever meet someone named Nilvas Gracia, could you... Mm, never mind.
  • Don't mind my teddy bear.


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