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Magar Rosenbach

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Magar Rosenbach
Maga Rosenbach.png
Age 79
Sex Male
Race Human
Affiliation Order of Priests
Occupation Archbishop
Alias N/A
Location Hendon Myre, Lemidia Basilica

Magar Rosenbach is a descendant of Milan Rosenbach and Archbishop of the Order of Priests. He appears in the Lemidia Basilica with his Granddaughter Oberith and several members who are descendants of the Holy Five.


Character Biography:

"Please watch over these young, fragile things..."

Male. Age 79.
A renowned Crusader and an archbishop of the Priest Order.

He's descended from Milan Rosenbach, one of the Holy Five.
Born into the prestigious Rosenbach Family, he demonstrated an exceptional talent as a child and grew up with high expectations from the Elders of the Order.
At the age of twenty-four, he was named a hero after he marched into a village full of Imposters all by himself, punishing a hundred Imposters and saving hundreds of villagers over ten days.
After that, he quickly rose through the ranks within the Order and eventually became an archbishop.
Twenty years ago, he lost his only son and daughter-in-law in an Imposter attack.
Currently, he's living with his only granddaughter, Oberith Rosenbach.

"Oh, Lord. Listen to my prayer. Please watch over the young and the weak..."
- Magar's prayer



  • Handles the Epic Equipment Shop formerly managed by Grandis Gracia.
  • Sells Epic Pots/Weapons/Armor/Accessories in return for Epic Soul.png Epic Souls.
  • Exchanges Demon Challenge.png Demon Challenges for Demon Invitation.png Demon Invitations.
  • Converts Demon Eye.png Demon Eyes into Epic Soul.png Epic Souls.
  • Transcends equipment, allowing untradable equipment to be transferred between the player's account once.
  • Seals equipment, allowing unsealed equipment to become sealed and, therefore, tradable again.


A player transcending a Lord of Ranger.
  • Equipment Transcendence allows untradable equipment to be moved to another character within the same account of the current character.
  • Transcended equipment will be sent to the target player through the mail, and must be claimed within the next 60 days.
  • Any equipment, including Epic equipment, with some exceptions, may be transcended.
    • The following equipment cannot be transcended:
      • Anton Raid Equipment, such as Savior Weapons, Eternal Glory Magic Stones, Infinite Avarice accessories, etc.
      • Growing Event equipment.
  • High Grade Elemental Crystal.png High Grade Elemental Crystals and Souls of the target item's rarity are necessary for Transcendence.
  • Equipment can be transcended infinitely.




Request Chat

  • Oberith! Bring some tea for our honored guest! Hmpf, where did he go again?
  • The world is always noisy, filled with the voices of those who like to talk loudly. To hear His voice, you must learn to be quiet.
  • Anyone who listens for God's voice can be a Priest.
Anyone who listens for God's voice can be a Priest. But Brother/Sister, you must only use your sacred power to help others. He didn't lend you His authority, so you can wield it like a child would a sharpened blade.
  • (Both Male & Female Crusader): Have you heard of the name, Milan Rosenbach? He was one of the Holy Five, and he assisted Saint Michael during the Black Crusade. All four Archpriests currently in office descended from the Holy Five, and my being appointed as Archbishop also had to do with my family. Of course, sometimes the name Rosenbach weighs heavily on my shoulders, but I believe that this is a mission God has given me.
    • (Monk Only): Have you met Teida? He's a good guy, even if he's a little bit speechless or acting. He is also a stronger ally than anyone else when fighting evil. Although it seems to be a little bit of a conflict with Oberith because of his mercy-free personality when punishing evil, hehe.
    • (Exorcist Only):
    • (Avenger Only): Welcome back from the way of the devil, brother. I am always grateful for your sacrifices. However, I want you to remember that revenge is not the only skill.
    • (Shaman Only): I haven't seen a Shaman like you for a long time. Hah hah, don't be nervous. We may serve different gods, but we're in the same order, and I appreciate your contribution. Now, how'd you like to have a cup of tea before you leave?
    • (Inquisitor Only): Where are you going? That axe on your back looks pretty heavy. I understand you can't wait to mete out holy punishments, buy why don't you calm down for a second and pray before you leave, Commandments Judge?
    • (Mistress Only): Your stigmas... I can't even fathom for how many people's sins you've atoned. I just hope that their sins don't weigh too heavily on your shoulders, young Mistress.
    • (Lightbringer Only): Oh, you have a shield of light for God's will. But the divine power felt is a bit unusual. Hehe, I'm not going to ask more. Even if you are not part of a denomination, there will be many who hear His voice like you.

Request Chat (Post-Pandemonium War)

  • Any new information about the Imposters comes here more quickly than anywhere else, thanks to our churches and followers scattered across Arad. And recently, we've been swamped with reports of sightings of some evil energy.
  • He may not answer all our prayers, but He always listens to all our voices. Anyone who prays to Him every day would know. But since that storm showed up, I feel as if my morning prayers can't reach Him. I wonder if this is an oracle or warning for us, His children.

Conversation Start

Conversation End


Magar Rosenbach Portrait.png MagarSprite.gif MagarSummer.gif MagarLunarNewYear.gif


  • Magar's name is of Armenian origin meaning Lucky.
  • Rosenbach is a surname of German origin meaning Rose Stream or Stream of Roses.
  • Although Magar was revealed during the Male Priest's intro and later Female Priest's Inquisitor cinematic, he was only referred to by his title up until Post-Pandemonium War updates.


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