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Michael of the Holy Eye

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Neople-logo.png This part of the current article contains spoilers.
Michael of the Holy Eye
Portrait-Michael of the Holy Eye.png
Age Unknown
Sex Male
Race Human
Affiliation Priest Order (Founder)
Occupation Founder of the Priest Order
Member of the Holy Five
The Tenth Apostle (Korean: 10使 Je Sip Sado)
Alias Saint Michael (Korean: 미카엘라 Seongja Mikaella)
The One Who Sees the Truth (Korean: 을 꿰뚫어 보는 Jinsireul Kkwettulheo Boneun Ja)
Location Unknown
Foreign Name(s)
Korean Ver.:

의 미카엘라 Seongane Mikaella, "Michaela of the Holy Eye"

Chinese Ver.:

圣者米歇尔 Shèngzhě mǐxiēěr, "Saint Michael"

Japanese Ver.:

せいがんのミカエラ Seigan no Mikaera, "Michaela of the Holy Eye"

Likeability N/A

You do not understand. As long as I remain here, Ozma is trapped. He cannot reach our world. And so... I cannot let you pass. If you truly will not heed my words... then I have no choice...

Michael of the Holy Eye (Korean: 의 미카엘라 Seongane Mikaella), also known as Saint Michael (Korean: 미카엘라 Seongja Mikaella), was one of the founding members of the Priest Order and a general of the Holy Five during the Black Crusade. In the aftermath of the war, it is said he mysteriously disappeared after he founded the cathedral Lemidia Basilica and established several Priest diocese across Arad to stave off the remaining Impostors and to prepare the people for Ozma's inevitable return.

Although his whereabouts were unaccounted for for centuries, he appears in the Epic Quests Once More Into the Breach as the final enemy that stands between Dungeon Fighters and their confrontation with Ozma of Chaos, where he is revealed to be the Tenth Apostle (Korean: 10使 Je Sip Sado) of Pandemonium, also known as The One Who Sees the Truth (Korean: 을 꿰뚫어 보는 Jinsireul Kkwettulheo Boneun Ja).



As an Enemy

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Michael of the Holy Eye
Named Monster
Michael of the Holy Eye.gif
Michael's Resurrection Cut-in

Move List - Normal Form

  • Attacks similarly to a Monk, using his fist-based basic attacks and Ducking Dash to deal combos - usually in the form of two punches and an uppercut. Michael gains super armor while attacking. Be wary, Michael can Ducking Dash backwards like a similar function to Sway. Additionally, his basic attacks have high hit-stun.
  • Michael's Hammer of Repentance has a large area of effect hitbox. Players hit by this skill take heavy damage and have a high chance of being stunned.
  • Michael's Light of Divinity is an improved version, blocking both magic and physical damage. Destroy the shield to deal damage.
  • Michael's Crashing Cross attack is visually telegraphed. Move upward or downward to avoid the attack.
  • Upon taking heavy damage, Michael will use Righteous Judgment, where he stands still and summons an Angel of Justice behind him. The skill creates a vacuum effect under the player's current location. Players hit by this skill will take heavy damage along with healing Michael's HP.

Move List - Awakened Form

  • Michael will always have the Angel of Justice behind him.
  • Special Attack - Holy Eye: Michael will stand in place, emit light, and cause a cutscene to appear. Players that face him will have their HP percentage swapped with his.


  • Michael always starts by using Will Driver. While doing this animation, he is vulnerable to attack; use this to your advantage.
  • An effective strategy is to bring along party members with skills that grant high hit-stun and immobility to prevent Michael from casting his skills.


No dungeon found where the monster appears in.



  • In foreign versions, his name is "Michaela" which is a feminine variation of the name "Michael," which means "Who is like God?"
  • Michael's name and mission are seemingly inspired by the archangel of the same name, who is mentioned in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.