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Male Priest

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Male Priest
A humble servant of God.
Job NPC Grandis
Specialized Weapon Battle Axe, Cross, Rosary, Scythe, Totem
Alternate Names Priest
Korean: 프리스트
Japanese: プリースト (Purīsuto, lit. Preist)
Chinese: 圣职者
Lord, Oh my Lord,
why have you chosen me for your Revelation?

Like Kazan's syndrome, one of the deadly epidemics of Arad, the 'Curse of Blood', has been attacking humans without notice. This curse was spread in the past by 'Ozma of Chaos' during the days of the Pelo Empire to bring the world to ruin. The condition for acquiring this curse is unknown, but it is said there is a high possibility it attacks the weak-minded. A person who has been cursed by blood becomes an "Imposter."

Imposters are usually in the form of normal human beings, but a strong craving for blood from the inside slowly encroaches his body and by using the blood that comes from attacking other humans as an energy source, they eventually turn into a terrible demon. Vampires and Werewolves known as a myth in the human world, is said to be a variant of the Imposters. The person who is attacked by the Imposter is transformed into an Imposter, and that Imposter will target the nearest person (usually a family member). Apparently, because there is no way to distinguish between an Imposter and an ordinary person. So people lost trust with each other, and innocent people who have been mistaken for Imposters are often executed. A horrible world in which even his own family is suspected of being an Imposter and executed. It was. The world has become full of distrust and chaos.

As the number of Imposters grew, Michael, who is known to have received the first revelation of god, learned that those who have received the revelation are able to distinguish the Imposters apart from normal people. Michael decides to call the people who have been chosen by god, the Priest and called upon all Priests to eliminate all Imposters. Finally, the Ozma's Imposters fought in a massive battle against Michael's Priests in the Dark Side and Priests successfully kicked the Imposters away into another dimension. This massive battle is now known as the Black Crusade.

Ozma has disappeared, but the Imposters did not as the curse of Ozma remained. Michael built the Cathedral of Lemidia Basilica, which is the headquarters of Priest in Bel Myre, and fostered and deployed Priest in each region of Arad and disappeared. After many centuries, there is a sign that the power of Ozma is about to flow into the Arad continent. The Priests, therefore, are trying to defend against it by calling the Priests in each region to Lemidia Basilica.

The Priest is a powerful warrior who has dedicated his life to holy pursuits, namely the eradication of evil. He is driven by a single mission: to prevent the resurrection of the demon Ozma and his devilish minions. To aid him in this pious pursuit, the Priest carries large, terrifying weapons, such as giant wooden crosses or daunting totem poles, with which he bashes open the skulls of all creatures that dare cross him. Blessed by holy power, the Priest also has limited magical ability, used for healing or enhancing himself for battle.


  • Slow but hard hitting class.
  • Possesses an innate healing skill.
  • Melee attacks tend to hit a wide range

Subclass Advancement

The Male Priest has the option of choosing the following subclasses upon creation:


A magic using class that is the toughest out of the Priest subclasses with a plate armor mastery. He mainly uses Crosses (magic/defense) or Rosaries (magic). He has two main builds: Battle, which focuses on his offensive skills and Full Support which focuses on his healing and buffs. While very useful in endgame content, Full Support builds are not recommended for leveling before then.


He mainly uses his fists after removing his weapon with Will Driver.png Will Driver, creating a field that buffs him. He also boasts considerable speed and combo ability for a Priest subclass, partially due to his Light Armor mastery. Totems are the Monk's main weapon.


A subclass that can focus on slow put very powerful physical attacks or magical attacks that have AoE and various supporting effects. He has three masteries: Cloth, Heavy, and Plate, each to suit a different build. His main weapons are Rosaries (magic), Scythe (speed), or Battle Axes (raw physical power).


Unlike other Priest classes, he focuses on Shadow damage and able to use his demonic power in various ways. The Avenger is a mix between speed and durability, making him the jack-of-all-trades Priest subclass. His main weapon is the Scythe.

Class Comparison

For help deciding on your character, the Class Comparison tables have side-by-side class and subclass comparisons.


Male Priest Skills

Active Skills

Male Priest TP Skills

General Skills

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General Neo: Awakening Skills

General Togglable Skills


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Media Content


  • Jeddah Rocksper, a character based on the Male Priest, is featured in the Vagrants in Arad web comic, and the anime adaptation Arad Senki: Slap Up Party.
  • Male Priest is the only base class to receive a complete redesign on his appearance, though there have been a few rare occasions Neople has distributed the original look in Avatar form.

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