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Female Spitfire

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Female Spitfire
Role Dealer.png
Alternate Names Female Spitfire
Korean: 여스핏파이어
Japanese: スピッドファイアー (Supiddofaiā, lit. Spitfire)
Chinese: 弹药专家(女)
Base Job Gunner
Job NPC Lady Kiri
Specialized Weapon Bowgun, Musket
Class Information Skill Type: Physical*(Can convert her skills into magical damage via Booster Bullet.png Booster Bullet).
Damage Type: Fixed
Subclass Difficulty: Difficulty Star.PNG Difficulty Star.PNG
Inflict Element? Water Damage Boost.png Water Element
Fire Damage Boost.png Fire Element
Light Damage Boost.png Light Element
Inflict Status Effect? Frozen (Status).png Freeze (Status)
Burn (Status).png Burn (Status)
Electrocution (Status).png Shock (Status)
Alternate Names Valkyrie
Korean: 발키리
Japanese: バルキリー (Barukirī, lit. Valkyrie)
Chinese: 战争女神 (lit. War Goddess)
Second Awakening
Alternate Names Freyja
Korean: 프레이야
Chinese: 芙蕾雅
Freyja Ani.gif
Neo: Awakening
Neo: Spitfire
Alternate Names 진(眞) 여스핏파이어

I have a capricious mood that shifts whenever I endow my bullets with a different elemental power…which means you never know how you are going to die.

Traditionally in Empyrean culture, women have been predominant in the fields of strategic combat that employ bullets, traps, and other secondary weapons. Their curiosity and sensibility have helped them shine in such areas. It hasn't been long since the name, Spitfire, appeared in history, but many of the popular ones are women. Jesobel Kitzka was in a class of her own when it came to the use of bullets and traps. Sixty years ago, General Helen Capri established the sniper division and introduced new creative strategies, contributing to the government's victory over the armed organization, Kartels, in the Three Year War. And these two were both Spitfires. As natural strategists, female Spitfires are often recognized for their excellent leadership and appointed important positions in the Army, which is not uncommon in Empyrean where female soldiers have just as much power as their male counterparts.

  • At level 50, the Spitfire awakens as the Valkyrie then at level 75, the Valkyrie awakens as a Freyja and at level 100, the Freyja will awaken as a Neo: Spitfire.
  • Her subclass cosmetic effect is a gun magazine behind her waist.
  • Her 2nd Awakening cosmetic effect is an upgraded gun magazine with jet packs behind her waist.
  • Her Neo: Awakening cosmetic effect is the Blade turning her back with the Nitro Motor 02X.png Nitro Motor-02X emerging on her back.

Becoming a Spitfire

The Gunner must first reach level 15.

  1. Talk to Blacksmith Linus in Elvenguard.
  2. Clear Full Moon Thunderland.

Awakening as a Valkyrie

"If you can see the bigger picture, you might be able to survive the war. But if you can survive the war, you will see the bigger picture."

- General Helen Caffrey

"Listen, Curio, it's a shame that even physics experts tend to overlook the power of electromagnetic waves, but it's probably because they are too familiar with it. Due to technological comprehension limitations, there really is no way to explain the destructive potential to everyone. If the wrong person ever finds out how to use this power, the outcome of war will be determined by their fingertips."

- Machinist Zen to Curio

"Although our experiments in condensing enormous amounts of electron energy were successful, we are hesitant about applying this technology to battle. Is it right to wield this power? To play the role of Valkyrie, and choose whose life ends first?"

- Jezebel Kitzka

The Spitfire must first reach level 50.

Awakening as a Freyja

What a fresh smell of the battlefield! I must be in Paradise.

The long war brings drought to peoples’ minds.

Wounded bodies, lost siblings, decimated towns, and buried friends. There's no reason not to feel hurt.
But as you were there, always proving yourself at the Vanguard with victory
The Empyrean People would continue to have hope in their hearts.

You have raged like a tsunami, sometimes like an inferno.
The enemy has knelt before you and your allies have enjoyed the glories of going after you,
and so in the name of the royal princess, I bestow you the name of Goddess of War.

Go without hesitation.
None shall stand in your way.

With all of Empyrean’s blessing, Go without hesitation.

The Valkyrie must first reach level 75.

  1. Talk to Siran in the City of Shonan.
  2. Collect 60 Seal of Empress Skardi.png Seal of Empress Skardi.
  3. Clear EX: Gold Dragon Tournament.
  4. Collect 150 Seal of Emperor Helm.png Seal of Emperor Helm.
  5. Clear EX: Silver Dragon Tournament.
  6. Clear Tainted Time Gate.

Awakening as a Neo: Spitfire

The two Kitzka women strode forth.
They passed through the large gardens and regal mansion to come to a stop in front of a studio that looked at adds with the mansion.
As one of them opened the studio door and entered, the other soon followed.

Marlene, at your service.”

The woman who named herself as Marlene bowed her head politely.

“You’re here.”

The woman who followed Marlene into the studio looked towards where the voice came from.
Her eyes fell upon she who had stood strong and steadfast when many other nobles had turned their backs on the palace; the leader of the Kitzkas: Jesobel Kitzka.

“What about… her?”

Although she had weathered the ages, and stood straight as if to show her unwavering righteousness, she could not mask her hoarse voice. It was both a result of her whittling age and recent, unforgiving schedule.

“I have brought her.”

Jesobel’s gaze fell upon the woman standing behind Marlene.
Her face, lined with age, brightened and exuded an air of warmth that was rarely seen.
While Marlene was barely managing to hide her surprise at such an unfamiliar sight, Jesobel approached the woman.

“Hero, we meet at last.”

The women, led by Jesobel's hands, was steered carefully into the inside of studio.

“Before the infighting started, a secret order had been given to our family.”

As soon as Jesobel’s words left her mouth, a crate so large that it had to be carried by several Kitzkas on each side was carried inside.
Upon being set on the floor, the crate opened itself to reveal a familiar yet new object.

“It was a special decree to enable the most just of them all to freely traverse the battlefield.”

The woman approached the crate as Jesobel spoke.
It was similar to her equipment, but even at a glance was incomparably perfect.
As if to affirm this notion, the sigil of the Seven Shards, masters of the most advanced technology in all of Empyrean, was etched into it.

“As Empyrean is one with the sky, what more could we ask for as protection than a hero that could fly freely through the skies?"

No matter how advanced the technology was, it would be useless without knowledge of the skies.
To traverse the skies, one must be able to prepare for the myriad variables that stem from the weather, wind, and even the slightest changes in movement.
This cannot be achieved by theory only. It can only be attained by piling up an endless mountain of experience.
It was only through the Kiztka family, which had protected the palace through the ages and waded through countless battlefields, that this could be enabled; it was thanks to the hero standing before them that they could entrust their findings.

“This will not be easy to handle. However, if one could manage to do so properly…”

Jesobel’s eyes emanated a fountain of bottomless confidence.

“It shall become a sure solution to any battle, in any situation.”

The Freyja must first reach level 100.

  • Complete the True Awakening 1 Quest line and obtain Ability Intensification.

Obtaining Ability Intensification

Upon completing Awakening Quest Icon.png Scroll of Enlightenment the following skills have decreased SP cost:

With Scroll of Enlightenment.png Scroll of Enlightenment learns the skill Clues to Awakening.png Clues to Awakening and can reinforce either EMP Storm.png EMP Storm or D-Day.png D-Day.

Learns new skills:

  • Complete the True Awakening 2 Quest line.

Sex Differences

In General

  • Can perform all Spitfire attacks while in the air.
    • Number of attacks able to be performed is reliant on charges of Nitro Motor.png Nitro Motor.
  • Fixed damage instead of Percent damage
  • Aerial Fire.png Aerial Fire has infinite duration for Female Spitfires
  • Lacks Magazine Drum.png Magazine Drum, leading to inferior ground basic attack string

Unique Skill

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Media Content


Subclass Inspiration

  • Like her male counterpart, the Female Spitfire's theme also shares a similar motif with being a Solider specializing in various nuclear weapons and tactics, although she is more focused on being an Airborne Unit.


  • Both of her titles refer to Norse Mythology:
    • Valkyrie are a group of maidens who served the god Odin and were sent by him to the battlefields to choose the slain who were worthy of a place in Valhalla.
    • Freyja is a preeminent Goddess that's associated with War.





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