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Elvenguard Screen.png
Location Arad
Level Requirement 1
NPCs Seria Kirmin, Linus, Toby, Danjin, Beatrice
Areas Grand Flores
Hendon Myre, Storm Pass, Valley of the Fallen Souls, Guild Hideout

Elvenguard is the area where players are sent to after completing their tutorial missions. It is a relatively small area with only a few residents. The dungeon associated with this area is Grand Flores which is recommended for newer players around level 1 to 16.

Players can access Hendon Myre at level 16 via the south entrance along with Storm Pass at Level 40 and the Valley of the Fallen Souls at level 60 via the northern entrance. Additionally, Players gain access to the Guild Hideout entrance, which is to the right of Linus, if they join a guild.


Elvenguard Map.png


Portrait Name Occupation Location
Seria Kirmin None Seria's Gate
Linus Blacksmith Western Area
Toby Merchant Western Area
Danjin Pot Merchant Northern Area
Beatrice Beatrice De Los Empire Envoy Western Area