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Category:Valley of Fallen Souls Dungeons

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Valley of Fallen Souls
Valley of Fallen Souls.png
Location Elvenguard
Min. Level 40
Level 40-95
Monster Level 40-95
End Boss Varies depending on Dungeon
Loading Screen of Tower of the Dead
Loading Screen of Tower of Despair

The Valley of Fallen Souls contains unique dungeons that do not consume any Fatigue Points, but are limited to 1 entry per character per day.
Two dungeons deviate from this rule - Spirit Heaven, which can be entered indefinitely but rewards are given once a day; and Tower of Dazzlement, which is limited to 5 characters per week. The characters chosen are "bound" to the dungeon for the remainder of the week, and can be changed only after the weekly reset time (09:00 UTC on Tuesday).



Dungeon Name Level
TowerOfAnguishIcon.png Tower of Anguish 90-95
TowerOfDazzlementIcon.png Tower of Dazzlement 95
Spirit Heaven.png Spirit Heaven 95
Pit of Incarceration.png Pit of Incarceration 95-96
- Grave Tower 100

Scenario only

Dungeon Name Level
Genesis Engine.png Genesis Engine 100

Event only

Dungeon Name Level
TauKingdomIcon.png Tau Kingdom 40-70


Dungeon Name Level
Tower of Illusion.png Tower of Illusion 40
Tower of the Dead.png Tower of the Dead 50
Tower of Despair.png Tower of Despair 70
Abysmal Arena Icon.png Abysmal Arena 60-70
Altar of Infinity.png Altar of Infinity 60-95
Altar of Ascension.png Altar of Ascension 65-95