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Tower of Anguish

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Tower of Anguish
Location Valley of Fallen Souls
Min. Level 90
Level 90
Monster Level 110
End Boss None

When the prophesied time came,
the warriors who carried the name of Despair left their tower
for Pandemonium to test their destiny.

The news didn't spread quickly.
New challengers continued to flock to the tower,
wanting a match with these warriors from ancient times and other worlds.
But they only found themselves an empty tower.

Disappointed, they were about to leave
when the caretaker of the tower called to them.

The old caretaker named Simona propositioned them
to stay and claim the empty tower for themselves.
She said they could train inside the tower
where time flowed more slowly than it did outside,
until they transcended all their limits.

Those who wanted new and different challenges left.
The others, who wanted to become stronger, remained.
They renamed their new home the 'Tower of Anguish'
and prepared it for a new millennium.

"We thanked the owners of the Tower of Despair
for giving us this chance to train our strength across time and space."

- New Owners of the Tower


Much like the Tower of Despair, this tower involves you facing and defeating 100 formidable opponents with unique gimmicks until you reach the peak of the tower. However unlike the Tower of Despair, The Tower of Anguish deviates from the Tower of Despair in that the APCs are much stronger and more gimmicky than that of former tower. The APCs have more health but less damage, can absorb more hits and are able to use 1st and even 2nd awakening skills. You can only enter and complete one floor a day and no items may be used much like the Tower of Despair. Life Tokens can still be used upon death but you are limited to 1 Token, after which you have there is no third chance. Completion of the Tower will reward you with items that can be used to buy special Pots that give Epic-Tier Equipment and Weapons. These Pots give you more freedom, allowing you to choose the weapon of your choice between the level range of 80-90. The pot is untradable and costs a total of 10,000,000 gold to open.


  • Restricted to one entry a day.
    • Entry limit may be subject to change based on the level of your Arad Explorer Club.
  • Can only use 1 Life Token.
  • Can not use any consumable items.
  • Cube skills begin on cooldown.


Floor 1~10
Floor Monster Information Notes
Lv Name
1F 110 Bluish Silver A Dark Lord; all of his attacks have a much lower than normal cooldown allowing him to use his two main abilities Tombstone Triangle and Dark Flame Sword (Soul Bender) frequently. Beware of Keiga's invulnerability frames as Silver likes to attack once he is on the same X-axis as the player. His Awakening isn't as deadly without his ghosts, but it has virtually no cooldown.
Ghost 7- Furious Blache.png Ghost 7: Furious Blache - Tombstone Triangle.png Tombstone Triangle - Dark Flame Sword (Soul Bender).png Dark Flame Sword (Soul Bender) - Ghost Slash.png Ghost Slash - Kalla of Dark Flame.png Kalla of Dark Flame - Drive Slash.png Drive Slash - Afterimage of Keiga.png Afterimage of Keiga - Lunar Curtain.png Lunar Curtain
2F 110 Slasher King A Blade Dancer; all of her attacks have a much lower than normal cooldown allowing her to frequently use her two main abilities: Explosive Palm and Oppressive Pressure. Beware of being in the same X-axis as Slasher King as she may pull you in with Spiritual Suction. She may also approach with Blasting Palm followed by Verdant Blast. Be sure to Quick Rebound after the final hit of Blasting Palm to avoid most of the damage from her Awakening.
Verdant Blast.png Verdant Blast - Explosive Palm.png Explosive Palm - Oppressive Pressure.png Oppressive Pressure - Spiritual Suction.png Spiritual Suction - Cutting Palms.png Cutting Palms - Blasting Palm.png Blasting Palm - Lotus Dance.png Lotus Dance
3F 110 Dum Dum Bam A Raven; His main combo is using Windmill + Mach Kick to stun/knock you away and occasionally using Fast Draw against you. While he is firing the barrage approaching near his front will cause a mini pushback. If you can bait out his barrage which he will usually follow up after mach kick you can stand behind him and punish him. If you combo him too long he will get back up and begin combo-ing in super armor. His Secret Land Runner has a low cooldown allowing for multiple Land Runners to spawn if you multi-hit him enough, though they have very low health. At a certain interval, he will also cast Mech Drop on the field.
Fast Draw.png Fast Draw - Mech Drop.png Mech Drop - Windmill.png Windmill - Mach Kick.png Mach Kick - Punisher.png Punisher - Steep Slide.png Steep Slide - Secret Land Runner.png Secret Land Runner
4F 110 Witch Lulu A Geniewiz; Her gimmick is all her spells will fail. As with other members of the tower her low CD allows her to spam her machine skills often. Since machine skills grant super armor it is possible for her to slowly whittle your health down however.
Florae Electric Rabbit.png Florae Electric Rabbit - Mega Drill.png Mega Drill - Gravitas.png Gravitas - Florae Collider.png Florae Collider - Lava Potion No. 9.png Lava Potion No. 9 - Acid Rain.png Acid Rain - Lollipop.png Lollipop - Jackyl.png Jackyl
5F 110 Hellhole A Justice; He makes constant use of Ducking Dash while weaving in his punch skills when close enough. Due to low CDs he will use Big Bang Punch often as well. His Ducking Dash can make it hard to hit due to missing or super armor, so hit-and-run tactics or attacking right after Ducking Dash from a distance may prove useful.
Big Bang Punch.png Big Bang Punch - Nuclear Punch.png Nuclear Punch - Atomic Chopper.png Atomic Chopper - Demolition Punch.png Demolition Punch - Sidewind.png Sidewind - Ducking Dash.png Ducking Dash - Sway.png Sway - Will Driver.png Will Driver
6F 110 Lulu A Gaia; She will use Elvish Jump constantly to attempt to close in on your position. Beware as she has a low CD Nature's Fury allowing her to immobilize you giving her time to pile on damage. It is possible to intercept her Elvish Jump and counter attack. Another method is to get behind her during Nature's Fury or Lunge Evolution.
Nature's Fury.png Nature's Fury - Pulverize.png Pulverize - Lunge Evolution.png Lunge Evolution - Elvish Jump.png Elvish Jump - Rose Armor.png Rose Armor - Blessing of Mother Nature.png Blessing of Mother Nature
7F 110 Tornado An Ultimate Diva; She can be an issue if you are close range, unless you have an escape, with her lower CDs she can easily grab lock you with her available move set. If you do fight close then look for openings such as after Wild Cannon Spike to engage.
Torbellino.png Torbellino - Wild Cannon Spike (Female).png Wild Cannon Spike - Elbow Shock.png Elbow Shock - Shoulder Tackle.png Shoulder Tackle - Overwhelming Grab.png Unstoppable Grab
8F 110 Snowflake Girl A Freyja; Her G-61 Gravity Grenade can be an issue because not only will it suck you in but will hit lock you for a while giving her time to attack. Combine that with M18 Claymore and Napalm, and she can hold a good portion of the room hostage. Once she starts to get low on HP, she will begin using her EMP Storm frequently taking up even more space.
EMP Storm.png EMP Storm - Pistol Carbine.png Pistol Carbine - G-61 Gravity Grenade.png G-61 Gravity Grenade - Napalm.png Napalm - M18 Claymore.png M18 Claymore - Flying C4.png C4 - G-35L Flash Bang.png G-35L Flash Bang - G-14 Buster.png G-14 Buster - Overcharge.png Overcharge - Aerial Fire.png Aerial Fire - Nitro Motor.png Nitro Motor
9F 110 Woon A Durandal; He will attempt to close in using Chain Wave Lance and Mist Flare then attempt to combo if he can catch you. All of his attacks are X-axis based so you can abuse his Y-axis if needed.
Mist Flare.png Mist Flare - Quadruple Drive.png Quadruple Drive - Chain Wave Lance.png Chain Wave Lance - Double Punto.png Double Punto - Quick Punto.png Quick Punto
10F 110 Ant A Dark Lord; His gimmick that he is tiny and will summon Ant Colony at his location periodically throughout the fight. All of his ability have no CD allowing him to spam anything he wants. The Ant Colonies don't hit hard, but may interrupt combos. After he falls below 90 bars of HP he becomes gigantic, gains additional defense, casts Afterimage of Keiga and Kalla of Dark Flame, and gains Ghost Slash: Overdrive and Ghost Slash. He behaves similarly, but spams different skills. It is much easier to be caught up to now and you have to contend with Afterimage of Keiga's invulnerability frames.
Tiny Phase: Phantom Sword Slash.png Phantom Sword Slash - Force Wave- Neutral.png Force Wave: Neutral - Upward Slash.png Upward Slash

Big Phase: Ghost Slash- Overdrive.png Ghost Slash: Overdrive - Ghost Slash.png Ghost Slash - Afterimage of Keiga.png Afterimage of Keiga - Kalla of Dark Flame.png Kalla of Dark Flame

Shared: Ice Saya.png Ice Saya - Hazy-Eyed Bremen.png Hazy-Eyed Bremen - Mountainous Wheel.png Mountainous Wheel

Floor 11~20
Floor Monster Information Notes
Lv Name
11F 110 Ice Next Door An Eternal; He has no cooldowns on his skills, allowing him to spam his two main skills Ice Field and Ice Crash. When in danger, he will use Teleport. Most of his skills will give him super armor and due to their ability to grab or multi-hit can cause issue getting a good hit on him. Attacking him from the Y-Axis, from range or with grabs of your own are effective strategies.
Ice Craft.png Ice Craft - Ice Field.png Ice Field - Ice Crash.png Ice Crash - Pinpoint Rush.png Pinpoint Rush - Teleport.png Teleport - Path of Frost.png Path of Frost - Resonance (Glacial Master).png Resonance (Glacial Master)
12F 110 Orotoros A Thanatos; Her Nicholas Rapport has an effect similar to Iris's Form - Wand; however, Nicholas will summon 5 clones. All of the skills Orotoros possesses requires Nick to work so killing all the clones will have the boss attempt to flee without retaliation. Even while Nick is out she will run away from you while using the skills she has access to while Nick chases you down. Any AOE is useful to mass kill the Nicks giving you time to attack the boss without issue.
Nicholas Rapport.png Nicholas Rapport - Living Dead.png Living Dead - Black Web.png Black Web - Zombie Rapport.png Zombie Rapport
13F 110 Anne A Majesty; Beware of Arcane Sword Blast and Illusion Sword as both will persist for a bit, taking up room in the area. While under 90 bars of health, she will begin using Unleash in place of Arcane Sword Blast.
Unleash.png Unleash - Arcane Sword Blast.png Arcane Sword Blast - Illusion Sword.png Illusion Sword - Flash.png Flash - Imperial Swordsmanship.png Imperial Swordsmanship - Sliding Slash.png Sliding Slash
14F 110 Haureth An Immortal; He will use Spinning Deformation to attempt to reach you then combo with his other abilities. Attacking him from behind as he leaves Spinning Deformation is a good chance to combo him. Due to Metamorphosis he can string together long chains if he can catch you.
Spinning Deformation.png Spinning Deformation - Shadow Render.png Shadow Render - Spin Cutter.png Spin Cutter - Metamorphosis.png Metamorphosis - Painful Rapture.png Painful Rapture
15F 110 Kyukakyuka An Oblivion; He will spam Teleport to get to a safe distance. Combine that with the screen wide blind of Dark Zone, and hitting him can prove difficult. Once safe will use Elemental Cannon and typically will fire in bursts of three (3). Will start using Chain Lightning below 50 bars of HP and can hit across the screen; due to its ability to lock on to you, you will need to finish him before he kills you due its unavoidable nature. If you have trouble hitting through blind, try and let him gain distance while trying you best to stay off his X-Axis and attack while he is casting Elemental Cannon.
Dark Zone.png Dark Zone - Chain Lightning.png Chain Lightning - Crystal Crash.png Crystal Crash - Elemental Cannon.png Elemental Cannon - Teleport.png Teleport
16F 110 Straightaway Universe Theory A Marshal; He will occasionally use Danger Close occasionally and does not spam it. Will typically use auto attack and use G-14 Buster. Will use BBQ and Jack Spike if you get close.
Danger Close.png Danger Close - Elemental Bullet.png Elemental Bullet - Overcharge.png Overcharge - G-14 Buster.png G-14 Buster - BBQ.png BBQ - Jack Spike.png Jack Spike - M-137 Gatling Gun.png M-137 Gatling Gun
17F 110 Eungam Rider A Kaiser; She has Super Armor, which makes it hard to stop her from attacking. Her main gimmick is that on a timer bikers will ride across the screen; if you or the boss impact them, a Biker Gang or Chain Biker Gang will be summoned. She can use them to chain Lightning Dance off of and can spam it as there is no CD. Killing any spawns as soon as possible allows you to kite her as both attack require melee range.
Lightning Dance (Female).png Lightning Dance - One Inch Punch.png One Inch Punch - Power Fist.png Power Fist - Super Armor.png Super Armor - Muscle Shift.png Muscle Shift - Stampede.png Stampede
18F 110 Gold Kiwi A Blade Dancer; A number of her attacks can hit from a long distance or give super armor, potentially making it hard for melee to engage. Note that her attack Cutting Palms has a large y-axis hit-box when trying to avoid it. Like with most floors, her low CDs make it easy for her to combo you to death.
Cutting Palms.png Cutting Palms - Fluttering Blades.png Fluttering Blades - Blasting Palm.png Blasting Palm - Explosive Sword.png Explosive Sword - Soaring.png Soaring - Sword Wheel.png Sword Wheel
19F 110 She's Bruised A Kaiser; She will run around trying to attack you. Her Crushing Fist can travel diagonally. She is overall not too threatening as she will pause occasionally allowing you to get a few hits in.
Mountain Pusher.png Mountain Pusher - One Inch Punch.png One Inch Punch - Crushing Fist.png Crushing Fist - Power Fist.png Power Fist - Super Armor.png Super Armor - Muscle Shift.png Muscle Shift - Stampede.png Stampede
20F 110 Mayham A Dark Lord; The main skills to worry about are Descent of Sieg and Blade Phantom, as both can hit lock you and last a decent amount of time. Along with Blade Phantom, Plague Rhasa, Ice Saya and Hazy-Eyed Bremen all can take up room in the area. If you have to run through any of them Bremen is the least threatening, Phantom is the most. He will not cast Blade Phantom if one is down. Once he is below 90 bars of HP, he will cast Descent of Sieg and will begin using it often, which adds another area that will take up space. As with all the other Soul Benders so far, beware of Afterimage of Keiga frames of invincibility. He does not attack much so getting him in a good spot with no ghosts will allow you an opportunity to strike.
Descent of Sieg.png Descent of Sieg - Blade Phantom Possession- Technique.png Blade Phantom Possession: Technique - Blade Phantom.png Blade Phantom - Tombstone.png Tombstone - Plague Rhasa.png Plague Rhasa - Kalla of Dark Flame.png Kalla of Dark Flame - Ice Saya.png Ice Saya - Hazy-Eyed Bremen.png Hazy-Eyed Bremen - Ghost Slash.png Ghost Slash - Afterimage of Keiga.png Afterimage of Keiga
Floor 21~30
Floor Monster Information Notes
Lv Name
21F 110 Inazuma Kick! A Tyrant; He has a lot of X-axis mobility with his skills so escape on that axis would be tough since he lacks y-axis ability it best to stay on it to help avoid him. Like the other striker floors so far his Super Armor makes it tough to attack without retaliation so tactics that worked on those floor help here as well
Suju Inferno.png Suju Inferno - Power Descent.png Power Descent - Atomic Cannon.png Atomic Cannon - Dragon Kick.png Dragon Kick - Power Fist.png Power Fist - Muscle Shift.png Muscle Shift - Super Armor.png Super Armor
22F 110 Hiya A Prime; His Hell March has about a 20 second cooldown and will take up almost the entire screen when used. Other than that he runs around with Camouflage casting RX-78 Land Runner. He has no other offensive abilities and does not attack back.
Hell March.png Hell March - RX-78 Land Runner.png RX-78 Land Runner - Camouflage.png Camouflage - HS-1 Friends.png HS-1 Friends
23F 110 Yosimanggu An Omniblade; His two big moves are Omnislay: Mind's Sword and Ultimate Blade Dance - Lightning both have invincibility frames to them allowing him to counter any attack you were intending. Using quick rebound can be difficult as he may spam Omnislay: Mind's Sword during it and due to its multi hits it may hit you shortly after it ends. Attacking from the Y-Axis prevents these two moves but his Draw Sword moves can hit on the Y-Axis. It is still a good option as well as getting read to attack after Ultimate Blade Dance ends.
Ultimate Blade Dance - Lightning.png Ultimate Blade Dance - Lightning - Omnislay- Mind's Sword.png Omnislay: Mind's Sword - Lightning Draw Sword.png Lightning Draw Sword - Draw Sword (Weapon Master).png Draw Sword - Raging Dragon Slash.png Raging Dragon Slash
24F 110 Leader A Justice; Similar to floor 15 will spam Sway and Ducking Dash constantly while near you. Once in melee range he will spam Ducking Body Blow and will then follow up with other skills after. Can be troublesome due to his spam of his two evade moves giving him invincibility frames and other skills giving super armor. If you get far enough away he will run right towards you allowing you to abuse X-Axis skills to engage him.
Nuclear Punch.png Nuclear Punch - Atomic Chopper.png Atomic Chopper - Ducking Body Blow.png Ducking Body Blow - Sway.png Sway - Ducking Dash.png Ducking Dash - Will Driver.png Will Driver
25F 110 Newbie Kim A Geniewiz; She will spam her two flyswatter skills till she gets low on HP and will then begin using Florae Electric Rabbit and Florae Collider as well. Since she has Homunculus she can move and attack during Florae Collider.
Florae Electric Rabbit.png Florae Electric Rabbit - Giant Flyswatter.png Giant Flyswatter - Florae Collider.png Florae Collider - Devolution Flyswatter.png Devolution Flyswatter - Lollipop.png Lollipop - Witch's Assistant.png Homunculus - Lucky Feeling.png Lucky Feeling
26F 110 OnlySolo A Nemesis; She has a good bit of control over the field with her skills. Black Mirror can lock you in until you destroy it allowing for no where to run. Judgment and Black Mirror can be placed allowing her to snipe you if you are constantly moving then come in to follow up.
Judgment.png Judgment - Deus-Ex Ray.png Deus-Ex Ray - Starfall.png Starfall - Immolation.png Immolation - Black Mirror.png Black Mirror - Destroyer.png Destroyer
27F 110 Upgrade Needed A Nen Empress; Lion's Roar can stun for a bit and she will try and run up and use it frequently typically allowing her to attack you as you break out. She will also try and engage with Seismic Crash. Take not that Dragon Fury has a large Y-axis hit box.
Dragon Fury.png Dragon Fury - Lion's Roar.png Lion's Roar - Energy Shield (Female).png Energy Shield - Suplex Thunder.png Suplex Thunder - Seismic Crash.png Seismic Crash - Stimulating Breath.png Stimulating Breath - Tiger Flash (Male).png Tiger Flash - Sun's Breath.png Solar Shield - Spiral Nen.png Spiral Nen - Floating Nen Flowers.png Floating Nen Flowers
28F 110 Pegasus Assault A Gaia; She has a lot of moment inhibiting effects allowing her to lock you down if you don't have an escape or a way to momentarily stop her. Her aggressive nature and long range snares and stuns makes her hard to approach so hit and run can often be your best bet.
Nature's Fury.png Nature's Fury - Faithful Breakthrough.png Faithful Breakthrough - Natural Restraint.png Natural Restraint - Ancient Deer.png Ancient Deer - War Cry.png War Cry - Blessing of Mother Nature.png Blessing of Mother Nature
29F 110 Mibow A Black Widow; Most of her attacks stun and aside from Block Bomb can be spammed.Block Bomb is her most troubling ability due to the final explosion have a deceptively large hit radius and a lengthy stun.
Block Bomb.png Block Bomb - Mount (Female).png Mount - Ground Kick.png Ground Kick - Brick Buster.png Brick Buster - Sand Splash.png Sand Splash - Deadly Blood.png Deadly Blood
30F 110 Minion's Affinity An Eclipse; Advanced version of floor 53 of Tower of Despair. All summons have no coodown and can be summoned immediately upon interrupt or expiration. Her ai will have her run away from the player to leave her summon to block your way. The size of the room number of summon can be quite an issue. Any abilities that can keep her in one place or hold her minions is useful. As well and super amror and invincibility to prevent interrupts when trying to attack her.
Legendary Summon- War Maiden Lamos.png Legendary Summon: War Maiden Lamos - Contract- Conqueror Kasijas.png Contract: Conqueror Kasijas - Spirit Lord- Echeverria.png Spirit Lord: Echeverria - Lesser Spirit- Stalker.png Lesser Spirit: Stalker - Lesser Spirit- Wisp.png Lesser Spirit: Wisp - Summoner's Train.png Summoner's Train - Summoned Creature Aura.png Summoned Creature Aura - Lesser Spirit Upgrade.png Lesser Spirit Upgrade
Floor 31~40
Floor Monster Information Notes
Lv Name
31F 110 60 Cents A Saint; He has two phases, he enters second phase at about 170 bars of hp. Since he has Thunder Hammer: Jupiter up constantly, Giant Weapon Launcher and Phoenix Hammer have different animations than normal. He does not have too much super armor allowing for plenty of opportunities to combo.
Phase 1: Miracle Splitter.png Miracle Splitter - Hammer of Repentance.png Hammer of Repentance - Giant Weapon Launcher.png Giant Weapon Launcher

Phase 2: Doom Spear.png Doom Spear - Righteous Judgment.png Righteous Judgment - Spear of Victory.png Spear of Victory - Phoenix Hammer.png Phoenix Hammer

Shared: Thunder Hammer- Jupiter.png Thunder Hammer: Jupiter - Holy Ghost Mace.png Holy Ghost Mace

32F 110 Ito Momoka An Optimus; Her gimmick is having no cooldown on Backup Land Runner or RX-78 Land Runner, allowing her to summon a large amount of land runners. She does not have any direct attacks, so once you deal with her robots, all you have to contend with is G-3 Raptor.
EZ-10 Time Bomb.png EZ-10 Time Bomb - Air Bomb Mech- Gale Force.png Air Bomb Mech: Gale Force - G-3 Raptor.png G-3 Raptor - RX-78 Land Runner.png RX-78 Land Runner - G-Operator.png G-Operator - Backup Land Runner.png Backup Land Runner
33F 110 Why You Rogue An Alcyone; Will have Silver Stream the entire fight. Once she is below 40 bars of HP gains Nova Remnant and Distribution. Since her awakening can hit the entire screen you have to kill her before she kills you at this point. Her AI is a bit odd, after using a number of skill she will retreat and wait a bit before returning to pursue you. If you pursue her she will attack back if you get too close.
Nova Remnant.png Nova Remnant - Distribution.png Distribution - Silver Stream.png Silver Stream - Excel Strike.png Excel Strike - Sonic Assault.png Sonic Assault - Shining Cut.png Shining Cut
34F 110 Jasupul Gumma A Deicide; Her Usurper Phnom has invincibility frames while in use so all you can do is run from this. Gloom Strike: Giga Slash has a pretty wide Y-Axis to it. She is one of the few tower APCs that will use basic attacks, these will cause bleeding if struck. After she gets below 80 bars of HP she will start using Inhumane Doctrine: Extremity which will count as a grab or deal large damage if you are somehow ungrabable.
Inhumane Doctrine- Extremity.png Inhumane Doctrine: Extremity - Gloom Strike- Giga Slash.png Gloom Strike: Giga Slash - Usurper Phnom.png Usurper Phnom - Blade Retraction.png Blade Retraction - Heaven Cleaver.png Heaven Cleaver
35F 110 Healthy Pri An Immortal; His main ability is Pandemonium and basic attacks. If you are near he will typically cast Dark Howling. He gains Dark Authority once below 90 bars of HP. Pandemonium gives him quite a few openings to attack.
Dark Howling.png Dark Howling - Pandemonium.png Pandemonium - Dark Authority.png Dark Authority - Reaper.png Reaper - Metamorphosis.png Metamorphosis - Painful Rapture.png Painful Rapture
36F 110 Yes An Overmind; She has a low amount of hp compared to many of the towers foes. Her gimmick is Lantern Firebomb, Frost Head, Florae Circle and The Pluto are giant (similar to floor 97 of Tower of Despair). This can be a hassle due to the homing on Frost Head and the amount of time Florae Circle will persist on the field. Her AI is also set to move away from you. Once she is below 80 bars of HP she will start using Lightning Strike and Arctic Burst. Because of Elemental Potential she can move while casting Arctic Burst and Lightning Strike will suck you to its location possibly into other attacks.
Lightning Strike.png Lightning Strike - Arctic Burst.png Arctic Burst - Frost Head.png Frost Head - Lantern Firebomb.png Lantern Firebomb - Florae Circle.png Florae Circle - Transcendence Rune.png Transcendence Rune - Elemental Potential.png Elemental Potential - Elemental Focus.png Elemental Focus - Memorize.png Memorize - Mobile Cast.png Mobile Cast
37F 110 Lyuiarin A Noblesse; She selects a random element of Elemental Shift at the start of the battle and proceeds to attack the player with Imperial Swordsmanship or Ascent to combo into stronger follow up skills. At around half HP, she uses Dragon Mortar. With the exception of a few skills, many of her attacks lack super armor and can be easily interrupted, so constantly hitstunning/juggling her is an effective strategy. Despite her low attack speed, the hitstun from her attacks allow her to easily combo into other skills, so avoid being hit or combo'd accordingly.
Elemental Shift (Sword Master).png Elemental Shift (Sword Master) - Sliding Slash.png Sliding Slash - Imperial Swordsmanship.png Imperial Swordsmanship - Ascent.png Ascent - Illusion Sword.png Illusion Sword - Crescent.png Crescent - Flash.png Flash - Arcane Sword Blast.png Arcane Sword Blast - Swift Demon Slash.png Swift Demon Slash - Dragon Mortar.png Dragon Mortar
38F 110 Taerak A Kaiser; She appears in a room with a Hell Pillar located in the center. Have you or her attack the Hell Pillar until it reaches 0 HP to emit an Epic Shine to stun her for 5 seconds. The Hell Pillar then recharges to full HP after 20 seconds. Her Beat Drive kicks can deal heavy damage if combo'd properly, so an effective strategy would be to attack from the Y-axis or from range. Despite being in permanent super armor, her skills lack fast X-axis travel speed making it easy to avoid her attacks. Occasionally, she will briefly stand in a taunting pose and shout "Bring my Epic beam!", where she will cast Kihop Low Kick; immediately run away from her to avoid getting sucked into the attack.
Muscle Shift.png Muscle Shift - Power Fist.png Power Fist - Super Armor.png Super Armor - Beat Drive.png Beat Drive - Kihop Low Kick.png Kihop Low Kick - Tiger Strike.png Tiger Strike
39F 110 Shoe Finder Rensy A Marshal; He installs M18 Claymores and attempts to push the Player into them via Napalm or Cross Fire while slowing them with C4. Despite casting Burst Bomb, he does not attack with basic attacks. Additionally, he has low cooldowns, but his damage is rather low, and he can only install one M18 Claymore at a time; use this to your advantage.
Overcharge.png Overcharge - Burst Bomb.png Burst Bomb - M18 Claymore.png M18 Claymore - Napalm.png Napalm - Cross Fire.png Cross Fire - Flying C4.png C4
40F 110 Bloodier An Aiolos; He uses a constant barrage of basic attacks and Sonic Moves to hitstun the Player with occasional castings of Relentless Biting Wind or Spiral Press. While approaching with basic attacks, he lacks super armor leaving him vulnerable to attacks; use this opportunity to hitstun him.
Sonic Move.png Sonic Move - Twister.png Twister - Relentless Biting Wind.png Relentless Biting Wind - Spiral Press.png Spiral Press
Floor 91~100
Floor Monster Information Notes
Lv Name
99F 110 Chongbup0 An Ascendant; He summons an invincible/hold-immune Divergence: Forbidden Nyarly that constantly follows and attacks the player with ranged projectile attacks or charges forward with Divergence: Harlequin. He has low cooldowns and he too follows the player casting a flurry of skills ending with Divergence: Parasite Swarm or Dimension: Positron Blast. At low HP, he casts Divergence: Lullaby from Beyond. Bait out Divergence: Harlequin to separate him from Nyarly to avoid being hit by both enemy's attacks. Additionally, avoid being pinned near a wall to lower the chance of being hitstunned to death. His HP and defenses are slightly lower compared to other members of the Tower, use this to your advantage.
Borderline Paranoia.png Borderline Paranoia - Divergence- Forbidden Nyarly.png Divergence: Forbidden Nyarly - Dimension- Dimensional Laser.png Dimension: Dimensional Laser - Divergence- Harlequin.png Divergence: Harlequin - Dimension- Spacetime Explosion.png Dimension: Spacetime Explosion - Divergence- Parasite Swarm.png Divergence: Parasite Swarm - Dimension- Dimension Corridor.png Dimension: Dimension Corridor - Dimension- Positron Blast.png Dimension: Positron Blast - Divergence- Lullaby from Beyond.png Divergence: Lullaby from Beyond
100F 110 Piff Poof Poof A Demon God; She summons an arsenal of demons at her disposal and then follows the Player, occasionally casting Demon Wall, Sacrificial Bomb, or Genocide Crush (at low HP). If the Player gets caught too close, they could be trapped in hitstun, stunned by Quick Summon: Big Daddy or stone cursed by Quick Summon: Vampire Children. It is recommended to stay out of her demon's X-axis range while dealing attacks in the Y-axis or utilize Super Armor if going up close. Upon being defeated, she will resurrect with 18 bars of HP and gain brief invincibility due to Guardian: Evil God Aten.
Quick Summon- Big Daddy.png Quick Summon: Big Daddy - Quick Summon- Queen of Hearts.png Quick Summon: Queen of Hearts - Quick Summon- Crazy Spin.png Quick Summon: Crazy Spin - Brainstorm.png Brainstorm - Quick Summon- Rage Hat.png Quick Summon: Rage Hat - Quick Summon- Gelatin Mask.png Quick Summon: Gelatin Mask - Quick Summon- Vampire Children.png Quick Summon: Vampire Children -Quick Summon- Hysteric Warrior.png Quick Summon: Hysteric Warrior - Quick Summon- Twinkle Artist.png Quick Summon: Twinkle Artist - Quick Summon- Voras.png Quick Summon: Voras - Demon Wall.png Demon Wall - Sacrificial Bomb.png Sacrificial Bomb - Genocide Crush.png Genocide Crush - Guardian- Evil God Aten.png Guardian: Evil God Aten