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A swift Dark Elf agent.
Job NPC Minet
Specialized Weapon Daggers, Dual Blades, Wand, (Kunoichi Subclass Required Chakra Weapon)
Alternate Names Thief
Korean: 도적
Japanese: シーフ (Shīfu, lit. Thief)
Chinese: 暗夜使者
Don't judge me as a typical thief
because I steal something different... Like your life for instance.

There is no exact data on the origin of the Dark Elves. However, according to the Dark Elves, the Elf Ladia fell in love with a man named Narccius whom the goddess of beauty, Venus loved as well.

The Dwarves played Venus into cursing Ladia and her people. Everyone in the town where she had lived were cursed by Venus and had their appearances changed forever. This is known to be the beginning of the Dark Elves.

Narccius left Ladia after seeing her changed appearance and since then, the Dark Elves detest of the betraying Humans and the cunning Dwarves.

Swift, cunning and deadly, the Thief has a long relationship with death. As a Dark Elf she has seen her people fail to deadly betrayals and epidemics. The Dark Elves have abandoned the magical ways of their ancestors, and now excel at espionage and assassination. They are not wanted criminals, however. They are practical predators, the fastest of all classes. If you have something they need, they will take it, be it information, memories, or your soul.


  • A fast class with a versatile skill list, allowing for a mild mix of roles.
  • While her damage per hit isn't the highest, her ability to combo makes up for it.
  • Her weaknesses is her defense as her original mastery was leather and it's the mastery of both Rogue and Shadow Dancer.
  • Her base class, as well as Rogue and Kunoichi, have many skills that allow her to combo in the air.

Subclass Advancement

The Thief has the option of choosing the following subclasses upon creation:


A swift, combo-based fighter who has a unique feature of building up Contact Points through attacks to use them for powerful finishers. She uses Daggers for steady damage over time or Twin Swords for their burst damage.


With her faithful servant, Nicholas Rapport.png Nicholas, and her ancient master, Vallacre the Slaughterer.png Vallacre the Slaughterer, the Necromancer unleashes horror onto her enemies through impeding their movements, chipping away at their health, and executing them with a powerful Guillotine.png Guillotine. Her weapon of choice are Wands to maximize her Magical Attack. Her Light Armor mastery makes her a bit tougher than the other subclasses.


A ninja who wields Chakra Weapons and fights at a moderate range. She specializes in barraging her enemies with projectiles and fire magic. Her main weakness would be her low defense due to her Cloth Armor mastery. However, single target and AoE damage come easy to her. She was the 2nd subclass unable to PvP due to her extreme power, but can now enter the Arena along with the Elven Knight.

Shadow Dancer

A Dagger wielding assassin who excels at attacking enemies from behind and using various attacks and skills that allow her to sneak up behind enemies or turn them around to expose their backsides to her. By Shadow Dancing.png Shadow Dancing, the Shadow Dancer can focus on Back attacking one target with her specialized skills, which will summon a shadow image to deal the same amount or higher damage to all nearby targets, allowing the Shadow Dancer to effectively clear a room without needing to personally engage every single target.

Class Comparison

For help deciding on your character, the Class Comparison tables have side-by-side class and subclass comparisons.


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