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Role Dealer.png
Alternate Names Inquisitor
Korean: 이단심판관 (Idansimpangwan)
Chinese: 異端審判者
Base Job Female Priest
Job NPC Grandis
Specialized Weapon Battle Axe
Class Information Skill Type: Physical
Damage Type: Percent
Subclass Difficulty: Difficulty Star.PNG Difficulty Star.PNG
Inflict Element? Light Damage Boost.png Light Element*(Switchable via Holy Fire.png Holy Fire).
Fire Damage Boost.png Fire Element*(Switchable via Holy Fire.png Holy Fire).
Inflict Status Effect? None
Alternate Names Hellkite
Korean: 헬카이트 (Helkaiteu)
Chinese: 殘虐者
Second Awakening
Alternate Names Inferno
Korean: 인페르노 (Inpeleuno)
Chinese: 地獄火
Inferno Ani.gif
Neo: Awakening
Neo: Inquisitor
Alternate Names
Korean: 진(眞) 이단심판관
Chinese: 神启:異端審判者
New Neo- Inquisitor Skill Cut In.gif

Heresy must be purified with fire.

Answer me; with what does God rule us?
(Saluting) With love for his followers and with benevolence for the enlightened!

Then what are you holding in your hand? Are they the tools to carry out his benevolence and love?
(Holding up the Bible in their right hand) The Bible in chains!

Answer me again; with what does God rule us?
(Bringing the Bible in their right hand to their waist) With fairness, with the Commandments!

Then what are you holding in your hands? Are they the tools to carry out the Commandments?
(Presenting arms) An axe and a torch!

Answer me again; with what does God rule us?
Fear is also His tool. He rules the wrong with fear!

Answer me; what do you protect?
We protect faith with our heart.
We protect the Commandments with our spirit.
We protect his cradle with the axe and the torch!

Answer me; who are you?
We're the followers and executors of the Commandments.
We're His disciples trained to punish evil.
We'll die and go to Hell, so we can punish evil there.
We live to follow His will. We're His torch, His axe, the carriers of His wrath!
(Everyone chants and salutes in tandem.)

- Inquisitor Parade at the Inquisition

Armed with only a hefty battle axe, holy fire and an incandescent zeal to bring righteous fury amongst her foes, the Inquistor is a female priest that strikes hard with devastating blows.

  • At level 50, the Inquisitor awakens as a Hellkite. At level 75, the Hellkite awakens as an Inferno.
  • Her subclass cosmetic effect is a book that she pulls out and reads in one hand before putting it away again.
  • Her 2nd Awakening cosmetic effect is a book that she reads in one hand, then incinerates it before putting it away again.
  • Her Neo Awakening cosmetic effect has a few bramble vines surface and wrap around her, then incinerates them.

Becoming an Inquisitor

The Female Priest must first reach level 15.

Awakening as a Hellkite


Hair-raising screams echo through the burning site. Even the heavily armored soldiers of the Inquisition flinch in spite of themselves as the screams rise and fall. The people surrounding the burning site show their dread in their eyes.

"Is this really necessary?" The apprentice priestess asks the inquisitor. She looks pale, and there's hesitation in her voice. The inquisitor turns her steely eyes toward the priestess.

"Are you questioning the Order's decision?" The apprentice priest quickly averts her eyes and mumbles, "No, that's not what I meant—"
"Straighten up. Our followers are watching. We're here to set a good example for them." The priestess forces herself to straighten up, but she can't hide the troubled look on her face. Silence falls between the two. Screams continue.

It was the inquisitor's question that broke the silence, which probably lasted for a moment, but felt like eternity to the apprentice. "Do you remember the Pledge of the Inquisitor? With what does God rule us?"
"He rules... the wrong with fear." Her voice trails off, and the inquisitor scowls unhappily.

"That's right. We inquisitors are His axes and His torches. It is our duty to enlighten the world with His wrath."

The apprentice suddenly looks up with defiance in her eyes. "But Inquisitor, the Bible says we should love our followers, that fear is only for the wrong. Do you know what our followers call us? The Hellkites. They think we're cold-blooded. Merciless."

A strange smile starts to form on the inquisitor's face. The priestess reexperiences the same feeling of dread that washed over her when she saw the Imposters for the first time. "You're preaching to me about the teachings of the Bible. I've taught you well. But you're only reiterating what the Bible says. You're not practicing it yourself."

The creepy smile then spreads over the inquisitor's face. The little bit of courage the apprentice has felt is dying as quickly as the sparks rising from the stakes. "Our followers call us the Hellkites. Good. That means they fear us, just like we fear Him. We should encourage them. To fear us, that is."

The apprentice looks up at the inquisitor, her eyes full of confusion. "Heresy is the product of foolishness, not of chaos, and it's everywhere. People are more afraid of the Imposters than they are of the Bible. We're making them fear Him more than they fear the Imposters, to eradicate heresy."

The inquisitor grabs the priestess on the shoulder as she continues. Her hand is as hot as fire. "Let's show our followers how much we love them by striking fear into them."

She opens her arms and spins around to face the followers, her face glowing red from the fire at the stake. Her shadow stretches eerily over the congregation of followers, waving as if it's dancing.

- At the Burning Site of the Inquisition

The Inquisitor must first reach level 50.

Alternatively, if the player skips Epic Quest Icon.png Unending Foreboding:
The Inquisitor must first reach level 50.

  1. Talk to Grandis in Lemidia Basilica.
  2. Collect 1000 White Cube Fragment.png White Cube Fragments, 1000 Red Cube Fragment.png Red Cube Fragments, 100 Superior Hardener.png Superior Hardeners, and 100 Superior Iron.png Superior Irons.
  3. Defeat Agram the Witch in the Abandoned Mine on Master or harder mode.
  4. Collect 1 Formidable Essence.png Formidable Essence from the Abandoned Mine on Master or harder mode.
  5. Collect 10 Seal of Emperor Helm.png Seals of Emperor Helm.

Awakening as an Inferno

I dreamed of Hell.
Following my duty, I walked to my destination, the river of holy fire.

It carried burning sins along the myriad of stakes built along its path.

I saw pain on the faces of my brothers and sisters nailed to the stakes.
I asked what they had done to deserve this punishment.
They didn't have tongues to speak.

They didn't have eyes to look at me.
Those who stole from others had their hands burn in hellfire.
Then I saw both my hands were also alight.

I'd killed in the name of God, and the light on my hands was fiercer than that on the thieves'.
I didn't belong in this place, so I started walking toward the center of the river.

"We'll die and go to Hell, so we can punish evil there."
The Pledge of the Inquisitor was my guide.

I didn't know how long I walked. I was surrounded by burning men, none of them sane enough to have a conversation.
When I finally reached where I wanted to be, I looked up to the sky.

It was gray and looked as bottomless as the abyss.
Suddenly I was more afraid of this sky than the river full of hellfire.

Fear and loneliness are foreign concepts to me.
I've only served Him. I've only feared Him.
I've never been lonely for I've always been with Him.

Dear God, forgive my sins.
I fear you. I praise you.
I seek your help. Lend me your strength.

I prayed and looked up to the sky again.
Then I knew; the sky was his eyes.
And his eyes were misty.

His tears fell, forming an altar in the midst of the raging fire.
It was my chapel where I was to worship Him.

I stepped onto the altar and sensed its connection to Hell.
I could hear the thoughts of sinners that I'd never heard before.

I could feel their pain. I could hear their screaming.
They were cursing His authority.
Their shamelessness and ungratefulness angered me so much,

I punched the altar with both fists that were burning with my sins.
The flames of my sin rumbled and entered the mouth of the altar.
Suddenly the ground opened up and dark flames shot through the cracks.

Sinners stopped cursing Him and faced my fury.
Sinners, give up all your selfish hope.

I dreamed of Hell.
I walked through the river of fire.

God is my only guide.
I'll remember my dreams of hellfire, so I could show them to sinners on earth.

- Infernal Revelation by the Inquisition

The Hellkite must first reach level 75.

  1. Talk to Siran in the City of Shonan.
  2. Collect 25 Seal of Empress Skardi.png Seal of Empress Skardi.
  3. Clear EX: Gold Dragon Tournament.
  4. Collect 40 Seal of Emperor Helm.png Seal of Emperor Helm.
  5. Clear EX: Silver Dragon Tournament.
  6. Clear Tainted Time Gate.

Awakening as a Neo: Inquisitor

Do you know of the weight of burning black hands grasping onto your ankles?
Do you remember the last eyes you looked into in the torn screams?
The memories of the unfairness and rage and sadness constricts you as thorns of guilt and remorse.

The path I walk is the thorned path of hell, how could I ever feel guilt and remorse in my duties.
My stained hands have already burnt jet black,
whose hands will I hold with these burning hands.
What I hold is an axe,
and what I howl are the code of the inquisitors.

Punish my weakness.
Bring forth the inferno of hell and incinerate the thorns that constrict me,
and bring down a wedge onto my chest when I am kneeling at the crevice of hell.
And so, when all impurity has burnt into ashes,
let this body also be turned to ash to watch over the skies of infinite hell.

As flames like the inferno of hell entangles my body the thorns break away
and the branded body's mind becomes clear and firm.
There are still duties for this axe.
Awaiting for the day to punish the 'Apostles'.

If my atonement has reached god, then this body will not burn until my work is done,
else I too am a heretic to be burnt, so how could I ever be afraid of the flames.
As long as the flames on this axe that I hold with these black hands do not expire,
the brands on my body shall lead me.

Those who have sinned, be afraid.
My prayer has brought forth the inferno of hell.
Those who believe, praise.
At the end of the flames there shall be rest.
-Confessions at the 'Altar of atonement'-

The Inferno must first reach level 100.

  • Complete the True Awakening 1 Quest line and obtain Ability Intensification.

Obtaining Ability Intensification

Upon completing Awakening Quest Icon.png Scroll of Enlightenment the following skills have decreased SP cost:

With Scroll of Enlightenment.png Scroll of Enlightenment learns the skill Clues to Awakening.png Clues to Awakening and can reinforce either Death By Burning.png Death By Burning or Blazing Hell.png Blazing Hell.

Learns new skills:

  • Complete the True Awakening 2 Quest line.

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Subclass Inspiration

  • The Inquisitor's theme and motif is based on a Inquisition.
  • One of her voice dialogue lines while reading a book in-town, references a quote made by Father Alexander Anderson of the manga/anime Hellsing saying, Violence is never the right answer, unless used against heathens and monsters.
  • When interacting with Lucille Redmayne, she will recite the Inquisitor's March.


  • A Inquisitor are usually enforcers who are intended to eliminate heresy and other things contrary to the doctrine or teachings of the Catholic faith.
  • A Hellkite refers to a person who is cruel and wicked, possibly towards her enemies.
  • A Inferno comes from the Latin word Infernus meaning of the lower regions, possibly referencing Dante's Divine Comedy during his Part 1 journey through Hell. It could also be referred to a large, uncontrollable flame.



  • The Inquisitor is the only subclass to have voiced dialogue outside of combat.
  • a 1/8th scale figure of the Inferno created by GoodSmile Company is now available.
  • Both her and the Female Striker are the only two subclasses to get a revised Neo: Awakening skill.




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