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Agram the Witch

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Icon-Agram the Witch.png Agram the Witch

Agram the Witch.png

Type TypeDemon.png
Family Witch
Level 67
Dungeons Forgotten Land
Abandoned Mine
Drops unknown
Edit Data
Agram the Witch in-game portrait


Agram the Witch is the boss of the Abandoned Mine. Agram was the corrupt Village Chief of North Myre. After opening up the Interdimensional Rift that appeared in North Myre, Agram gained the power to change the environment around her, which may make the fight more difficult. She can also attack Dungeon Fighters using her hair.

Move List

  • Can summon Black Bats at the beginning of the fight in Super Armor (Status).png Super Armor (Status), can be interrupted.
  • Can teleport behind players and Stun (Status).png Stun (Status) them, continuing with a forward attack with her hair. Has a chance to inflict Blind (Status).png Blind (Status).
  • Can use a standalone version of her forward hair attack. Has a chance to inflict Blind (Status).png Blind (Status).
  • Can cast a special move where her hair will bite, long range. Has a chance of causing temporary Armor Destroy (Status).png Armor Destroy (Status) and Weapon Destruction (Status).png Weapon Destruction (Status).
  • Nature Orb: Thorny Road - can change the environment around her to be jungle-like.
    • If the player stays in the vines for too long, they will be immobilized; vines cannot be burned.
    • Screaming Plants will appear, and stepping on them will cause them to stab the player.
    • Will summon a green orb to circle around hitting players.
  • Ice Orb: Glacier Road - can change the environment around her to snow.
    • Because of the snow, it may be hard to see where ice picks are being summoned.
    • Ice picks will be summoned frequently; ice needles will be summoned occasionally, marked by a yellow circle in the ground.
    • Will summon a blue orb to circle around hitting players.
  • Magma Orb: Fire Road - can change the environment around her to small pools of lava.
    • Stepping into the pools of lava will deal damage.
    • Agram summons fire spirits from the lava pools that can inflict damage on you if they touch you, with a possibility of inflicting Burn (Status).png Burn (Status).


  • Running around frequently will make it easier. It is recommended to not stay in one place for too long because of Agram's teleport-hair attack.
  • A good time to attack Agram is when she teleports and does her hair attack, or when she is casting her more-powerful hair attack. Avoid being in the same x-axis and knock her down in either attack.
  • Don't waste your attacks when she's changing phases, as she is invincible whilst puking up the colored orbs.


Agram Full Body Portrait.jpg