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Professions are jobs for level 20+ characters that allow them to create special items/provide services for other players.


At level 20 Abello will ask you a series of questions to recommend you a profession. You will receive a Quest for each profession regardless of the recommendation, where you can then begin your journey into a profession of your liking.

Players may only have one profession at a time and abandoning a profession will first cost 1,000 Gold and each subsequent abandonment will cost 10x more than the previous

  • You will lose all progress for your current profession, even if you switch back afterwards

Leveling Up

Disassemblers (and Enchanters) will receive experience when their shop is used.

The other professions will gain experience as they craft or enchant.

  • Experience is only gained when you are successful.
  • You can learn recipes up to 2 levels above your current level.
  • Recipes above your level will have a reduced success rate.
  • Recipes at your level or below will have a 100% success rate.
  • Recipes below your level will have reduced experience gains.
  • Recipes 2 levels below yours will stop giving you experience.


Profession Description
Alchemist Creates special potions
Disassembler Disassembles items for materials
Animator Creates APCs for battle
Enchanter Enchants equipment using monster cards