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Future content.png This article contains contents that may not be in Dungeon Fighter Online.
Some of the following content may not be implemented in the Dungeon Fighter Online client. This article is based on the oversea servers. Details may change before release.

Alternate Names Enchantress
Korean: 인챈트리스
Chinese: 小魔女 (lit. Little Witch)
Base Job Female Mage
Job NPC Sharan
Specialized Weapon Broomstick
Specialized Armor Plate Armor
Class Information Skill Type: Magical
Damage Type: Fixed
Subclass Difficulty: Intermediate
Inflict Element? Shadow Damage Boost.png Shadow Element
Inflict Status Effect? Negative:None
Positive: None
Black Maiden
Alternate Names Black Maiden
Korean: 블랙 메이든
Chinese: 暗黑少女 (lit. Black Maiden)
Second Awakening
Alternate Names Hecate
Korean: 헤카테
Chinese: 冥月女神 (lit. Obscure Moon Goddess)

(Under Construction until further notice)

(Semi-manual translation from Chinese lore)

"Forest of Dolls"

Located in the deep forest of Bronx, it is one of the most dangerous places in Pandemonium.

Unlike the natural forests in Central Park, the trees of the Forest of Dolls are generated by magic, and every tree might be a trap.

The witches who lives in the hinterland of the forest would never stop the curious adventurers from entering the forest, but just grimly watch them dying step by step.

The location of the forest is difficult to find. Even if adventurers accidentally step into it, they would easily get lost in the purple haze at the entrance.

What is even more frightening is that people will lost some of their consciousness on every step of their way in the forest, and gradually forget themselves. Even if they miraculously eacaped from the forest, their bodies have been already subjected to various curses, and they will die very soon.

There was a time when some strange people heard that the witches in the forest are taking care of a group of walking dolls. They were curious and couldn't help exploring.

But at an end, they not only found nothing but lost their lives. Their remorse has become the curse and warns people who attempt to enter the taboo.

Even innocent children can't escape from this threat. But occasionally, in very very rare cases, someone will successfully find a "dark house" in the center of the forest.

No one knows how to get into the dark house. However, according to the arguments, some half-dead did get a new lease of life after visiting the dark house.

Is the fate tormenting you? If so , you can head to the Forest of Dolls and find the last straw.

Maybe the fickle "Enchantress" can take to you.

  • At level 50, the Enchantress awakens as a Black Maiden then at level 75, the Black Maiden awakens as an Hecate.
  • Her subclass cosmetic effect has her hugging a rabbit doll.
  • Her 2nd Awakening cosmetic effect is when she hugs the doll, the black thorns spring up.

Becoming an Enchantress

The Mage must first reach level 15.

  1. Talk to Blacksmith Linus in Elvenguard.
  2. Clear Full Moon Thunderland.

Awakening as a Black Maiden

(Semi-manual translation from Chinese lore)

Are you in pain? Very bad pain? You looks bad.
Sorry but I tried. But it seems to be too late.

What should I do? You will leave me forever if so.
I don't want you to leave. Aren't you also willing? Yes? Aren't you?
Well...I've got an idea. Would you listen?
Good. I know you are bound to listen to me!

The idea I think is...
Yoo-Hoo! Make you my doll! What do you think? Is it great?

What's up? Why is it this emotion? You disagree?
Well... I can make you more cute, and you would never leave me so.

Are you happy? Yes? Really! I know you like it, too!
We will be the perfect partner from now on. I'm sure!

So you shouldn't think of those mess things. Have a good sleep.
You will die, but don't be afraid. I will definitely wake you up again.

Remember to dream of me!

The Enchantress must first reach level 50.

Awakening as a Hecate

(Semi-manual translation from Chinese lore)


Some people are very disgusted with this ominous power.
After all, people would instinctively reject the spheres that they cannot understand.
Therefore, people who have manipulated the power of cursing can only hide in the dark, in history.
This is ridiculous.
In essence, the curse is hardly different from the so-called sacred 'prayer'.
Both are actions taken by humans to achieve extreme desires.

What is wrong with desire?
Is it only the act of believing in Gods that is called 'justice'?
What is good? What is evil? Who is qualified to judge good and evil?
No one has ever given me a clear answer.
Nope. In fact, nobody can answer there questions.

Devide with the idiots who blindly believe in Gods and stuggle in vain.
The power I have is entirely from my own spirit and magic power.
I can look at everything in a rational way and show my strength to the world according to my own wishes.

One day, I will know whether this road leads to 'good' or 'evil'.
And I will have my own judgement for the final result.

- From a Hecate

The Black Maiden must first reach level 75.

  1. Talk to Siran in the City of Shonan.
  2. Collect 60 Seal of Empress Skardi.png Seal of Empress Skardi.
  3. Clear EX: Gold Dragon Tournament.
  4. Collect 150 Seal of Emperor Helm.png Seal of Emperor Helm.
  5. Clear EX: Silver Dragon Tournament.
  6. Clear Tainted Time Gate.


Enchantress Class

Enchantress 1st Awakening Animation

Hecate Awakening


  • The title Hecate is a reference to the Greek goddess of the same name who was largely associated with magic and witchcraft.
  • The Enchantress is the second Female Mage subclass who's second awakening title is named after a goddess.

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