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West Coast

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Hendon Myre
West Coast.png
Location Arad
Level Requirement Level 17
NPCs Annis, Daphne Marbros, Kargon, Iris Fortunesinger, Loton, Ophelia Bagrans, Grandma Oran, Roger Levin, Sharan
Areas Sky Tower, Behemoth Sanctuary
Hendon Myre

West Coast is a small port town to the East of Hendon Myre. The Mage trainer Sharan and Knight trainer Annis are in this town. Within West Coast are the entrances to the Sky Tower and Behemoth dungeons. The dock can be found found at the harbor, allowing transportation to Saint Horn Suju, Empyrean, and Pandemonium.


Bel Myre Principality-South.png


Portrait Name Occupation Location
Annis Annis Knight Trainer West Coast Harbor
Daphne Marbros Daphne Marbros Assistant Downtown
Kargon Kargon Weaponsmith West Coast Harbor
Iris Fortunesinger Iris Fortunesinger Fortune Teller Mage Guild
Loton Maximug Loton Maximug Alchemist Sky Tower Entrance
Ophelia Bagrans Ophelia Bagrans GBL Follower West Coast Harbor
Grandma Oran Grandma Oran Artifact Merchant Sky Tower Entrance
Roger Levin Roger Levin Trader Downtown
Sharan Sharan Mage Trainer Mage Guild