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Loton Maximug

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LotonIcon.png Loton Maximug
Age 51
Sex Male
Race Human
Affiliation De Los Empire (Former)
Principality of Bel Myre
Royal Alchemist Association (Former)
Hendon Myre Alchemist Guild
Occupation Alchemist
Alchemist Guild Master
Alias N/A
Location West Coast
Foreign Name(s) N/A
Likeability N/A

Welcome! My name is Loton, and I'm an Alchemist working to unveil the intricate workings of our world.

Loton Maximug is an alchemist in West Coast. He is the chairman of the Hendon Myre Alchemist Guild, holding the highest authority in the scientific school of alchemy. As a diehard believer in the superiority of science over magic, he greatly distrusted the latter, labeling it as irrational and unreliable. He lives in the relatively liberal city of Hendon Myre and continues with his research efforts. He was a colleague of the Dark Elf Alchemist Morgan until the latter passed away

In Mirror Arad, he is nowhere to be found and is assumed to be one of the victims in Old Streets.


Character Biography:

Male. Age 51.
The current chairman of the Hendon Myre Alchemist Guild.

As the forefront of alchemy, the culmination of science and technology, he is a firm believer that science is superior to magic. Because of that, he tends to ignore mages.
He was once a member of the Royal Alchemist Association. But after being fed up with the Empire's interference in his research and censorship of his work, he left the association and opened the Alchemist Guild in the capital of Bel Myre, Hendon Myre. He continues to research in Bel Myre, where he is free to study at his own leisure.
However, currently the Guild is under the surveillance of the Empire, making him feel angry and helpless.





Request Chat (Origin)

Relationship Image Operation Dialogue
Normal Loton2.png Chat

Obviously, I've made most disassemblers that exist in Arad.
No one else is talented enough to create such a brilliant invention. Hah hah!

Science is really amazing!
Come over here and take a look at this thing. Incredible, huh? It helps you salvage Cubes from any equipment you want!

(Post-Pandemonium War)

What a strong wind! I've never seen a sky writhing like that before. It'd be difficult to calm such a massive storm, even with alchemy.



Voice Lines

Situation Dialogue


Conversation Start

I'm Rothon, the greatest alchemist in Arad.

The power of science never ceases to astound me.

What do you wish to know?

Conversation End

I hope I was of some help to you.

You're more than welcome to stop by anytime.

Be careful out there.

Request Chat (Great Metastasis)

Mirror Arad

Relationship Image Operation Dialogue
Normal Loton.png Chat

Science never fails to amaze me.
Even though I'm the one who made that disassembler, I can't stop admiring it.

Haven't you seen this before? I've invented this a while ago to help adventurers with their adventures.



Request Chat (Pre-Great Metastasis)

Relationship Image Operation Dialogue
Normal Loton.png Chat

Good day! I'm Alchemist Loton. People think so highly of magic. Oh, please. Spare me.
Science is what's needed to make the world a better place. Magic is nothing but a bunch of silly tricks and hocus pocus!
If you'd like to talk about science, let's go have a drink.

You want to know about disassembling equipment? Well, you came to the right person!
When you disassemble a piece of equipment, you end up with materials that can be used to craft new equipment. Appealing, isn't it? Now, the materials you receive depend on the rarity of the item you disassemble.
Common equipment will give only Clear Cube Fragments. Uncommon equipment disassembles into Clear and colored cube fragments. Sometimes you can get fragments of multiple colors from a single item.
Rare equipment yields Clear Cube Fragments and Low-Grade Elemental Crystals, while Unique equipment will result in Clear Cube Fragments and High-Grade Elemental Crystals.
You'll use these materials in recipes to create new equipment, so be sure to collect as many of them as you can.

(If Player has Frustration Penalty)

Oh, what happened to you? You must've tried fighting against an opponent that's too strong for you. I suggest carrying around some of my potions to help you out in a pinch.





Loton's appearance before the Origin Update Pre-Origin Arwork Current Origin Arwork


Old Default Origin Default Summer Halloween Christmas Lunar Festival


  • Loton's name was originally spelt "Rothon Maximerg" by developers, but in the NA version, his name was changed to its present form. One of his lines, "I'm Rothon, the greatest alchemist in Arad." still uses his original name.
  • Maximug is a misspelling of Maximus, which is a Latin family surname for "The Greatest", befitting his status.