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  • Reinforcing improves your accessories, armor, and weapons by giving them bonus properties.
    • Reinforcing costs Goldicon.png Gold and Clear Cube Fragment.png Clear Cube Fragments through Reinforce Machines or Refined Terranium.png Refined Terraniums through Red Tail Jonathan.
    • Costs increase depending on the level of the item and reinforcement level.
    • The success rate typically goes down as the levels get higher.
    • The cost and success rate (success rate under upgrade +10) are shown before committing to the upgrade.
  • Reinforcements are performed through either Kiri in Hendon Myre, a Guild Reinforcement Machine in the Guild Hideout or Red Tail Jonathan in Central Park.
  • At higher levels, failure to successfully reinforce an item will permanently destroy the item.
    • If a Reinforcement Protection Ticket is in possession, the item will reset to +0 reinforcement instead.
    • Clear Cube Fragment.png Clear Cube Fragments and Vestige of Hope.png Vestiges of Hope are given if the item is destroyed.
  • Reinforcing adds various bonuses to different types of gear.
    • Weapons will gain bonus Physical Attack and Magical Attack.
    • Armors will gain bonus Physical Damage reduction and overall damage reduction.
    • Accessories will gain bonus Magical Damage reduction and overall damage reduction.
    • Sub Equipments and Magic Stones will gain bonus Strength, Intelligence, Vitality, and Spirit.
    • Earrings will gain bonus Physical Attack, Magical Attack, and Independent Attack.
  • Reinforcement bonuses before +10 grow additively, while after +10 they begin to grow exponentially.
  • Weapons will begin to glow certain colors depending on its reinforcement level. These effects also grow more noticeable and begins to flash more rapidly at higher levels as well.
  • The target must not be cursed with Otherverse energy, otherwise it must either be purified or upgraded through Klonter via amplification.
  • Certain items, such as Reinforcement Tickets, will reinforce your items for free to the described level.
  • Portable Reinforce Machines will reinforce your items for free. There are still penalties for failing the reinforcement.
  • Titles and consumables such as Master Crafter.png Master Crafter, Kiri's Favorite.png Kiri's Favorite, or a Reinforcement Proficiency Formula.png Reinforcement Proficiency Formula can increase the success rate of reinforcements.
  • Equipping the High Powered.png High Powered title gives a 5% discount on reinforcing.

Safe Reinforcement

  • Introduced in Season 7, this essentially acts as a safeguard to your Reinforced Equipment from losing it's levels and effects upon failure.
  • Each time you fail a Safe Reinforce more than once, it's adjustment values will accumlate by 5 - 10% depending on the level, but does reset once you've succeeded upgrading.
  • Level 100 or higher Unique - Epic Weapons can only be used for Safe Reinforce up to +12.
  • Leiern Core.png Leiern Cores are needed for this system instead of Clear Cube Fragment.png Clear Cube Fragments.
  • Higher bonuses will require more gold and materials.

Upgrade Success and Failure Rate

The chart works as, the failure of upgrading a weapon that has the enhance bonus of +12, trying to aim for +13, would result in the item breaking. Failure in upgrading a +10 or +11 weapon would result in the item going down three levels.

The Upgrade column is the upgrade level of the item you're putting into the reinforcing machine.

Note: These are what are thought to be the current percentages for Season 3. Act 01. PANDEMONIUM.

Upgrade Chance of success Failure Penalty for weapons Failure Penalty for other items
+0 -> +1 100% None None
+1 -> +2
+2 -> +3
+3 -> +4
+4 -> +5 80%
+5 -> +6 70%
+6 -> +7 60%
+7 -> +8 50%
+8 -> +9 40%
+9 -> +10 30%
+10 -> +11 N/A Loses three upgrade levels Item Breaks
+11 -> +12
+12 -> +13 or upgrade higher Item Breaks

Upgrade Glow Color

Once upgraded, the weapon will flash/glow, as seen around the item's border. This is separate from the item's base color. The higher the rank, the faster the glow flashes.

  • Note: 1-6 and 7-8 appear to be the same color except that 7-8 seems to have a more vibrant glow.
Enhance Value +0 +1 - +6 +7 - +8 +9 - +12 +13 - +14 +15 - +16 +17 - +22 +23 and up
Color No Color Green Yellow Blue Pink Orange Gold No Record
Picture Plus 0.jpg Plus 4.jpg Plus 8.png Plus 12.png Plus 14.jpg PLUS16.png Plus 18.jpg N/A