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Cursed Equipment

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Example of a cursed item
A player ready to Amplify their Electromagnetic Vacuum Tube


Cursed Equipment are special equipment that are contaminated by Otherverse Energy, only affecting higher-leveled items such as Epic or Mythic Equipment.

This is usually denoted on the equipment by:
This equipment is tainted by Otherverse energy and must be purified.

In order to equip the item and see its ability, you have to Purify the item. This can be done at Klonter's shop in Aphelia Post, as he sells a recipe that creates an Otherverse Energy Purification Scroll.png Otherverse Energy Purification Scroll that will purify any cursed item.

After an item has been purified, it will gain an Interdimensional Ability. This comes in the form of additional Strength, Intelligence, Vitality, or Spirit. The ability you get is randomly selected, but can be changed by using a Conversion Spell.png Conversion Spell that is created from a recipe also sold by Klonter.

The Interdimensional Ability bonus can be increased through Amplification which consumes Crystallized Chaos.png Crystallized Chaos. Go to Klonter and select the Amplify option and choose the item to be amplified. The bonus will increase and gold and Crystallized Chaos.png Crystallized Chaos will be consumed. This also upgrades your equipment, much like Kiri's machine. Purified equipment can only be upgraded using Klonter's machine, regardless of the initial reinforcement level on the item.

You can also Endow non-Cursed equipment with an Interdimensional Ability by using a Pure Tome.png Pure Tome created through a recipe sold by Klonter, or a Silver Amplification Grimoire.png Silver Amplification Grimoire or Golden Amplification Grimoire.png Golden Amplification Grimoire, which are often obtained from events.

No Icon.png Otherverse Energy Extinguisher can also be used to remove the energy off from the specific item, minus the Interdimensional Ability bonus.

Item Tips

Essence of the Rift.png Essence of the Rift can be obtained by:

Condensed Purity.png Condensed Purity can be obtained by:

  • Breaking a high level piece of equipment through Amplifying at Klonter.

Vestige of Hope.png Vestige of Hope can be obtained by:

Crystallized Chaos.png Crystallized Chaos can be obtained by:

  • Buying from Klonter for 1000 Clear Cube Fragment.png Clear Cube Fragments.
  • From disassembling at a player disassembler rarely.


Note: Each recipe costs 150,000 gold and has a requirement of Lv.39 to use.

Amplification Failure Penalty

Like Reinforcement, Amplifying Cursed Equipment has a chance to fail past +4. The failure penalties of Amplification is as follows:

Upgrade Can Fail Failure Penalty
+0 -> +1 No None
+1 -> +2
+2 -> +3
+3 -> +4
+4 -> +5 Yes Loses one upgrade level
+5 -> +6
+6 -> +7
+7 -> +8 Loses three upgrade levels
+8 -> +9
+9 -> +10
+10 -> +11 Item breaks
+11 -> +12
+12 -> +13
+13 -> +14
+14 -> +15
+15 -> +16
+16 -> +17

Amplification Efficiency

A player's +11 Amplified Mythic Top, Ancient Abyssal Robe


  • Added in the Aeterna Patch, +12 or higher Amplified Equipment will gain Dimensional stats by 5.
  • Level 100 Epic & Mythic Equipment can now receive higher Dimensional stats.
  • Adventurer Fame that was included in Season 6 - Act 18, will also be increased per Amplified level.
Amplification Lv. Level 100 Epic Level 100 Mythic Adventurer Fame
+0 Stats +12 Stats +13
+1 Stats +14 Stats +15
+2 Stats +16 Stats +15
+3 Stats +18 Stats +17
+4 Stats +20 Stats +22
+5 Stats +25 Stats +27
+6 Stats +29 Stats +31 +16 Epic Gear
+7 Stats +33 Stats +36 +19 Epic Gear
+24 Mythic Gear
+8 Stats +60 Stats +64 +32 Epic Gear
+40 Mythic Gear
+9 Stats +73 Stats +78 +36 Epic Gear
+45 Mythic Gear
+10 Stats +88 Stats +94 +156 Epic Weapon
+50 Epic Gear
+63 Mythic Gear
+11 Stats +103 Stats +111 +99 Epic Gear
+123 Mythic Gear
+12 Stats +126 Stats +134 +158 Epic Gear
+13 Stats +163 Stats +174 +171 Epic Gear

Amplification Cost

Under Construction