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Seria Kirmin

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SeriaIcon.png Seria Kirmin
Age 18
Sex Female
Race Human
Elf (Former)
Affiliation N/A
Occupation Great Pentacle Caretaker
Twelfth Apostle
Alias Fairy Girl
East Guardian of Gran Flores (Former)
The Resplendent Dew
The One Who Knows All Secrets

Foreign Names:
세리아 키르민
セリア キルミン

Location Seria's Gate
May a shining ray of Elven light brighten your day.

Seria Kirmin is a resident of Arad. She has a broad and extensive knowledge of all things, but Seria herself does not understand how she possesses such inherent knowledge. To find the origins of her memories, she has settled in Elvenguard, the land which she believes most closely resembles the setting in her mysterious memories. Some have speculated her to be the reincarnation of an Elf.

Upon being rescued by the Player, Seria accompanies the Player throughout their journey, serving as their guide and confidant. She is an important figure as you venture through the Time Gate.

She has a counterpart in Mirror Arad who first appears in Abnova and will follow the player in their quests throughout Mirror Arad.


Character Biography:

"Please remember me."

Female/Age 18.
A beautiful girl who's rumored to be a reincarnated elf.

She's knowledgeable in almost everything in this world, but doesn't remember how she's obtained so much knowledge.
She doesn't know where many of her memories came from.
To find their origin, Seria listens to the stories of the world that adventurers tell her, retracing her memories.
Affectionate and kind to everyone, she wants to help all the adventurers who travel Arad.



Pre-Great Metastasis

Great Metastasis


Gran Flores Arc

Similar to the Pre-Great Metastasis timeline, Seria had traveled to Elvenguard to regain her lost memories. However, while on her own, Seria underestimated the devolving effects of the Metastasis and was abducted by the Taus, who normally reside in the inner depths of Gran Flores. Due to her human origins, she was put under the duress of the mentally devolved Tau King Shauta of Grakqarak, whom blamed humans for burning down Gran Flores a few years prior and wished for her to fix the Great Pentacle to restore the forest.

Seria is rescued by the Adventurer, and becomes concerned about Shauta's motives and urgency. She ultimately convinces herself to continue on Shauta's behalf to check on the Great Pentacle located in the depths of Gran Flores. Now accompanied by the Adventurer, they seek out the mage Flaming Binoche for further information, whom they discover is setting the forest ablaze. From her, they learn that her actions are to protect the forest from a malevolent energy referred to as the 'Devolved Darkness', which recently appeared and now lurks within the shadowy forest depths known as Shadow Thunderland. Upon further investigation, they encounter the source of the energy, the monster Ghoulguish, who is using an old Elven Pentacle to muster an army of the undead to take over the forest. With the Adventurer's assistance, they defeat Ghoulguish and purge the pentacle of its evil energy, saving the forest from the zombie invasion.

Although content with having saved the forest, Seria worries about the other remaining Great Pentacles in Arad which may have weakened due to the effects of the Metastasis. To this end, she decides to accompany the Adventurer on their journey across the continent to check if the other pentacles are in working order.

Sky Tower Arc


Request Chat

  • Hello. I'm Seria Kirmin. I'm here to assist you. Let me know if I can help you.
  • Hello, <player>. I'm glad you look healthy as ever. I pray for your safety every day.
  • Oh, look at this wound! <player>, you're really strong. Most people faint at the look of this horrible gash, but you're not one of them. You inspire me to be strong.
  • I hear people crying in pain brought unto them by the Great Metastasis. What's the world coming to? I want to help stop their pain, but I don't know how to.
  • Ah... I can't see... Where am I?
[A Voice from Somewhere] You are being forgotten... You are to remain in here...
F-forgotten? No! I don't want to be forgotten! NO-!
Whew, it's the nightmare again. I've been dreaming it since that day.
Many people want me to be happy. I can't let this nightmare get the better of me

Request Chat (Post-Pandemonium War)

  • That storm is not natural. I know that at least. But... how did it come into existence? And why did it show up here? It's impossible to be sure, but I can't shake this feeling that the storm is here to bring about bad things.


  • Hello there.
  • *Chime*

Conversation start

  • You've come.
  • Is there anything I can help you with?
  • I'm Seria Kirmin.

Conversation end

  • Forget me not!
  • See you later.



Seria-Face3.png SeriaOriginPortrait.jpeg SeriaLunarYearPortrait.jpeg YoungSeriaElf.png SeriaPortrait.png SeriaPortrait2.png Seria3.jpg


Old Seria Sprite Seria's previous NPC sprite Origin Sprite World Cup Hatsune Miku Collab Summer 2011 Summer 2012

Summer Origin Halloween Christmas Christmas Origin Lunar Festival Lunar Festival Origin


  • The name Seria is of Hebrew origins meaning "Gift of God".


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