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TimothyIcon.png Timothy
Age Unknown
Sex Male
Race Pandemonian
Affiliation N/A
Occupation Adventurer; Merchant
Alias N/A
Location Black Market

Timothy is a member of the Adventurer Guild tasked with investigating Pandemonium by Karakas. He is rather defensive and flustered whenever it is suggested that he is slacking. Very little is known about his origins or his life, but he aspires to be a great Adventurer.


  • Gives out Side Quests for Assault Mode in Harlem after reaching level 95 and completing all Scenario quests in Harlem/Tayberrs.
  • Sells Harlem Area Legendary weapons (Emancipator Weapons) and equipment boxes.
  • Will provide the player with Emblem of Heroes.png Emblems of Heroes in exchange for Tainted Energy.png Tainted Energies.




Item Level Binding Cost
Emblem of Heroes.png Emblem of Heroes 1 Untradable 10 Tainted Energy.png Tainted Energy



Conversation start

  • When you're here, you follow the rules. And don't show off your strength. Call me a coward, I don't care. You can stir things up and leave. We can't, and we'll have to deal with the consequences. You think justice matters to us? Nope. What matters to us is not getting killed.
  • I'll become a great adventurer.
  • Soon my name, Timothy, will reverberate throughout Pandemonium.

Conversation end



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