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Age Unknown
Sex Female
Race Human
Affiliation Usir Order
Occupation Dark Templar
Alias N/A

Foreign Names:
Romanized Name:

Location Nemesis Citadel, Destroyed Chest Town

Adras is one of the many tertiary characters of Dungeon Fighter Online and a representative of the Usir Order of the Exile Mountains.

After the Black Order lay siege to Usir Sanctum during Black Order Resurgence and stole the Coffin of Extinction, Adras and her colleagues are tasked with retrieving Kazan's remains and accompany the Adventurers and Priest Order forces within the Los Chest to stop the Black Order from resurrecting Ozma of Chaos.

If the Adventurer is an Avenger or Mistress, she accompanies the Player and Nilvas Gracia to track down Timor the Pureblood.




Request Chat — Destroyed Chest Town[1]

Dialogue Option 1

Adras.png Adras

진정한 안식을 찾으신다면... 그리고 그걸 받아들일 준비가 되었다면 언제든지 말씀해주세요.
If you are searching for true rest... and are ready to accept it, please let me know at any time.

죽음의 신께서는 언제나 당신을 받아들일 준비가 되어 있으니 말이죠.
The God of Death is always ready to accept you.


모험가님? 왜 그런 표정을...?
Adventurer? What's with that look...?

Dialogue Option 2

Adras.png Adras

어둠 속에 숨겨져 있던 성지에서 빼앗긴 카잔의 시체를 되찾으려면... 어쩔 수 없이 저 검은 대지로 들어가야 해요.
If we are to recover Kazan's body, that which was stolen from our sanctum hidden in the dark... We have no choice but to enter the Dark Side.

하지만 이대로 들어가기엔 정보가 너무 없네요. 어서 동지들이...
But there is little information to go on as is. Hurry, my comrades...

Dialogue Option 2 (Dark Templar Exclusive)

Adras.png Adras

항상 그림자 속에서 지켜보고 있었습니다.
I've always been watching you from the shadows.

어둠 속에 숨겨져 있던 성지에서 빼앗긴 카잔의 시체를 되찾으려면... 어쩔 수 없이 저 검은 대지로 들어가야 합니다.
If we are to recover Kazan's body, that which was stolen from our sanctum hidden in the dark... We have no choice but to enter the Dark Side.

하지만 이대로 들어가기엔 정보가 너무 없군요. 지금 동지들이 집결하고 있으니 다른 소식이 있으면 말씀드리겠습니다.
But there is little information to go on as is. Our comrades are gathering as we speak, so I'll let you know if there is any other news.

Dialogue Option 3 (Dark Templar Exclusive)

Adras.png Adras

비록, 오랫동안 지켜왔던 성지를 잃긴 했지만, 최근 우시르 교단의 기사들은 정신적으로 더 큰 안정을 가질 수 있었습니다.
Even though our long-held sanctum was lost, the knights of the Usir Order have recently been able to attain a greater mental stability.

그리고 저희는 어둠과 죽음만을 따르며, 어머니께서 제시하는 곳으로 발걸음을 옮기는데 집중할 수 있겠죠.
Now we can focus on moving to where our Holy Mother guides us, following only darkness and death.

Dialogue Option 4 (Avenger/Mistress Exclusive)

Adras.png Adras

당신과 함께하던 그자... 그자는 당신과 비슷했지만 달랐어요. 조금 더 위장자에 가까운, 하지만 더 순수한 느낌이었죠.
That man who was with you... He was like you, but different. He was a bit closer to that of an Imposter, but felt a bit more pure.

당신도... 다른 이들과 분명 다르군요. 저 검은 대지에서 당신이 어느 편에 설지 지켜볼게요.
You as well... You're definitely different from the others. I'll be watching which side you'll be on in the Dark Side.


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