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Aphelia Post

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Aphelia Post
Aphelia Post Screen.png
Location Arad
Level Requirement Level 30
NPCs Breeze Elapse, Gale Elapse, Faris, the Sewer Princess, Klonter, Mad Dog Loel, Minet
Areas Aphelia
Hendon Myre

Aphelia Post is comprised of two posts, the Bel Myre Principality's outpost on the west, and the Dark Elves's post on the east. Aphelia Post is the entrance to Aphelia. It was created to prevent the Bel Myre Principality and the Kingdom of Fennes from engaging in war after the latter believed the former had intentionally infected their citizens with a plague on behalf of the De Los Empire.


Dark Elf Kingdom.png


Portrait Name Occupation Location
Breeze Elapse Breeze Elapse Mercenary Principality Post
Gale Elapse Gale Elapse Mercenary Principality Post
Faris, the Sewer Princess Faris, the Sewer Princess Renowned Female Brawler, Mercenary Principality Post
Klonter Klonter Dark Elf Royal Messenger Dark Elf Post
Mad Dog Loel Mad Dog Loel Dark Elf Strongman Dark Elf Post
Minet Minet Thief Trainer Dark Elf Post