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Slums Map.png
Location Aphelia Post
Min. Level 30
Level 30-35
Monster Level 32-37
End Boss IconHeadless Knight.png Headless Knight
Loading Screen of Slums

Aphelia or the Slums follows Behemoth in terms level progression and has a level 30 minimum requirement to enter. The entrance is on the eastern edge of the Aphelia Post. In Mirror Arad, since the Great Metastasis, Aphelia had been brought out of the ground, now floating in the sky as the Castaway Cave.

Lore Before Metastasis

"Using various things gathered from Aphelia, Loton was able to create a Mithridate to cure the plague that had caused an epidemic among the Dark Elves. However, it appears that a radical group of Dark Elves have taken the Dark Elf Queen hostage, and refused to believe that the Mithridate would cure the infected Dark Elves. The only course of action now is to march to the Slums, the capital of the Dark Elves, and convince them otherwise. However, before they can reach the Slums, Dungeon Fighters must tackle the Scoria Core, Labyrinth of Shadows, and the Slums Gate."


These are the dungeons that are in the Slums.

Dungeon Name Level
ShallowKeep.png Shallow Keep 30-32
SpidersLair.png Spider's Lair 31-33
Spider Kingdom.png Spider Kingdom 32-34
Hero's Catacomb.png Hero's Catacomb 33-35
Catacombs.png The Catacombs 34-36
ScoriaCore.png Scoria Core 35-37
SlumsGate.png Slums Gate 35-37


Dungeon Name Previous Level
ShadowLab.png Labyrinth of Shadows 41-44

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