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Queen Maya

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MayaIcon.png Queen Maya
Age 219
Sex Female
Race Dark Elf
Affiliation N/A
Occupation Queen of the Dark Elves
Alias N/A
Location Underfoot Palace

Queen Maya is the queen of all Dark Elves, located in Underfoot's Palace.



Request Chat

  • The Empire has declared war against us Dark Elves, and that has upset my people.
Some say we must strike the Empire before it attacks us. The more radical ones even insist that we must wipe out all humans.
The Empire's atrocities must not be forgiven. As queen of dark elves, I'll have to make sure of that, but I'm against unnecessary bloodshed.
  • The dwarves have been cursed by Venus because of their greed. But that didn't stop them from mining gold or awakening something that they shouldn't have.
And along the way, they put us dark elves in danger. I'll show no mercy to them. I'm going to make them pay for everything that they did.
  • Someone did horrible things to my people. My heart breaks when I think about the pain and fear that they must have experienced as they died.
I'll appease their spirits with the blood of their enemies. I won't rest until I find their murderers and bring them to justice.

Request Chat (Before Origin)

  • Blinded by their greed for gold, the Dwarves dragged us Dark Elves down with them. Even Venus's curse couldn't stop them from releasing something so dangerous.
They drove themselves to ruin, yes, but they haven't paid for what they put us through. I won't rest until they're punished.
  • I've never seen so many Humans in one place. Underfoot have never been filled with so much noise, or I'd say--lively energy.
Just having Humans has changed the entire atmosphere of the city. It's refreshing, though the Elders must be seething with anger.
  • The Empire declared war against us Dark Elves. Its leader may be a Human, but turning our backs against an entire race is foolish, not to mention dangerous.
  • An enemy did this to our people to get at us. I watched in horror our people died writhing in pain.
I'm not saying we should forget the pain or forgive the enemy. I just want to make sure that we cover all the basics to get our revenge with minimum repercussions.
(Elder Saffron) "That can take a long time. We already know who the enemy is. Your Majesty, it's time to make your decision."
We should wait. For now, we have time.


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Queen Maya during Season 3 MayaIngame.png Summer Lunar Festival Christmas