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Mad Dog Loel

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LoelIcon.png Mad Dog Loel
Age Unknown
Sex Male
Race Dark Elf
Affiliation N/A
Occupation Dark Elf Strongman
Alias N/A
Location Aphelia Post ,Sewer Mirror Arad (Temporarily)

Mad Dog Loel is a Dark Elf Strongman who wields a large wrecking ball, located at Aphelia Post. He acts as muscle for the Dark Elves.

He has a counterpart from Mirror Arad who temporarily resides in the Sewer during several Scenario Quests.


  • Quest Giver


Request Chat (Aphelia Post)

  • I had a match with almost everyone I was told was strong. None of them turned out to be strong enough.
Do you know anyone who's as strong as me? I really want to fight, but I don't know where I can find a good match for me. Bah.
  • Only two have been able to stop my iron ball.
Who are they? It's not worth knowing: soon I'm going to pay them a visit and crush them with my iron ball!
  • I want to fight a worthy opponent to the death.

Request Chat (Sewer, Mirror Arad)

  • So far only two opponents were able to stop my iron ball. Who are they, you asked? Why would I tell you?
  • I wanna fight! Wanna fight! Wanna fight so badly!
  • I went to the Iced Wall to challenge a strong warrior, only to find out he's frozen inside the wall.
I could've broken the ice if it weren't for the shrew who saw me and got angry.
Bah, nothing goes the way I want.

Conversation start

Conversation end


FightingDogPortrait.png FightingDogIngame.png Lunar Festival Summer Christmas