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Mirror Arad

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Mirror Arad's loading screen.

Mirror Arad is an alternate universe in which Arad was devastated by the Great Metastasis.

It is comprised of Northern Shelter, Abnova, the Sewer, and Behemoth




Portrait Name Occupation Location
Michelle Michelle Telekinetic Cypher Northern Shelter
Zanbato Aganzo Zanbato Aganzo World Renowned Zanbato Master, APC Northern Shelter
Blue Guardian Vetala Blue Guardian Vetala Equipment Merchant Silver Crown
Alchemist Morgan Alchemist Morgan Alchemist Silver Crown
Faris, the Sewer Princess Faris, the Sewer Princess Renowned Female Brawler, APC Sewer
Albert Bernstein Albert Bernstein Duelist, Equipment Merchant Sewer
Ophelia Bagrans Ophelia Bagrans GBL Leader Behemoth
Isadora Isadora GBL Librarian, Consumable Merchant Behemoth
Vangelis Vangelis GBL Assault Captain Behemoth