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MichelleIcon.png Michelle
Age 22
Sex Female
Race Human
Affiliation N/A
Occupation Telekinetic Cypher
Alias N/A
Location Back-alleys of Hendon Myre
Northern Shelter (Mirror Arad)
Chantri (Exiles)
Foreign Name(s) N/A
Likeability N/A

Michelle Monohan, also known as Michelle the Telekinetic, is initially encountered as an enemy in Verderia, but after initially confronting her, she works alongside the Adventurer in exploring North Myre and scouting for survivors. She also maintains the portal to Mirror Arad. Because of the discrimination she and her friends have experienced as Cyphers, she is hesitant to trust anyone who isn't one and is initially cautious with the idea of helping others for fear of how they'd treat her.

Her Mirror Arad counterpart resides in the Northern Shelter, where she assists players in the Iced Wall of Resignation. Michelle was always an outcast growing up due to her telekinetic powers and has had to face bullying as a result of it. She is very timid and cautious towards others because of this. While she may be shy, she still takes great pride in helping others out and is eternally grateful to the Bantu for taking her in and accepting her for who she is.


  • Repairs Weapons and Armor.
  • Assists you in North Myre Scenario Quests.


Request Chat (Hendon Myre)

  • Others think of us Cyphers as if we're monsters.
It's not like we wanted the powers we have.
  • We divide people into two types. Some run away from us, while the others approach us with fake smiles on their faces.
To us, the only good people are dead people.
  • I don't expect others to understand our pain.
You're probably no better than them. You could just be pretending to understand me because you want something from me.

Request Chat (Northern Shelter)

  • The nightmares of the monsters have grown so big, they're affecting people and monsters around them.
What kinds of nightmare are they?
  • For a long time, we blamed the world for our curses. We didn't want these abilities, and yet people treated us like we're monsters.
It's only recently that we've realized we're given our abilities to help others. I hope this isn't too late.
  • When verbal communication is not feasible, I use telepathy. I can talk to you directly at the subconscious level; don't be alarmed when you hear my voice in your head.

Request Chat (Elrox)

  • A strong wind is blowing. You'd better watch out.
  • I'm worried about the Cyphers I left in the Principality. I haven't been there for a while. This storm had better calm down soon.

Idle (Northern Shelter)

  • Oh, I beg you to help me find the missing Bantu.
  • There's something Telepathically calling me.
  • Maybe it's good that I'm going through these nightmares?

Conversation start (Northern Shelter)

  • Do not be afraid of me, my telekinetic powers will not hurt people.
  • This situation is so urgent!
  • I will help, I will help you...

Conversation end (Northern Shelter)

  • Nightmare monsters are dangerous, please be careful..
  • Thank you for making me laugh, it brightens my day up.
  • Okay...I'll have to be more careful!



Michelle's Boss appearance in Verderia Michelle's Season IV: Origin Illustration Michelle's Mirror Arad portrait Mirror Arad Michelle


NPC Sprite (Origin) Origin Summer Origin Halloween Origin Christmas Origin Lunar New Year

Mirror Arad
Michellenpc.gifSummerMirror Arad Halloween Mirror Arad ChristmasMirror Arad Lunar Year


  • Michelle also makes an appearance in Cyphers, another game developed by Neople.
  • Her name is of French and Hebrew origins, being the feminine form of Michel/Micheal meaning Who is like God?
  • The surname Monohan is a different variant of Monaghan of Irish origin devriving from the word Manach meaning Monk.
  • Her outfit for Female Fighter was originally available as part of a Classic Monster Cosplay Package during Nexon-DFO's localization.