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Northern Shelter

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Northern Shelter
Northern Shelter Screen.png
Location Mirror Arad
Level Requirement Level 50
NPCs Michelle, Zanbato Aganzo
Areas None
Hendon Myre
Silver Crown, Sewer, Behemoth

Northern Shelter, the Northern Hold, is the resident location of the Zanbato Master Aganzo and is in a icy place to the north of the continent. People at the Northern Shelter are said to be plagued by nightmares as the monsters who reside in the Iced Wall haunt their dreams. Northern Shelter can be accessed at level 50 through the portal in Hendon Myre's back alley.



During the Metastasis, many monsters in old Arad were sealed inside the Iced Wall of Resignation. This wall also acts as a time break, allowing the player to go back in time to fight the enemies from the past.

The monsters inside the wall have started to influence the people who live in the Northern Shelter, haunting their dreams and causing a widespread miasma of nightmares.

One person who wished to remedy this plague is Michelle Monohan, the telekinetic who previously resided in the Citadel before the Metastasis. She resides in Northern Shelter for this reason.

Map of Northern Shelter


Portrait Name Occupation Location
Michelle Michelle Telekinetic Cypher Northern Shelter
Zanbato Aganzo Zanbato Aganzo World Renowned Zanbato Master, APC Northern Shelter