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Silver Crown

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Silver Crown
Silver Crown Loading Screen.png
Location Mirror Arad
Level Requirement 50
NPCs Morgan, Blue Guardian Vetala
Areas Abnova
Northern Shelter

Silver Crown is an area located inside a forest surrounded by monsters. Silver Crown gets it's name from the color and shape it makes in the moonlight. Silver Crown is the first area adventurers go during the Mirror Arad questline.


Silver Crown stands in the center of a forest ruled over by four great spirits called the region of Abnova.

When the moonlight shines upon Silver Crown, the leaves turn a beautiful silver, and if seen from above, this rare and beautiful forest shines in the shape of a crown.

This forest was able to survive and perhaps avoid the transformation of Gran Flores due to some mysterious barrier that lay within it. However, the monsters of the transformed land haunt the refugees and residents surrounding the area. Since the Great Metastasis, it is said that starting adventurers build experience there and strive to make it a better place.

Map of Silver Crown


Portrait Name Occupation Location
Morgan Morgan General vendor and instructor of alchemy Silver Crown
Blue Guardian Vetala Blue Guardian Vetala Equipment Vendor Silver Crown


Abnova is a dungeon area in Silver Crown. Players can enter this area at any level. These dungeons span from level 50 to level 53.

Frozen Luteon.png
Murky Glassfey.png
Ringwood Penitentiary.png
Ringwood Underground Penitentiary.png
Forgotten Forest.png
Vilmark - Area 50.png
Abnova Locations.png