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Blue Guardian Vetala

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VetalaIcon.png Blue Guardian Vetala
Age 759 years old (Looks like she's in her early 20s)
Sex Female
Race Dragon (Assumes the form of a human)
Affiliation N/A
Occupation Sub Class Instructor; Equipment Merchant
Alias N/A
Location Silver Crown

Blue Guardian Vetala is an Equipment Merchant located in Silver Crown alongside Morgan within Mirror Arad. She and Captain Luther were a part of Bakal, the King of Dragons' army that was sent to take over the lower world. Most of the Dragon Army was slaughtered but she and Captain Luther had both managed to survive and used their shapeshifting powers to disguise themselves in order to peacefully live among the humans. When the Metastasis destroyed the Fairy Pentacle of Myre, restoring it was next to impossible without having to set up a new one. Vetala saw that it was her duty to set up a new pentacle and guard it in order to prevent it from breaking again. She now spends most of her time maintaining the pentacle and helping new adventurers.


  • Merchant.
  • Quest Giver.




Item Level Binding Cost




  • "I welcome you to Silver Crown."
  • "I am feeling a strong transition of power."
  • "I am the Dragon Patron of this Pentacle."

Request Chat

  • Welcome to Silver Crown. Here you can rest your tired mind in between your adventures.
  • I'm Vetala the Guardian of Blue. I'm one of the guardians that manage the pentacle. The color blue symbolizes the duty I'm given: guide Dungeon Fighters in the right direction and help them remain pure, like the clear blue color of the sky.
  • A wind of violence and bloodbath is blowing to Arad. In the opposite direction, a warm, gentle breeze blows, soothing our terrified minds with motherly love.

Conversation start

  • "What do you want to talk about?"
  • "Is it fate that we'd meet again?"
  • "You've got a lot of injury...would you like to talk to me about it?"

Conversation end

  • "Please be careful."
  • "I'll wait here."
  • "I want to take a sincere look at the Pentacle."





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  • Vetala's name originates from a Vampire spirit in Hindu Mythology which makes sense to some extent considering that Vetala themselves are capable of shapeshifting to conceal their true forms.