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Reaper Dreyfus

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Reaper Dreyfus
Age Unknown
Sex Male
Race Undead
Affiliation Reapers
Occupation Tower Owner
Alias N/A
Location Valley of the Fallen Souls
Tower of Anguish

The mysterious Reaper Dreyfus is the keeper of the towers within the Valley of Fallen Souls. He has gathered the souls of the fallen, of all backgrounds, into the towers for purposes yet unknown, although he insists that he wishes to test the skills of Dungeon Fighters. With promises of incredible rewards, Dreyfus lures Dungeon Fighters to climb the towers to prove their mettle against the army of fallen that he has amassed.

With both Tower of the Dead & Illusion removed during Season IV: The Origin, Dreyfus' presence is rarely seen, but still presumes his duties managing the remaining Towers.




  • More lives must be sacrificed.
  • (Snarls)
  • Too late.
  • Death is part of life.

Conversation start

  • You can never be satisfied.
  • Greed is endless.

Conversation end

  • A warrior is destined to die young.
  • You will continue to battle.




Default Christmas Halloween LunarYear


  • The name Dreyfus is of Jewish Ashkenazic origins derived from the town of Trier on the Moselle, known in French as Trèves, from a Celtic tribal name Treveri of uncertain etymology. It is also a common surname used by the French & German countries.
  • He is featured in the The Will of Fighters comic offering Ozma of Chaos great power in exchange for his soul.
  • While his portrait (shown above) obscures his face completely, his in-game sprite reveals it to be skeletal in appearance.
  • Reaper Dreyfus can be summoned as an assisting APC for 30 seconds if the player has the Reaper's Call title equipped. In this form, Dreyfus is summoned as a demonic-looking Monk. (This monk can lag the player when he is summoned).
  • Although his sprite is featured on the detail card for Tower of Despair, he is not available during the fight. Instead, a randomly-selected player in the server is in the room as an NPC for repairing equipment.

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