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Tower of Despair

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Future content.png This article contains content that was removed.

Tower of Despair
Tower of Despair.png
Location Valley of Fallen Souls
Min. Level ?
Level 70
Monster Level 70
End Boss None


Like the other towers, it is a special gauntlet area where you must defeat all of the opponents on the floor to move on. However unlike the others, this tower contains 100 floors filled with very gimmicky APCs. Only one floor can be completed a day, and no items may be used. You may use a Life Token if you die; however, doing so will result in the APC being fully healed as as a result. The main reason for attempting the Tower is that upon completion of it, you can receive an item that will allow you to purchase a special Pot that will give you an Epic item based on your class. There are two different Pots with different fees to open that you can buy:

  • Tradable version: which costs 40,000,000 G to open.
  • Untradable version: which costs 5,000,000 G to open.

It's interesting to note that many APCs in here will have abilities they cannot normally have. Also, while the starting floors look like an ancient ruin, they become increasingly more futuristic-looking as you make your way up.


  • Restricted to one entry a day.
    • Can purchase a box with three retries for one million gold from Simona.
  • Can only use up to 3 Life Tokens.
    • Health for all APCs on the floor will be restored when the player dies. Reviving with a Life token will force you to fight them with full health. If a floor contains multiple APCs in one room dead APCs will stay dead if you die and revive.
  • Can not use any consumable items.
  • Cube skills begin on cooldown.
    • Upon reviving you still will go back on cooldown like they were when the floor started.


  • The tower contains APCs that are capable of using EX skills, other subclass skills, skills they normally couldn't have, and completely new skills. They will often have lowered cooldowns and can use cube skills right away.
  • In short, be prepared for ANYTHING.
  • Tower APCs usually have very high hit recovery, and some have very high abnormal status resist. Be prepared in case a skill you rely on is heavily affected by these facts.
  • Every tenth floor, the boss will be an APC based off a player that has recently cleared that floor:
    • Male Slayers will use Tombstone, Draw Sword, and Fire Wave Sword.
    • Priests will summon God of Knowledge: Black Tortoise, use Will Driver and Monk skills, and cast Righteous Judgement.
Floor 1~10
Floor Monster Information Notes
Lv Name
1F 70 Incompetent Benayoun A crusader; he will buff himself upon the floor starting and he reapply the buffs when they fall off. They do have a cooldown equal to their duration however, so dispelling them will remove the buff for some time. He generally attacks with oil flasks and bombs and rarely uses blades.
Light of Divinity - Revenge of Light - Blades of Purity
2F 70 Village Leader G A paladin; his most powerful skill is Pressure Wall which has a similar cooldown to the skill. The skills he posses have abnormally low cooldown times and can use almost constantly.
Pressure Wall - Deflection Wall - Flash Sphere - Giant Weapon Launcher
3F 70 Downfallen Ashil A spitfire/mechanic; his main gimmick is when attacked with direct damage he will spawn one of three possible items: A grenade, a land runner, or a sleeping grenade. He also has Mech Drop with a low cooldown. He general method of attack is normal attacks and grenades.
Freezing Bullet - Mech Drop - G-14 Buster - Leap
4F 70 Long-Haired Motoro A wrecking ball; he, like the last floor, when taking direct damage has a chance to summon a land runner, but less often. Bomb and Booster both have low cooldown allowing him to use them often. Steyr has a no cooldown allowing him to spam it, though he will at max use it 5 times before stopping. If an enemy gets close he will use Jack Spike into auto attacks.
Quantum Bomb - Arctic Booster - Steyr AMR - Jack Spike
5F 70 Knife Wielding Bashieu A rogue; her Hurricane has a low cooldown. Otherwise she will use her abilities while throwing in melee attacks.
Hurricane - Shining Cut - Rising Cut - Throw Kunai
6F 70 Blond Tyler A female ranger; who has extremely low cooldowns allowing her to constantly cast Chain Snatch and Chain Powder. She will use Kill Point on far away targets and move closer to use Gun Dance. Getting caught in her Gun Dance can be deadly as she will repeatedly use it without stopping and even if you escape, you will be suffering heavy Bleed damage.
Chain Snatch - Chain Powder - Gun Dance - Kill Point
7F 70 Artillery Scout Junon A mechanic; he will actively attempt to flee from enemies using spike and kick to push them away so he can retreat. He will employ two special abilities, one that will cause missile to rain from the sky and hit portions of the room which will get marked. Two, he has a bombardment ability that will rain down mini cannonballs with a small radius that is also marked, there will be a notice on the screen telling when the ability will end. When casting those abilities he will be unable to be attacked.
Quantum Bomb - Jack Spike - Mach Kick
8F 70 Gandharva Tina A striker/brawler; will cast Super Armor at the start and will try to keep it up as much as possible. Her gimmick is when taking damage she has a very small chance to reflect back equal amount of damage taken and freezing/blinding you.
Mount - One Inch Punch - Seismic Punch - Super Armor - Muse's Uppercut - Hammer Kick
9F 70 Gunner Nana A ranger; she doesn't do anything special here, just uses a large number of abilities
Death Hawk - Headshot - Topspin Kick - Rising Topspin Kick - Rising Shot - Spriggan - Marilyn Rose - M-3 Flamethrower - BBQ
10F 70 (User APC) Changes weekly.
Floor 11~20
Floor Monster Information Notes
Lv Name
11F 70 King's Woman Rai A rogue; she will randomly summon a ice trail that will randomly follow an enemy around cause very low damage and can freeze after using Throw Kunai. They will last for about 10 seconds. Has almost cooldown on Throw Kunai, allowing her to spam it. She can also cast two Throw Kunai that have lengthy hit stun and move back and forth in a small wave pattern she will normally mix this in with the regular ones however, they can be cast by chance when stunned,froze, etc. All of her kunai deal frost damage as well and have a low chance to freeze.
Sonic Assault - Transformation: Molting - Throw Kunai
12F 73 Kuran, Age 30 An Asura; he will often use various items rather than actual attacks. Taking damage/attacking will cause boomerangs to spawn from the direction he is facing. He can throw a line of 7 bombs with oil placed under where each will land, he also use a plus pattern to place bombs/oil (The bombs can knock him down). He can summon a meteor to fall near him. His Murderous Wave has no cooldown and can spam, typically uses it upon getting up.
Wave Radiation - Murderous Wave - Upward Slash
13F 70 Dark Elf Woodsmen Tirano An Exorcist; with high attack speed. He will often attempt to chain abilities together.
Atomic Smash - Chaos Hammer - Floor Smasher - Gale Smash - Giant Weapon Launcher
14F 70 Yanus, Maker of Indigestion Medicine A witch; who has two pouches she uses to attack with. The first is a bag of poison that will leave a portion of the room covered in a poison mist for a while. Ther other bag will cause the screen to go pitch black for 2 seconds. She will attack to run away and use her attack skills if anyone gets too close.
Dragon Fang - Sky Assault - Phase Shift
15F 70 Room 1: Samzang
Room 1: 2nd Best Leedanggah
Room 2: Water Demon Ojung
Room 3: Stone Monkey Ogong
Probably the hardest floor up to this point, it consists of 3 stages.
  • Room 1 consists of a monk/crusader and launcher. Samzang will mostly sit there and buff himself. Leedanggah will use his two abilities prefering to use extruder once it is off cooldown. Neither have an special gimmicks.
  • Room 2 contains a brawler/grappler. She will summon whirlpools that will travel towards an enemy once it is under them will knock them into the air, she can have up to two out at once. She likes to use net right as the player enters the room. She otherwise uses other abilities normally.
  • Room 3 has a battle mage who starts out with mana shield (she will not recast it if dispelled). Her gimmick is that he will summon two clones that will move towards an enemy for a second then use Punto Wave. She uses her other abilities as normal.
Samzang: Sacred Counter - Fountain of Life - Heaven's Melody Leedanggah: X-1 Extruder - BBQ Ojung: Heaven's Net - Cyclone Suplex - Fling - Sliding Grab Ogong: Dragon Strike - Full Swing - Stabbing Wheel - Sky Assault - Dragon Fang - Palm Blast - Chaser Launcher - Chaser Generator - Phase Shift
16F 70 Power Hungry Mutisha A dragon fist/nen master/brawler/grappler; who constantly will use the Super Armor. Starts the fight by casting all his buffs. Will fight normally until about 6 bars of health and will then gain Suju Inferno.
Suju Inferno - Spiral Nen Stone - Spiral Nen - Needle Spin - Air Steiner - Dragon Kick - Super Armor - Tornado Kick - Low Kick - High Kick
17F 70 Glamorous Niel a grappler; he is normal and doesn't have any special gimmicks.
Wild Cannon Spike - Shoulder Tackle - Overwhelming Grab - Tornado Kick - Knee Drop - High Kick
18F 70 Shriek Wave Soho An asura; His is pretty normal as well all of his ability have some form of AoE. He will attempt to use Ground Quaker whenever it is off cooldown and has a target to use it on.
Ground Quaker - Murderous Wave - Wave Radiation - Ashe Fork
19F 70 Stinky Folia A wild cat; she has Poison Mist on a very low cooldown so that it is possible for her to have two out at once. She will try and cut you off with her awakening then use her general skills after.
Poison Mist - Deadly Blood - Junk Spin - Tornado Kick
20F 70 (User APC) Changes every week
Floor 21~30
Floor Monster Information Notes
Lv Name
21F 80 Angry Buyong Champion; Casts Super Armor and Power Fist and will keep both up. Her Beat Drive has a low cooldown. Will sometime use apotion healing for 476,812 HP
Powerful Crushing Fist - Beat Drive - Lightning Dance - Crushing Fist - Mountain Pusher - Bone Crusher - Hammer Kick - Low Kick - Stampede - Muscle Shift - Super Armor - Power Fist
22F 70 Fashionable Riquelme Male Ranger; His skills have low cooldowns and high hit-stun. Windmill is spammed frequently and prefers to stay in melee range.
Headshot - Air Raid - Windmill - Mach Kick - Jack Spike
23F 70 Monk of Exorcism Myungho Exorsist; likes to run around casting White Tiger.
White Tiger - Red Phoenix Amulet - Holy Amulet
24F 70 Agent Amina Three Femaile Launchers; They can attempt to corner you with Flame Pillar.
Flame Pillar - Steyr AMR - M-3 Flamethrower - BBQ
25F 70 Maple Logicstar
Birch Teonia
Winter Pine Cubre
Magnolia Rhapanpan
Consists of four rooms, each with a Trickster. Each one focuses on an element and their witch skills can have sleepers as well as fail, they also summon a familiar which are invincible and last a duration before the witch has to resummon them. The familiars will cast a specific spell at certain intervals. The Tricksters are:
  • Maple Logicstar - Spams Lantern Firebomb and casts Lava Potion No. 9. Her familiar spawns multiple meteors at the players location.
  • Birch Teonia - Spams a no cooldown Enhanced Magic Missile and low cooldown Florae Collider. Her familiar calls down a bolt of lightning at the player location and can also create a storm cloud above the Birch's head or in a location which will shoot a lighting bolt at that location occasionally.
  • Winter Pine Cubre - Pretty much Maple but with Frosty's Head and Acid Rain instead. She also calls in multiple Ice Ball Louie, but they have low health. Her familiar calls down an avalanche at the players location
  • Magnolia Rhapanpan - Spams a no cooldown Giant Flyswatter and has reduced cooldown Gravitas. Her familiar will use flyswatter when it is near the player.
All: Phase Shift - Lucky Feeling Maple Logicstar: Lava Potion No. 9 - Lantern Firebomb Birch Teonia: Florae Collider - Frosty's Head Winter Pine Cubre: Acid Rain - Frosty's Head Magnolia Rhapanpan : Giant Flyswatter - Gravitas
26F 70 Ultimate Ghost Orb Ruho An Asura; he has an unusual Ghost Orb that will vacuum the player towards it. The vacuum force is about the run speed of a female mage.
Ghost Orb - Wave Wheel Slasher - Force Wave: Neutral - Upward Slash - Wave Manifestation Brand
27F 70 Dark Shadow Woorannu A Rogue; likes to combo when given the chance.
Lightning Arrow - Sonic Assault - Ankle Cut - Eraser - Rising Cut
28F 70 Empress of Shadowless Kick A Rouge; likes to jump around using Diving Arrow and Vertical Spiral constantly.
Diving Arrow - Vertical Spiral - Ankle Cut - Aerial Jump
29F 70 Roberto of the Mach A Male Ranger; iss very gimmicky. He will jump and fire his (imaginary) gun, which will create circles under on the ground around you and soon after deal damage to foes inside the circle. He has a Mach Kick where he will dash forward. He also has a skill that will do the Punisher stomp animation (causing knockdown) and create a circle at his feet that will explode soon after dealing damage. Finally, he has a Headshot that has a small Y-axis range.
30F 70 (User APC) Changes every week
Floor 31~40
Floor Monster Information Notes
Lv Name
31F 70 Master of Seals Yeomyung A Gimmicky Exorcist who uses barriers to attack.
  • His first attack involves quick spikes that jut out at you location; the direction the spikes travel seems to be the direction he is facing. He casts this ability often.
  • His second attack he makes a small rectangle appear next to your character then will extent out a long distance pushing your character if they get hit this is one of his more damaging attacks.
  • His third attack he will draw a blue rectangle under your feet; upon completion, it will form a barrier around you if you are in the rectangle. It will last around five seconds as well as silence you, but it can be destroyed.
  • His fourth ability creates three white cubes in a triangle formation around the room with a pentagram in the middle. Until all three cubes are destroyed, he takes significantly less damage.
32F 70 Super Speed Ball Randious A male Fighter who plays baseball. He will throw a curve and straight balls. He can even throw odd ones that move in a slow unpredictable fashion. His strongest ability causes him to shoot down a lightning bolt at his location knocking his enemies back, afterward he will throw a fastball. He often uses the lightning fastball attack after being knocked down.
33F 70 Final Evolution Meewoo Meewoo A Female Hellcat/Striker hybrid with regenerative health and Deadly Blood. Uses Lightning Dance, Venom Mine (That she activates faster than normal), Tornado Kick, Mount, and Brick Buster. She stops regenerating health at random times (cause unknown).
34F 70 Sprinter Sill A rogue whose gimmick is invisibility. When she uses abilities while invisible she is briefly shown via a white or black silhouette depending on the skill she uses. She becomes visible for very brief periods of time. Seems to utilize Shining Cut, Shadow Cut, Eraser, and Side Step.
35F 70 Mother Bear Pikuping
Father Bear Mawoong
Baby Bear Dodolas
Crusader, Monk, and a Soul Bender, all at once. Once a bear is down it will not revive even if you use a token.
  • The Crusader uses Cure, Divine Invocation, and Healing Wind. Offensive moves are Revenge of Light, normal attacks followed by Blades of Purity. He won't cast Revenge of Light on the other APCs
  • The Monk uses Duck/Sway skills and Hurricane n' Roll.
  • The Soul Bender uses Triple Slash, Moonlight Slash, Ghost Slash, and dash attacks.
36F 70 Come and Go Kaleia A Female Mechanic who isn't too special; however, her landrunners have considerably more health than a typical landrunner, making them harder to kill. Air Combat Mech Gale Force can do a considerable amount of damage if its attacks aren't dodged.
37F 70 Iron Legs Julie Champion; uses super armor, Beat Drive, Rising Fist, and can Low Kick you multiple times in a row
38F 70 Will Strong A Monk who sets out a totem in the center of he room and deals minor tick damage and shocks if stood in. After about a minute the totem will stop sparking and stop dealing damage; this timer does not reset if you use a token. As for the monk, he will stop moving and go into super armor before jumping and falling straight down onto you, dealing considerable damage. If you're feeling particularly brave (and have a move that hits above you), he is not super-armored on the way down. He also utilizes a no cooldown Crossmore, though he generally doesn't spam it. His AI generally plays keepaway, but he's not afraid to get in with Ducking Body Blow if he sees a chance.
39F 70 Shoes On Fire Ahrie A Female Ranger who works similar to to the male ranger on floor 22 in that she will spam Topspin; she can finish off her Topspins with Sonic Spike. She also uses a slide that seems to travel longer than a normal gunner slide. Uses Needle Sobat too.
40F 70 (User APC) Changes every week
Floor 41~50
Floor Monster Information Notes
Lv Name
41F 70 Sea Dragon King Carpentise A Machinist who has very high hit recovery with quick rebound. He uses Mech Drop which as a shorter cooldown. He uses detonate which has a large range. Also uses Gaebolg Punch.
42F 70 Self Duplication Spell Master Ohroto A Necromancer who uses Cursed Spear, Dark Soul, Dead Man's Grudge, and Kunai Throw. She can create up to two clones of herself that use Shining Cut and Kunai Throw. The clones have as much HP as the boss's max HP, they will however disappear after some time and she will then resummon them.
43F 70 Black Leopard Rodem A Necromancer who employs Cursed Spear, Dark Soul, and Dead Man's Grudge. Melee attacks have a chance to cause her to create a black gas cloud around her that deals damage and curses. Occasionally she will turn into a panther with a new health bar that will constantly disappear, reappear along your X-axis and jump to the other side (like Pluto) and disappear again. While in panther form she can summon 3 other panther that are pitch black and will follow the same attack pattern as her, however these will explode on contact and cause poison if they hit an enemy. After the panther is defeated the necromancer will return to normal and take about 2 and half bars of health. She can apparently also have the panther appear while still being on the field.
44F 70 Split It Up Mosis Carries out Shadow-attributed splitting slashes, like Illusion Sword Dance. The slashes he creates whenever he swings his sword look similar to Spirit Crescent except they are much larger. When using one of his few rarely used skills he will not create crescents.
45F 70 Manhunt Search Team Two Metalhearts (awakened female mechanics) who use Gale Force and Corona. Both are capable of using the awakening move Battleroid.
46F 70 Soaring Outo A female Striker who likes to spam Rising Fist. She can also use Rising Uppercut and can even combo that into her Rising Fist. In addition she can use crouch and likes to use it right before Rising Fist/Uppercut.
47F 70 Get In Line Luicheng A male brawler who uses like to use Needle Throw, if he gets close he will use Needle Spin which has an extremely low cooldown. He also has a special needle that he will throw that has a large hit stun. He is also capable of using knee grab.
48F 70 G King Rocksper A Crusader who heals himself and uses Fountain of Life. His two main attacks are Spear of Victory and Phoenix Hammer which he will spam constantly. Damage has a chance to proc a rain of lighting around his body (similar to Sieghart, however much faster). He also, but not as often, uses Giant Weapon Launcher and Smasher. If not within range of Spear of Victory or Phoenix Hammer will do all he can to avoid you, running just enough to where he is off your screen and will inch farther away if you come closer.
49F 70 Best Driver Sonew A witch with only one main ability and that being Mega Drill. She has no cooldown for her Mega Drill and like other witches it can have sleepers and can fail. The drill will last until destroyed. Her only other ability than that is phase shift.
50F 70 (User APC) Changes every week
Floor 51~60
Floor Monster Information Notes
Lv Name
51F 60 Deranged Ixia A female mage. She has three abilities, each time she uses one of these abilities she will lose 57,600 HP. If she gets hit by one of her abilities she will take 28,800 damage. While casting these abilities she is invulnerable. You can do damage to her, but she is capable of killing herself.
  • The first is a meteor, after casting meteor it will follow the player quickly while slowly decending (it has a significantly faster X-axis movement than y-axis), it can hit multiple times and once it hits the ground it will explode, she will almost always cast this again once the other explodes.
  • The second spell is a black-hole meteor which simple falls to where the marked area is on the ground and explodes, this can multi-hit. She normally casts this while the meteor is on the field.
  • The last is one where she swing her staff and trips just like the female mage dash attack. This attack has a shockwave and can cause blind she will use this whenever you get close to her, she cannot use this while casting.
52F 70 Golden Butterfly Jacklyn A female spitfire. She doesn't have a specific gimmick, but likes to jump and shoot and toss grenades in the air.
Photon Bomb - Blazing Bullet - G-35L Flash Bang - G-18C Freeze Grenade - Flash Mine - Crossmore - Topspin - BBQ
53F 80 True Summoner Pong A lunar princess. She will always summon Conqueror Kasijas(lvl 80) upon starting the level who will persist for about 1 minute (He will summon while the count down is going, hitting ESC will cancel the countdown early). Her lesser spirits she uses are: Ador(lvl 82), Stalker(lvl 82) and Naias(lvl 108) which are summoned in groups of one to four. Her other summons are Dead Murker(lvl 82), Echeverria(lvl 83) and Aukuso(lvl 85).
Contract: Conqueror Kasijas - Lesser Spirit: Ador - Lesser Spirit: Naias - Lesser Spirit: Stalker - Greater Spirit: Dead Murker - Spirit Summon: Spirit Lord: Echeverria - Contract: Hellflower Aukuso - Mark the Target! - Spirit Sacrifice - Lasher - Phase Shift
54F 70 Insect Master Kusano An asura who summons insect type monsters. He attacks rarely and mostly summons insects.
  • Tiny Spiders - will latch on to you and hold you down at the cost of their life.
  • Stone Worm Swarm - does a basic attack
  • Ant Colony - does a basic attack
Wave Radiation - Upward Slash
55F 70 Challenger Big House
Champion Locky
This is two room each with a monk, the room is pretty small making the room you have to work with limited. Both have Sway, Ducking Dash and Sidewind.
  • Challenger Big House is more defensive with more HP and lower attack. He likes to use Hurricane 'n' Roll with a very low cooldown.
  • Champion Locky has less health and defense, but has much more attack. He mostly uses melee attacks along with Ducking Uppercut, he uses Sway and Ducking Dash constantly.
Shared:Sway - Ducking Dash - Sidewind Big House: Hurricane 'n' Roll - Machine Gun Jab - Exquisite Combo - Chopping Hammer Locky: Ducking Uppercut
56F 70 Tiny Shalott A silvermoon. She is tiny which means her hit boxes are tiny too. She mainly uses Shining Cut repeatedly around the room and may follow up with Bandit Cut. Around 6 bars of HP she will begin using Silver Stream and will activate its ending combo right away. Can do this multiple time with a very short cooldown.
Silver Stream - Shining Cut - Bandit Cut - Kunai Throw - Super Armor
57F 70 Unrivaled Jiganthe A male fighter. He is large and has increased hit boxes as a result. He however moves very slow, thus uses Pure Walk constantly to try to catch up and likes to should bump a lot.
Seismic Punch - Low Kick - High Kick - Knee Drop - Pure Walk - Super Armor
58F 70 Watchman Philuckey A Witch who likes to spam Devolution Flyswatter. She also has Giant Flyswatter and likes to combo it with Black Manteau which has a short cooldown.
Giant Flyswatter - Devolution Flyswatter - Florae Collider - Black Manteau - Disenchant - Phase Shift
59F 80 Three Wish Japa A lunar princess who can summon three special Belzyntae/Alphius looking enemies. These summon can't be attacked and come in three colors.
  • Green - Every time Japa takes damage she is healed for 122,981 HP. Green will sacrifice his health to heal her doing 892,978 to himself.
  • Red - Will follow a target around and every so often it will create an explosion at his location.
  • Blue - Every so often he will freeze the player if they are facing him.
Contract: Furious Knight Sandor - Contract: Freet - Lesser Spirit: Naias - Common Spirit: Ratria
60F 70 (User APC) Changes every week
Floor 61~70
Floor Monster Information Notes
Lv Name
61F 70 Silent J A templar. He moves very fast and will constantly buff himself. He has permanent super armor for the fight. He has Big Bang Punch. Unlike most monks he does not use duck or sway. He can kill himself like the boss of floor 51 (This is much less frequent and will take significantly longer to have him die on his own.). He will *Cough* every so often doing 183,577 to himself.
Big Bang Punch - Chopping Hammer - Passion Chakra - Strike
62F 60 Shrieking Karsh A nen master. He has two gimmicky moves. the first one being a vacuum effect that can hit the entire room and pulls you in. Should you or anyone else get next to him it will begin healing him for about 11,389 a second, he is also invincible while casting it. The other ability is a sonic wave that will emit from him and travel the screen in front of him stunning any who get hit, he is able to use this while moving. The closer you are to him when he roars, the more damage you will take. At max range you will still be stunned but take little to no damage.
Lion's Roar - High Kick - Tornado Kick - Knee Drop
63F 70 Spirit Sword Hwangmaeryang A rogue. She has a sword and three daggers she summons upon starting the floor. The sword will occasionally fly into the air and then land on your position noted by a large marker. The daggers will begin spinning and slowly move towards you individually. They will preform a mini Chain Saw-like move should they reach you, they will eventually stop pursuing. The weapons are unable ot be hit and take no damage.
Chain Saw Rush - Shining Cut - Bandit Cut - Shadow Cut
64F 70 Psychic Naomi A necromancer. Her gimmick is that she summon three dark spirits every time she summons Vallacre, and then one occasionally during the battle. These spirit can be killed and will not attack. The dark spirits will glow and if you look at them when they finish they will heal you some and then inflict hold, confuse, or give you temporary burst speed. She mainly uses Dark Nail and Dark Soul which have no cooldown.
Vallacre the Slaughterer - Vallacre's Grasp - Guillotine - Dark Nail - Dark Soul
65F 70 Mint
Five elementalists. They all attack with a version of Frosty's Head that's made to look like a heart. Will cast Sun Burst if you get close, otherwise spams Frosty's Head constantly.
Frosty's Head - Sun Burst - Phase Shift - Mana Shield
66F 70 Omen of the 66th Floor A rampager. He has an incredibly high light resistance and high resistance to fire and frost. He also has high evasion. He will occasionally call down dark lighting around his himself. While he has high health he will typically only use Net Throw, Venom Mine, Mount and Tornado Kick. If something is caught with Net Throw he will then combo with Block Throw, Needle Throw, Sand Splash, Poison Throw, Explosive Hook and then Mount. After getting to 7 bars of health he will then start using Needle Spin, Blood Rage, and Cursed Quake.
Blood Rage - Cursed Quake - Needle Spin - Net Throw - Venom Mine - Mount - Tornado Kick - Block Throw - Needle Throw - Sand Splash - Poison Throw - Explosive Hook
67F 70 Soccer Player Palutovia A champion. There are multiple Gym Ball T-1's that are around the field when the fight begins. The gimmick is that Palutovia can kick them an depending on the strength of the attack it will be propelled forward and deal damage, only Palutovia's damage can propel the balls. The balls will follow Palutovia. The balls normal movement will not cause damage.
Kihop Low Kick - Lightning Dance - Tornado Kick - Mountain Pusher - Muscle Shift - Suplex - Hammer Kick
68F 70 Beast Protector Continum A bellatrix. The fight stats off with a Bloodgaru, Ice Tiger, and Hunting Dog. She will not attack you and follow you around until you or a summon damages one of the animals. The animals will not activly follow but instead wonder randomly raround and attack you if you approach. If an animal does become damaged she gains all of her abilities and summon more of those three animals. The animals that she summons have no despawn timer and have no limit in addition she can give them all super armor. Teana Transformation has a low cooldown.
Teana Transformation - Ultimate Punto Wave - Punto Wave - Stabbing Wheel - Full Swing - Palm Blast - Dragon Fang - Hired Summon: Panzer Hodor
69F 70 Mutant Possesion A male ranger. He move incredibly fast and he will spawn red fairies around him. The fairies when collected will either heal or hurt you, they will vanish after about 5 seconds. Besides Wild Shot most of his other skills have little to no cooldown.
Wild Shot - Windmill - Mach Kick - Jack Spike - BBQ
70F 70 (User APC) Changes every week
Floor 71~80
Floor Monster Information Notes
Lv Name
71F 70 True Soul Bender Ralulu A soul reaper. Like the other true master floor he has no special gimmick just a large amount of abilities from his class skill tree.
Ghost 7: Furious Blache - Ice Saya Crystal - Tombstone Triangle - Ice Saya - Plague Rhasa - Tombstone - Full Moonlight Slash - Wave Wheel Slasher - Triple Slash
72F 70 True Launcher Blanc Nehjou A wrecking ball; he will cast Satellite Beam shortly after the floor starts . While high of health (about >10 bars) he will play offensively and actively seek you out, but once he starts to drop low (around 8 bars) he will tend to sit in a corner and wait for you. He has no specific gimmick.
Satellite Beam - FM-92 Stinger SW - Arctic Booster - Fire Pillar - Steyr AMR - FM-31 Grenade Launcher - Cannon Ball - Laser Rifle - Quantum Bomb - Eagle Eye - Mach Kick - BBQ - M-137 Gatling Gun - Windmill
73F 70 Sure Shot 6 Raina A ranger; with a gimmicky Headshot. When she uses it she will count from 1 to 6. Upon getting to her 6th shot, she will die instantly. Her shot however can instantly kill a target/ permanently slow them, but this is not guaranteed. She also has very high health regen, but with enough damage it is possible to kill her with brute force.
Topspin - Sonic Spike - BBQ -Marilyn Rose - Headshot
74F 80 True Nen Master Poonryun A blazing flower; she has high light resistance. She will tend to sit inside her Ultimate Nen Guard and try to attack from within it but will leave it if you're to far out of her sight. Unlike the other true masters she does not have her awakening. Since Ultimate Nen Guard heals her and reflects damage it is not recommended to attack her when inside. will mainly spam a low cooldown Raging Light Dragon and attempt to get close to use Lion's Grand Roar.
Ultimate Nen Guard - Lion's Grand Roar - Raging Light Dragon - Energy Shield - Tiger Flash - Doppelganger Blast - Nen Guard
75F 70 Dark Knight A hell bringer; he acts like a true master floor having many abilities from his class tree with not special gimmicks.
Extreme Overkill - Outrage Break - Burst Fury - Raging Fury - Bloody Twister - Frenzy - Derange - Mountainous Wheel - Upward Slash
76F 70 Professor Hesiss An avenger; he casts a spell on you at the start of the fight/when you revive that gives you about 140 seconds to beat him. The reaper he casts on you will start counting down at 80 second left in intervals of 10; you will die instantly after time is up. He moves slow and can call lightning down on your position randomly. All of his skill have very low cooldowns.
Shadow Render - Thorn of Protection - Ripper
77F 70 Sjar of the 77th Floor A rogue; she has a fortune coin gimmick. Each ability she tries has a fail/head effect (visual appearance of this looks just like she used a fortune coin):
  • Summoning
  • Healing
    • Heads: This will heal her for about a bar and a half of health.
    • Tails: Will deal about a bar and a half of health.
  • Bombs
    • Head: Will call in an airstrike that puts markers on the ground where bombs will fall.
    • Tails: Lay about three mines on the ground near her.

When she get around five bars of health remaining she will gain an ability to summon Chaos Agares behind her can to cast his dark fire ability then dissapear.

Hurricane - Vertical Spiral - Shining Cut - Transformation: Molting
78F 70 Hwarang Bihwarang A viper. His Special Force - the Black Roses has no cooldown and he will immanently recast the skill once it expires (if you interrupt it he will try and cast ti right away). He often uses his normal attack
Special Force - the Black Roses - G-35L Flash Bang - Windmill - Mach Kick
79F 90 True Asura Kwangma A dark knight. Has Wave Eye permanently active during the fight. If you dispel Wave Radiation he will stand still until he can cast it again.
Wave Radiation - Murderous Wave - Wave Wheel Slasher - Upward Slash
80F 70 (User APC) Changes every week
Floor 81~90
Floor Monster Information Notes
Lv Name
81F 80 True Mechanic Sky A metalheart. Unlike other true master has abilities outside her subclass, she like to try and stay away from the players like most gunner in the tower. When hit she can a summon land runner or a steel smasher, they come in multiple elements. She has a spell like Mech Drop, however it will only call down three bots in a small area but does not summon bots. She will spawn 2 Air Combat Mech Gale Force at once when she uses the spell. At about 9 bars of HP she will begin to summon Record Strong Land Runner which act as normal land runners but moves slower, has a bigger explosion radium and does more damage. At around 6 bars she will gain both male and female mechanic active awakenings.
G-0 Battledroid Transformation - Gaebolg Punch - Air Combat Mech Gale Force - EX-S Viper Zero - G-1 Corona - G-2 Rolling Thunder - G-3 Raptor - RX-78 Land Runner - Topspin - BBQ
82F 70 Marcello the Master of Toruah
Spirit Cross Toerua
An evil cross. In this floor the priest (Marcello) there will heal and cure you while you attempt to kill his weapon (Toerua), he is actually a friendly unit and you cannot kill him with your attacks. Toerua will seek out Marcello thought it is possible to divert his attention to you. The cross has two main abilities: The first emanates out blood crosses around him and will inflict curse on all his enemies. The second will cause a blood line down the center of the room and then it expands to the rest of the room causing bleed on all his enemies. Both attacks are unavoidable and he is invincible during these. Both status effects last forever and the priest will cure you of these, unless you have a very high level cure you will eventually die without the priest alive to cure you. Every time a cube ability is used the cross will send out a black aura around him that will inflict temporary stun and confuse as well as multiple hits to his area. Since he does it at the time the cube is used if the spell has a cast time and you are near him it will interrupt you without some form of invincibility. He will not use it if he is stunned/frozen/etc or is using an one of his abilities. If you die reviving will revive the priest if he happens to die.
Cure - Slow Heal
83F 80 Silver Fox Arjen An archmage/battle mage. She has two invincible samiho (three-tailed foxes) that will wander around and randomly shoot out black projectiles that will shoot out behind them and then arc around and fly forward, they shoot in bursts of four and the damage can cause blind. Flame Pillar has a short cooldown but is a bit smaller than normal. The Void has its TP upgrade meaning it may spawn larger than normal. She will juggle her battle mage and elementalist skills together. She starts with Mana Shield(she won't recast this if dispelled).
Shining Ice Fence - Elemental Focus - Black Hole - The Void - Void Upgrade - Flame Pillar - Florae Circle - Pluto - Full Swing - Stabbing Wheel - Palm Blast - Phase Shift
84F 70 Sandman Rama A female brawler/nen master/grappler. Her Sand Throw will cause the thrown sand that will stay on the field. She can also bleed sand like with Deadly Blood. The sand will settle and become mini sand dunes, once the sand is on the ground in any state it will do damage is walked on. Whenever she uses Seismic Punch it will causes the sand on the ground to erupt one at a time and deal damage. Once there is enough sand on the ground she will use the sand to summon Sand Doll Mongkusu which will use up all the sand. While Mongkusu is near Rama, she will be invincible she will gain Junk Spin during this time. He has high Physical defense as well as light resistance.
Junk Spin - Spiral - Doppelganger Blast - Sliding Grab - Fling - Sand Throw - Seismic Punch
85F 70 Ghost Hand Chai A defiler. She starts off with Bone Shield and will not recast it if it is dispelled or it's charges depleted. She has two abilities similar to Chaos Agares: The first is similar to Demon Hand Grab, however it is only one hand and will appear under your location and getting hit will slow you speed and jump strength. The second is like Scythe Slash, the only difference is that she will conjure it a distance in front of her rather than right in front of her like Agares. Both will occur randomly, since she she does not directly cast them she can use them while stunned. Dark Nail and Dead Man's Grudge has no cooldown and she will use this as her main attack. Dead Man's Obsession has a very low cooldown.
Dead Man's Obsession - Dead Man's Grudge - Dark Nail
86F 70 Framed Yuwoojang A bellatrix. She is fast for a mage. Unlike other floors with mages with Mana Shield, she casts it, so if it is dispelled she can reapply it. Enchanted Swing and Palm Blast have no cooldown and can spammed. Will always angle herself above or below you to hit with Enchanted Swing and will only come directly at you to use Dragon Strike.
Enchanted Swing - Dragon Strike - Double Swing - Stabbing Wheel - Palm Blast - Chaser Generator - Phase Shift - Mana Shield - Indomitable Spirit
87F 75 True Striker Tenero A dragon claw that is incredibly resistant to light damage. Most of his skills seems to be closer to the female striker rather than male as most of his attacks use elbows and fists rather than feet. He has a sweeping kick that works just like Draw Sword and it inflicts bleeding. He also has an attack where he will strike three times with his elbows. He has an awakening similar to Kihop Low Kick, but he punches instead of kicks and the vacuum effect lasts a shorter amount of time.
Crushing Fist - Power Fist - Super Armor
88F 70 Training Instructor Wichiryong A blade master who takes virtually no damage from Shadow Damage attacks. There are four generators in each side of the room they will begin charging and eventually activate. As is charges into activation where full activation is the strongest and off is does nothing your jump strength, attack speed, cast speed, and movement speed is decreased and cooldown length is increased. The Wichiryong gains what you lose from the machine.
Triple Slash - Moonlight Slash - Ashe Fork - Wave Wheel Slasher - Neutral Wave Sword - Indomitable Spirit
89F 70 Fist King Gwonneung A monk. Vulnerable to status effects. At 8 bars he gains an aura around himself. As he hits you while the aura is up the screen will grow darker each hit until a mark activates on you that stuns you permanently and his next attack will one shot you.
Heavenly Combo - Exquisite Combo - Hurricane 'n' Roll - Machine Gun Jab - Chopping Hammer - Ducking Uppercut
90F 70 (User APC) Changes every week
Floor 91~100
Floor Monster Information Notes
Lv Name
91F 70 Fallen Angel Syrial A necromancer. She will summon three Immortal Impostor enemies that will self revive and cast homing lightning. In addition, she will occasionally throw an orb like the one used by Soul Lure, but it will home in on you and just hit stun you until it disappears and may cause blind. As her health decreases she will cast Soul Lure and her homing orb more often to where she can spam both. Her Hurricane has a low cooldown. Vulnerable to stun and hold.
Hurricane - Soul Lure - Dark Nail
92F 90 Awakened Baron A soul bender. When he attacks a target he has a chance to inflict hold on all enemies or sleep on the target. Damaging him has a chance to inflict poison on you. He has an aura that lower shadow resistance and attack speed of all nearby foes. His ghost slash has a slightly longer X axis then normal.
Afterimage of Keiga - Ice Saya - Hazy-Eyed Bremen - Ghost Step - Phantom Sword Slash - Full Moonlight Slash - Ghost Slash Drive - Auto Guard - Wave Wheel Slasher
93F 70 Meteorite Mesotheria An archmage. She has a no cooldown Halloween Buster and will either charge it or cast it right away. There will also be mini Halloween Busters that will fall from the sky during the fight. She also has Flame Void Volcano with a low cooldown. Flame Void is cast independent of her, meaning that even if she is being held or otherwise unable to cast a skill normally, they will still be cast. She has Phase Shift on a very short cooldown.
Flame Void Volcano - Halloween Buster - Phase Shift
94F 70 Mad Eltis A male mechanic. He randomly summons status inflicting smashers. The big gimmick is that he will eventually spawn little crystal pillars in the four corners of the room then one in the upper middle, once all five pillar are up they will instantly kill you, however you can destroy the pillars (as of Nexon DFO the ability was bugged and only would be used some times).
Sparrow Factory - Air Combat Mech Tempester - Mech Drop - RX-78 Land Runner - Camouflage - Windmill
95F 75 Predator Tinas Hauff A battle mage. You will gain a pseudo Mana Shield when the fight starts and will make you lose mana when attacked. When attacked, she will randomly gain Super Armor, will recast Mana Shield the moment it is dispelled, and death dust as soon as it wears off. All of her weapon skills have no cooldown and prefers to spam Sky Assault. She will ignore all summons and go straight for the player. She will consume any dispellable buffs to damage you.
Enchanted Swing - Sky Assault - Palm Blast - Dragon Fang - Disenchant - Fire Chaser - Light Chaser
96F 91 True Blade Master Soldoros A grand master. He is incredibly resistant to fire, frost, and dark damage. There are two ways to beat him, either by reducing his life to 0 or waiting three minutes. As those three minutes go by he will have four phases. He attacks very fast, and is quite quick.
  • Phase One: Zanbato - He fight normally with no specific gimmicks. Duration of this phase is 50 seconds.
  • Phase Two: Bludgeon - He gain some additional abilities, a shadow will now attack randomly. There is only one and can be aggroed by summons, its cannot be attacked and will only appear to attack then vanish. Duration of this phase is 40 seconds.
  • Phase Three: Lightsaber - Nothing changes other than the skills he uses. Duration of this phase is 40 seconds.
  • Phase Four: Short Sword - He will summon Agathas Clararis (18 bars) a great-sword which has a ground stab with shock wave and a draw sword like attack. The duration of this phase is 50 seconds.
Phase One:Illusion Sword Dance - Draw Sword - Flowing Stance - Swift - Drive Slash - Ashe Fork - Upward Slash Phase Two: Lightning Draw Sword - Charge Burst - Flowing Stance - Swift - Mountainous Wheel - Overdrive - Auto Guard Phase Three: Charge Burst - Illusion Sword Dance - Draw Sword - Gore Cross - Mountainous Wheel - Wave Wheel Slasher - Overdrive Phase Four: Illusion Sword Dance - Draw Sword - Charge Burst - Drive Slash - Flowing Stance - Rise - Flowing Stance - Swift - Overdrive - Derange - Auto Guard
97F 80 Astral Coni A summoner. The gimmick is that Sandor becomes gigantic and thus both his hit boxes increases as well. Louise becomes tiny, but her spells stay the same size as her normal size, but her hit box is smaller. Frosty's Head and Lantern Firebomb are both giant now and are about the same height as the summoner herself, thus firebombs explosion radius is also increased in proportion. Her Mana Shield is immediately recast if it is dispelled and well as her summons if they are killed.
Contract: Big Sis Louise! - Contract: Black Knight Sandor - Frosty's Head - Lantern Firebomb - Mana Shield - Phase Shift
98F 80 Bored Marcelo A exorcist/templar. He can summon up to three summon Black Tortise. The Black Tortise are very weak and easy to kill however.
God of Knowledge: Black Tortoise - Big Bang Punch - Hurricane 'n' Roll - Heavenly Combo - Infernal Combo - Red Phoenix Amulet
99F 90 Reinforced Human Teruxia A Hellcat/Blazing Flower/Dervish/Champion. She has very low defense, and is very susceptible to hit stun. However, she has very high attack power and very high light resistance. She likes to approach from the Y-axis. All of her main skills consist of all the female EX skills except Ultimate Nen Guard (which is subbed by Doppelganger Blast).
Lion's Grand Roar - Doppelganger Blast - Powerful Crushing Fist - Rising Uppercut - Block Bomb - Poisonous Explosive Hook - Air Clutch - Cyclone Attack - Sliding Grab - Super Armor
100F 92 Godly Sword Yang Ull A blade master. He starts out wit a few skill but gains more as the fight progresses. He will eat items giving him super armor. Around 30 seconds in he will gain the ability to teleport behind you. Another 30 seconds later he will gain a dark aura around him and Illusion Sword Dance, Spirit Crescent and Charge Burst.
Illusion Sword Dance - Spirit Crescent - Charge Burst - Upward Slash - Mountainous Wheel - Wave Wheel Slasher - Guard


  • Angry Buyong, Sea Dragon King Carpentise, G King Rocksper, Deranged Ixia, and Awakened Baron are most likely references to the characters in the anime adaption of DFO, Arad Senki Slap Up Party. Each of these APCs have the default appearance of their character except for G King Rocksper, who has the appearance of the pre-reworked Priest. This is further reinforced by the quotes that G King Rocksper spouts while fighting, which closely resemble the mannerisms of Jeda.