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Mana Shield

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Mana Shield.png Mana Shield

Active Skill

Female Mage

Command: Downkey.pngUpkey.png+Spacebar.png
Prerequisite Level: 5
Prerequisite Skills: None


Creates a barrier that drains MP instead of HP for a certain percentage of damage taken.
-Press the Skill Hotkey again to deactivate.

[Changes in Arena]
MP damage rate is calculated before Arena balance adjustments.


  • SP per level: 20
  • Cast Time: 1.0 sec
  • Cooldown: 5 sec


  • HP to MP conversion in the Arena is determined by the old HP rate formula which was used prior to the newly implemented Scale System.
  • Once activated, it lasts until the user dies. To deactivate the skill, use it again.
  • Mana Shield counts as a buff magic. It can be disenchanted and disappear upon using Toy of the World.
  • Can be improved with Mana Shield Upgrade.png Mana Shield Upgrade.

Skill Growth


Level Lv Req MP Damage
HP to MP
Conversion (1 HP)
1 5 10 10% 2.50
2 8 12% 2.14
3 11 13% 1.88
4 14 15% 1.67
5 17 17% 1.50
6 20 11 18% 1.36
7 23 20% 1.25
8 26 22% 1.15
9 29 23% 1.07
10 (M) 32 25% 1.00
11 35 12 27% 0.94
12 38 28% 0.88
13 41 30% 0.83
14 44 32% 0.79
15 47 33% 0.75
16 50 13 35% 0.71

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