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As you play the game, your character will have a large variety of skills to choose from to help with progression. These skills range from offensive attacks to alternate forms of movement and defense or even buffs to make you or your party stronger. Unlocking these skills will require a certain amount of Skill Points or SP that you gain each time you level your character up with the required amount increasing gradually for each skill you unlock.

TP Skills

Starting at level 50, Dungeon Fighters will start earning new points called Trait Points or TP along with SP. TP can be used to learn new TP Skills, which are passive skills that reinforces already learned normal skills and occasionally, adds new features to the aforementioned skills.

Like SP, Players will receive 1 TP Point per level starting at 50 with an additional amount of TP being unlockable after completing a certain quest. Every base class has a TP Skill for their class and specific sub-class. Refer to the class specific page below for their Passive Special Skills.


In later stages of the game, the player will be able to enhance their skills outside of the normal use of SP or TP; external equipment will be made available to increase a player's skill effects to various lengths. Below are some of the following.

Buff Enhancement

At level 70, you can register certain equipment to your character to increase the skill level and effects of their subclasses' main buff skill. A major example would be the Fragmented Abyss set; these equipment can be found in areas like Operation: Hope but can otherwise be bought in various shops with special currencies. Alternatively, other equipment that provides a similar skill level or effect bonus could also be registered.


Talismans are unique equipment that unlike TP skills, can significantly alter the affected skill to various degrees from noticeable range and damage increases to outright changing the skill process altogether. Talismans can be found in areas like Pandemonium War & The Exile Mountains but can otherwise be bought in various shops with special currencies.

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