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Phase Shift

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Phase Shift.png Phase Shift

Active Skill

Female Mage

Command: Z.png (When Hit)
Prerequisite Level: 10
Prerequisite Skills: None


Teleports the Female Mage to a nearby spot, leaving a decoy behind. You can only attempt to teleport when being hit or while knocked down. The direction of the teleport can be controlled with the arrow keys.

Summoned Spirits that pick up the decoy will receive a Strength, Intelligence, Movement Speed, and Attack Speed buff whereas Characters that pick up the decoy will only receive the latter two buffs.


  • SP per level: 20
  • Cast Time: Instant Cast
  • Summoned Spirit Buff Duration: 20 sec
  • Character Buff Duration: 20 sec (10 sec in Arena )


  • Can only be activated during a hit frame either on the ground or in the air. Pressing a directional key before using this skill allows one to warp to that desired direction. Otherwise, the user will warp behind from the current location.
  • You cannot teleport during any status effect that leaves the user unable to move or after being caught by a throw move.

Skill Growth


Lv Lv Req MP Cooldown Post-Warp Delay Summoned Spirit Buff Character Buff
Movement/Attack Speed
Movement/Attack Speed STR/INT
1 10 20 30 sec 1.0 sec +3% +15 +2%
2 13 22 29 sec +5% +20 +4%
3 16 25 28 sec 0.9 sec +7.5% +30 +6%
4 19 27 27 sec +10% +40 +8%
5 22 30 26 sec 0.8 sec +12.5% +50 +10%
6 25 33 25 sec +15% +60 +12%
7 28 35 24 sec 0.7 sec +17.5% +70 +14%
8 31 38 23 sec +20% +80 +16%
9 34 41 22 sec 0.6 sec +22.5% +90 +18%
10 37 43 21 sec +25% +100 +20%

Female Mage Skills
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Passive:Aerial Lantern Firebomb.png Aerial Lantern Firebomb

General Skills
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