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CeberinIcon.png Ceberin
Age Unknown
Sex Female
Race Human
Affiliation N/A
Occupation Unemployed
Alias N/A
Location Black Market

Ceberin is a former member of Kashipa who was in some way betrayed by Heart Destroyer Ricardo, resulting in her hag-like appearance and her decreased magical abilities. After leaving Kashipa, she was tortured and enslaved by Zealous Dieuleve before being rescued by the Adventurer, Pai, and Cobb in Total Eclipse. She is rather hostile towards strangers, possibly as a result of the torture she underwent. Ceberin also has a strong hatred of Niu and the other Guardians for unknown reasons, though Niu does not seem to know who Ceberin is.


Neople-logo.png This part of the current article contains spoilers.

The Adventurer, while they are causing havoc and freeing the slaves from the tyranny of their Kashipa masters and the merchants selling them in Border Town and Total Eclipse, happen to meet and save Ceberin along the way towards Dark City with the slaves they saved.

Despite being sent to Dark City, she accompanies the Adventurer, Cobb, and Pai back to the Black Market in Harlem. She warns them that the slaves the Adventurer saved and left in Dark City are in danger because the Kashipas simply let them roam free in Dark City. The Adventurer, worried for the slaves' safety, goes back to the place to check. To their horror, she was correct, as a Kashipa member, Mondegreen, is killing and imprisoning slaves in his bloodthirsty mission of capturing the Adventurer.


  • Gives out Side Quest for Operation: Hope in Harlem after reaching level 95 and completing all Scenario quests in Harlem/Tayberrs.
  • Sells Abyss weapon and equipment boxes in exchange for Abyss Fragment.png Abyss Fragments obtained from Operation: Hope.
  • Sells recipes for upgrading Abyss weapons.
  • Will provide the player with untradable Abyss Fragment.png Abyss Fragments in exchange for account-bound Red Abyss Fragment.png Red Abyss Fragments.



Abyss Fragment 50 Count Box limited to 14 purchases per character.



Conversation start

  • The Kashipas? Kill them--kill them all!
  • All their leaders are ruthless. They'll do anything for power--even murder. And they come in a dime a dozen. For every one of them you get rid of, two or more show up to take their place.
  • I'm crazy? You think you're not?
  • You saw that too, right? Those arrogant thugs were knocked out cold in the Casino! Teehee! Serves them right! What are you doing? Go after the Kashipas already!
  • What? If you've got no business with me, scram!

Conversation end


Ceberin Full Portrait.jpg Ceberin Sprite.gif Ceberin Sprite summer.gif Ceberin Sprite halloween.gif Ceberin Sprite christmas.gif


  • Ceberin is actually spelt Severin which is a masculine given name. It is derived from the Latin word, severus meaning "severe, serious or strict".