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PaiIcon.png Pai
Age ?
Sex Female
Race Pandemonian
Affiliation N/A
Occupation Mage
Alias N/A
Location Central Park, Stadium Outskirts

Pai is a young mage under Kate's care. Though often silent, she has been noted to make shrewd remarks towards others occasionally.






Conversation start in Central Park

  • Mm... why? ...I don't know.
  • ...Niu is busy. She has been.
  • ...I like everyone. I hope we can stay together...

Conversation start in Stadium Outskirts

  • Is Niu okay? What if she's in trouble again because of me...?
  • Everyone's in trouble because of me. I just wanted to help them... Do I regret? No... No, I don't. Even if I went back in time, I'd... Actually, I don't know... Did I really do the right thing? If I did, why is everyone so unhappy? I don't know... What should I do, Adventurer?


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