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Future content.png This article contains content that was removed.

Location Pandemonium
Min. Level 95
Level 95
Monster Level 95-135
End Boss No Icon.png Royal Messenger Walkman

The Stadium is a coliseum exclusively located in the Pandemonium Meeting channel, where three teams of two adventurers fight the representatives of Pandemonium on a tournament basis. It can only be accessed by players who are level 95 and have completed the Level 95 Side Quest Act Quest Icon.png A Mage in the Black Market. The dungeon plays similarly to a Boss-rush format, and is accessible every day of the week. However, players may only enter up to three times per week. The clear count is reset weekly every Tuesday at 9:00 UTC. The Pandemonium Meeting is closed between 8:30 and 9:00 UTC daily to reset the dungeon clear record. Players who participate and clear the dungeon will receive materials that can be exchanged for level 95 epic equipment materials, EXP Capsules, and Enchanting Beads.

As of Season 7, Act 01. The Next Journey, Pandemonium Meeting and it's exclusive channel has been removed from the Global Client.


Recently, the winds blowing from beyond Central Park have been sharp. Long ago, we made many promises to send the massive storm on its way, and since then, we've been doing our best to keep them. We thought this would be the best way to keep this world stable, balanced.

Lately, however, I've heard that strange things have been happening not too far away from where you are, Central Park. What was first conceived as harmless noise has grown into a storm powerful enough to throw this world off balance. This storm has spread many stories, the most noticeable of them all being the children that you took under your wing.

Whether you like it or not, your story has drawn people's attention. Many organizations are already using it as an excuse to make their move, to change whatever they reluctantly agreed upon in the past Meeting.

These are signs of yet another storm that's about to hit our world. I'd like to suggest that we hold another Meeting before more confusion arises. I'll gather the old participants as well as some new people who can aid us. It'll be our chance to quell this new storm and restore balance.

I have no intention of blaming you or the children under your care. Even so, there are so many unanswered questions that only you and that girl who stirred up Harlem can answer.

I'd like you to join the Meeting as the leader of the Circle Mages, along with her, preferably before the Beasts caged in East Harlem are let loose. Then, I'll be happily waiting for you at the Stadium.

- Yours truly, Nihilistic Ron


  • This dungeon does not consume fatigue or equipment durability.
  • This dungeon has two difficulties: Normal or Hard
    • Dungeon difficulty cannot be changed after selection, until reset.
    • Both difficulties contain the same number of bosses - a random 4 of the 5 representatives, 1 of 2 Kashipa Named Monsters, and the boss, Royal Messenger Walkman.
      • If you fail to clear the dungeon, upon re-entering, the same bosses will appear.
    • Rewards and Monster Level/HP/Defense/Atk. will be adjusted accordingly depending on the difficulty chosen.
  • It can be entered an unlimited time per day, but rewards can only be obtained once.
    • When a boss monster is defeated, the player will receive their reward through the Mailbox.

Entrance Requirements

  • Required Character Level: 95 (Two characters are required)
  • Required Exorcism: 4,000+ for Normal, 5,382+ for Hard
  • Solo play only
  • You will receive the Outsider's Will buff upon entering the Stadium.
    • STR/INT +200,000
    • HP +200,000
    • Physical/Magical Def. +30,000
    • Hit Rate +30%


Icon Hotkey Effect
Imperial Arena Item 1.png 1 Restore 30% HP
(Cooldown: 20 sec.)
Imperial Arena Item 2.png 2 Restore 30% MP
(Cooldown: 20 sec.)
Imperial Arena Item 3.png 3 Cooldown -20% for 2 min.
(Cooldown: 3 min.)
Imperial Arena Item 4.png 4 Super Armor for 30 sec. (Up to 5 incoming attacks)
(Cooldown: 1 min.)
Imperial Arena Item 5.png 5 Damage +20% for 2 min.
(Cooldown: 3 min.)
Imperial Arena Item 6.png 6 Increases Attack/Movement/Casting Speeds for 30 sec.
(Cooldown: 1 min.)

Fever and Tag System

  • After entering the Stadium Outskirts, you can set up your tag teams through the Team Formations menu on the right side of the screen. Only characters at Level 95 can be used.
  • In case you want to use characters on different servers, those that are not on your current server can't be set as Team Member 1. To use them, you will first have to log in to them. While in the Stadium Outskirts, you can't tag if your team members are on different servers. You can tag them inside the Stadium, however.
  • The Party Buff skills of your team members such as the Crusader's buffs are applied to each other.
  • You can tag (switch between) your characters with the Dungeon Special key (default: Tab key).
  • The inactive character will recover a certain percentage of HP.

The Fever system is represented by a gauge below your characters' HP/MP bars, shown in the top left corner. The Fever gauge increases if you tag characters, hit Named/Boss monsters a set number of times, and when you receive damage. When the gauge is full, tag your characters to activate the following Fever effects until the gauge is depleted.

  • Immediate Effect:
    • Current skill cooldown -20 sec. (Awakening skills excluded)
  • Lasting Effects:
    • Tag cooldown reduction
    • Tag speed bonus
    • Current skill cooldown -2 sec. upon tagging (Awakening skills excluded)
    • Abnormal Status immunity


Rewards can be exchanged with NPC Nihilistic Ron for Enchanting Beads and various epic equipment related materials.

Normal Mode:

Hard Mode: