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Age 31
Sex Female
Race Pandemonian
Affiliation N/A
Occupation Summoner
Alias N/A
Location Queens

Smilla is the founder and current leader of the Second Pact. She is a powerful Summoner who specializes in elemental summoning, and is one of the potential encounters in the Stadium dungeon. She holds a heavy grudge towards Kate, but appears to be on good terms with Rhum, Kate's second-in-command.


Lore Excerpt:

Young Summoners, remember: don't show any mercy to creatures that don't respond to your call, and never hesitate to sacrifice your creatures to acquire the joy of life.

Swing your Loop of Domination!
Don't feel sorry for anyone else but you.
Don't be afraid of anyone else's wrath but your own.
Don't forgive anyone else's sins but your own.
Never allow anyone else's punishment but your own.

Rise, children who devoured the spirits of the elementals!
On the day of the Meeting, I'll let you feast on young elementals.
I'll personally bite their necks and quench your thirst with their blood.

Scream and shout!
You'll only be useful when you're dead!
Thrust your fingers into the hearts of those filthy hypocrites!
You'll obtain the absolute power that the Second Pact has promised you.


Smilla was once a member of the Circle Mages, under Kate. However, a failed communion attempt between some young summoners and fire elementals resulted in the deaths of her peers, and a long-lasting trauma for Smilla. She frequently has nightmares of the scene, and loathes Kate who prioritized the safety and well-being of the elementals over her own students.

After leaving the Circle Mages, Smilla set fire to Central Park, and later founded the Second Pact - an organization with the belief that summoners and summonlings should have a dominant-subordinate relationship rather than that of a partnership. She recruited young children with untapped talents for summoning, who then lost their minds during the process of dominating and sacrificing the elementals. Smilla is described as being very fond of her Second Pact members, referring to them as her own children. Despite this, she is not above physically striking them, and appears to be only mildly phased when some of them disappear without a trace.

The Second Pact was once a powerful organization in Pandemonium. However, after losing a turf war, they were forced to retreat to Queens, a cold location far away from Harlem. In addition, Smilla lost many summoners during a lunar eclipse incident, causing her organization to fall from glory. Fearing the group's potential return, many other organizations have turned their backs toward Smilla and the Second Pact, unwilling to share or even outright blocking information from her.

She was invited to the Second Pandemonium Meeting by Nihilistic Ron, much to her surprise. She quickly accepted this invitation, seeing it as a chance to get back at Kate on equal ground and potentially, if she complied with Ron's wishes, be able to move out of Queens and towards somewhere warmer.


As an Enemy

Smillia is a named monster who is in constant Super Armor (Status).png Super Armor (Status), and grab-immune.

No icon available
Named Monster

Move Set

  • Whip Strike: Smilia swings her chains, attacking a large area in front of her.
  • Double Strike: Smilia swings her chains downward. The second hit covers a greater forward area than the first.
  • Binding: Smilia casts numerous spells underneath the player, immobilizing them.
  • Teleport: Smilia teleports to another place on the stage.
  • Lesser Spirit- Ador.png Lesser Spirit: Ador: Smilla summons numerous fire elementals that act on their own, approaching and attacking the player. 4 Adors will be summoned unless the summoning gate is destroyed.
  • Lesser Spirit- Naias.png Lesser Spirit: Naias Smilia summons numerous water elementals that act on their own, approaching and attacking the player. 8 Naias will be summoned unless the summoning gate is destroyed.
  • Lesser Spirit- Wisp.png Lesser Spirit: Wisp: Smilia summons numerous light elementals that act on their own, approaching and attacking the player. 8 Wisps will be summoned unless the summoning gate is destroyed.
  • Lesser Spirit- Stalker.png Lesser Spirit: Stalker: Smillia summons numerous dark elementals that act on their own, approaching and attacking the player. 8 Stalkers will be summoned unless the summoning gate is destroyed.
  • Spirit Sacrifice.png Spirit Sacrifice: Smilia commands all her active summons to home in on the player and explode, dealing massive damage.
  • Zealous Creature.png Zealous Creature: Smilia casts a spell, driving any summons within a certain range berserk. These berserk summons have their attack and speeds increased.


  • Smilla will perform a powerful attack once her berserk condition has been triggered.
    • "Die and make yourself useful." Smilla mass-summons numerous elementals that gather around her. At the same time, she casts a spell with a strong suction effect, then sacrifices all her summons, dealing massive damage. After this attack, Smilla will become vulnerable to attacks for a brief amount of time.




  • Smilla's name is of Scandinavian orgin and a shorten form of Millaaraq meaning Smilling.