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Summoner Rhum

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Summoner Rhum
Age 30
Sex Male
Race Pandemonian
Affiliation N/A
Occupation Summoner
Alias N/A
Location Harlem

Summoner Rhum is a prominent member of the Circle Mages, and is a powerful Summoner who specializes in contract summoning. Alongside his faithful partner, Warrior Barca, he is one of the potential encounters in the Stadium dungeon. He appears to be on good terms with Smilla, despite their conflicting views on summoner-summonling relationships.


Pandemonium Meeting Lore:

The dark clouds have covered the world, and countless people have been sacrificed.
I joined the Circle Mages to create a better world. We still have a long way to go before we reach the light at the end of the tunnel.

A great many colleagues gave up and left. Some of them left to follow new ideals. Some others just couldn't handle the stress and uncertainty anymore.

But when we started, we all wanted the same thing. Those who left us have only forgotten it for now. One day, when we all are needed to achieve true peace, it will resurface from the depths of their minds, bringing them back to us.

Some might think I'm a fool. Some might point fingers and laugh at me. But no one can change what I believe. I will continue to walk this path until the time I've been waiting for comes.

So, great warrior Barca, walk with me as my friend.[1]

Character Biography:

Male/Age 30.
A mage of the Circle Mages.

He participated as the representative of the Circle Mages during the First Pandemonium Assembly, but was defeated by Niu.
He serves as the Circle Mages' second-in-command, and deals with the practical matters within the organization. He has a blunt personality, but has a strong sense of responsibility, and is able to take charge when issues turn for the worst, making him very popular among his fellow members.
He mainly uses Contract Summons and has excellent communication skills with those he summons.
In particular, he and Barca, the first summon he made a contract with, are close enough to sacrifice their lives for each other.
At one time, Smilla, who was once also a member of the Circle Mages, was his close friend and lover, but after a certain incident, she became one of his worst enemies.



As an Enemy

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Summoner Rhum
Named Monster

Summoner Rhum will begin the battle alongside Warrior Barca and Contract- Tau King Kuruta.png Contract: Tau King Kuruta.

Move Set

  • Teleport: Rhum teleports to another area.
  • Magic Missile: Rhum fires a star-shaped flare in front of him. This flare is white colored and significantly larger than Female Mage's Magic Missile.png Magic Missile.
  • Burst: Rhum releases energy around him, dealing damage to anyone close by.
  • Healing Circle: Rhum casts a pentacle that gradually heals him and any summons within range.
  • Shield: Rhum casts a shield on him and any nearby summons, which reduces their taken damage. Rhum's shield lasts for a brief moment, but the shield on his summons lasts for roughly 17 seconds.
  • Hellflower Aukuso Summon: Rhum summons a Hellflower Aukuso to assist him in battle. They are a smaller variation of Summoner's Contract- Hellflower Aukuso.png Contract: Hellflower Aukuso and are automatically dismissed after a while.
  • Lesser Spirit- Ador.png Lesser Spirit: Ador: Rhum summons an Ador to assist him in battle.
  • Lesser Spirit- Stalker.png Lesser Spirit: Stalker: Rhum summons a Stalker to assist him in battle.
  • Lesser Spirit- Naias.png Lesser Spirit: Naias: Rhum summons a Naias to assist him in battle.
  • Lesser Spirit- Wisp.png Lesser Spirit: Wisp: Rhum summons a Wisp to assist him in battle.
  • Contract- Freet.png Contract: Freet: Rhum summons a Freet to assist him in battle.
  • Contract- Hodor.png Contract: Hodor: Rhum summons a Hodor to assist him in battle.


  • Rhum will perform a powerful attack after a certain amount of time has passed.
    • "Kuruta!" Kuruta gathers energy, creating a strong suction effect. He then swings his axe, dealing massive damage and launching the player in the air.
      • "Now! Barca!" If Kuruta's attack successfully hits the player, Barca will swing in from above and catch the player in midair, slamming them into the ground and dealing massive damage.



  • Rhum could be a mistranslation of Raum which is of Scandanavian orgin meaning Big.